Two Years.

So something happened while I was writing away my life, pouring out my energy into my epic, 20 part love story.

What happened is that I “celebrated” my Two Year Blogiversary! Hooray! It took place on March 4th, 2012. I would have acknowledged it but it didn’t seem appropriate to write about anything else, when I was two weeks deep into a story that consumed my entire waking and asleep life. Yes. It is worth noting, though! It’s still my blog birthday month. Barely.

This is such a strange blogging anniversary/blog birthday. Last year I took the time to talk about how my blog had grown and how I had found a specific voice. How my photography grew, and then grew some more as I got into better lenses and ditched the kit lens. How my previously rusty writing, after years of mis and dis-use started to turn fluid and flowing again. Not always, but sometimes, at least. How my blog watched as the unexpected of life happened to me – deaths, injuries, new babies, and more. I became more clear as a writer. It takes time to build that up.

Not that my writing is always clear. It has its moments, though.

Since my first blogiversary, my second year of blogging has certainly been more exciting in the good ways and not in the “dog bit my daughter” ways. I was syndicated on BlogHer twice:

“How I Feel When Someone Compliments My Writing”

“Every Picture Tells A Story”

It’s only fitting that I missed my blogiversary because I was attacking what has long been a dream project to complete. I didn’t know I’d write a 20 part miniseries, but heck, I had a lot to say. And now I’m back here with my “normal” blog and I wonder how it will twist and turn again. I’m not sure it can go back exactly the way it was. I’ve changed a lot in the last month or so, and perhaps my writing has too. All the way through I kept thinking, “How will I ever go back?” And I won’t, not the same. I don’t want to always be writing intense 20-part stories. That left me sleepless, sometimes depressed, often queasy and thinking about things I was six years past thinking, or so I thought. I’m also really glad I did it, and it’s done.

I knew I’d be crazy not to take the chance.

I also got a more serious camera and have been learning to use it well, little by little.

The second year was filled with a little more risk and a little more gain. More of a push. I’m starting my third year inspired for ever more photography, writing and voice gain. A new baby. More writing projects. Clearer photos and clearer writing.

I’m up to the challenge. Happy Belated Birthday, Blog Of Mine!

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