Twenty Random Facts About Me, With a Twist!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a great challenge on the Second Chances Girl blog the other day – the #30ThingsChallenge.

Why did I start blogging? I was looking for a new path, or paths, after a several year dry spell without the writing and photography that had fueled my soul for years. I had a Scarlet and a new outlet to write. So I started and I never stopped. Along the way, I threw photography into the mix! I had the title “Tamara Like Camera” already, after all. And it’s been a heck of a ride that I never want to stop. Also along the way, I got a Des. And I started to think about both kids reading my blog one day, well past the easily-embarrassed years. And it fills me with lots of hope, warm happiness, and a bit of queasiness to think about.

These two. All grown up. Reading my blog!

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And that’s what attracted me to this challenge. 30 chances to tell my stories. And I probably won’t do them all in order, but I will tackle the #30ThingsChallenge on a case by case basis as the days go on. The first post of the challenge is to write 20 random facts about myself. The thing is, I’ve done this sort of thing in the past. I did the “25 Things About Me” meme on Facebook way back when, and I’ve done random facts blog posts. So I had to update this with a TWIST! What I originally wrote 3-5 years ago, and how it all stands today, typed in bold. After two births, moving to a new house, tackling new careers & more.

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Here we go! 20 Random Facts About Me – the UPDATED Version. What I originally wrote on Facebook, and what I think about it all now.

1. My father died suddenly right before my fourth birthday and I have spent a large part of my life feeling marked or defined by that tragic event. Luckily I have learned that people can’t tell it by looking at me and that I can still have healthy relationships with men.

Well. Yes to the healthy relationships with men. I wrote this while pregnant with Scarlet, and Cassidy and I have had MANY ups and downs since then. Giving birth twice – to a daughter and then a son made me grieve all over again, but in new ways. Watching Scarlet approach her fourth birthday with her father still here made me grieve all over again, but also in a new way. Learning what I had lost through learning what she has gained. The cup empties and fills. It’s ever-evolving. I will mourn him in new ways throughout my whole life, and I will find unstoppable joy too.

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2. I have a whole dresser drawer full of socks and with the exception of a few pairs of athletic or wool socks, there are no plain black or white pairs. They are all holiday socks, rainbow socks, democrat socks, and anything loud, colorful, or representative of my personality and interests.

Yes. Still goes! A whole drawer! Luckily, I have learned to throw out socks when they get holes in them. I can’t stand that feeling.

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(Today’s socks.)

3. I wanted to move to the west coast since I was seven and watched too much “Full House.” I finally moved to the west coast at 26 and spent a wasteful amount of time there wanting to move back to the east coast. Now I’m back on the east coast and dying to move back to the west coast. I am clearly insane.

I’ve made quite a life here. I could do without winter, but it would hurt too much to be away from family.

4. Due to a hearty blend of neurosis, fear and stubbornness, I can’t, won’t or haven’t in over 20 years done any of the following things:

Gotten a Strep throat culture
Blown up a balloon
Ridden a roller coaster
Been drunk
Tried a recreational drug
Gone skiing
Dived into water

Well, I guess at this point I haven’t vomited in over 25 years. Everything else is still true, but the roller coaster one is up for debate. I went on this (photo below) at Universal Studios, and they called it a “glider style roller coaster” on the ride sign. Does it count? Maybe, kinda?

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5. I have actually fulfilled several life dreams in the last few years and have not lived enough in the present to truly let that fact wash over me. Shame, shame on me.

Hmm..I think I have fulfilled many more since then! And I’m letting them wash over me! I’ve since had two kids, been published in a book and started doing photography professionally. Went to DisneyWorld with the kids. Saw Bruce Hornsby live. Got a king-sized bed and I’ve been to Tanglewood. Twice! (it only rained for five minutes there)

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6. My biggest goal in life (career-wise) is to be a published writer – the kind who uses words to change people’s lives, or at least make them sigh or gasp.

Woohoo! See above. I’m in a BOOK! And I’ve been featured in BlogHer and Bon Bon Break several times.

7. I suffer from extreme low confidence and occasional feelings of worthlessness. This has stopped me from trying many things. This is why I’m not yet a published writer. (see #6)

Well. I don’t think we need to discuss this published writer thing again! Of course it’s still out there. I do feel worthless and horrid every now and then.

8. My mom taught me mind over matter techniques at a very young age, and coupled with a high immune system, I often amaze myself. I can count on one hand the times in my life I’ve either vomited or had a headache. Most people have thrown up more in one night than I have in my life. I haven’t been truly sick in exactly 10 years.

Still mostly true, but I had two sinus infections before and after Des’ birth and they were HORRID! I just wanted to hang out with my squish and inhale his newborn baby smell. I couldn’t smell or taste anything!

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9. Similarly, I have never really been physically hurt. I have never cut myself enough to need stitches, been very ill, broken a bone, or twisted, sprained or strained something. I am Unbreakable, by M. Night. Shyamalan.

Ack, no longer true! When Scarlet was about ten-months-old, I cut my ring finger while slicing an avocado. I had to get 3-4 stitches at Urgent Care.

10. I first remember getting truly high on life when I was 10. I was outside for a math project on a beautiful spring day and I believe I spiritually felt the immensity of life’s possibilities. As I got older, I even started getting symptoms of being high on life, like being lightheaded and having a pounding heart. It might be the best thing I know.

Abso-freakin’-lutely. And sometimes it’s just a bit too intense for me. I want to say to myself, “Get high on your own time! Des needs a diaper change.”

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11. I have felt for the last few years that I would be happy to only have one child. Then I remember my own childhood and think about the fun I had growing up with four siblings and I think…maybe it would be ok to have two children.

Yes, it’s certainly ok!

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12. I haven’t lost the last four or five pounds of my baby weight yet. And I’m fine with it and might choose not to. I was freakishly skinny before I got pregnant – skinnier than I’d been since high school. That’s what cross country road trips can do to a person.

Well I have since lost that original baby weight because I was a low 109 at 5′ 6″ when I was first pregnant with Des. So I’d say at this point, yes, I’m back to being four or five pounds over that. And I really don’t mind it much.

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13. I will always and forever think that farting, fart jokes, and anything fart related is hilarious and never gets old.

This will always, always be true. What can I say?

14. I hereby swear that I’m not a picky eater! I’m what scientists call a “Super Taster.” I call it a sensitive palate. There’s nothing wrong with having an extra strong sense of smell and taste…until you offend hosts of dinner parties.

Sensitive Palate! I stand by it.

15. I am obsessed with TV shows and books aimed for pre-teen and teen audiences. It’s very strange. I like adult things too, but I can often be found watching “Gossip Girl” or reading “Sweet Valley Twins.”

And now it’s stuff like… “Hart of Dixie.”

16. I believe I was born with anxiety and I’ve never chemically medicated it in my life. And I think I probably should have at times.

I’ve learned to cut myself a break more and more. Everyone is born with a little anxiety! What I was remember about anxiety was having occasional nightmares and being afraid of loud noises. Well.. I was three. So there’s that. I think I’m just a super feeler and it spills over into my writing/photography. Since nothing is really enough to contain it all, I can feel physically sick or jittery too. I’m still not medicated. I take deep breaths, get air, listen to music, play with the kids, pray for steadiness, laugh a lot and hug a lot.

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17. I use doing crossword puzzles the way other people might go drinking, do Yoga or have a cigarette. Crossword puzzles soothe my soul and take the edge off.

Man, I haven’t done these in ages. I think it’s time to start again.

18. I am so atmosphere sensitive that I usually walk into a room, house or store and instantly feel right at home or desperate to get away. It has nothing to do with cleanliness, feng shui or anything physical. I just get these feelings. This makes me either a very good and discriminating house hunter, or a very bad one who cannot see hidden potential in fixer-uppers.

Forever and always. Our house has good bones.

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19. I learned to read at a very young age and I have a voracious appetite to do it constantly. Most times I would rather eat my meals with a book than with other people. I even read while I blow dry my hair. When I was little, my parents wouldn’t let me read at the dinner table so I would read the cereal or pasta boxes that were on the kitchen table. I fooled them!

Yes, I think I have even mentioned lately that I read while I blow dry.

20. I am happy to eat cereal with breakfast every day of my life, although I need more than that to get me through the day. It is my favorite companion food.

I’m sad to say it doesn’t hold the same appeal anymore. Most of it is utter crap. If you look at the ingredients on many breakfast cereals, you’ll see some pretty horrible chemicals like BHT. And it’s mostly very high in carbs which doesn’t work for me in the mornings. I’m all about the protein. That said, I do find cereal to be utterly delicious. I just use it sparingly.

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  1. Loved this! I have been planning to do something like this for eons (although not necessarily on my blog) and put it into a digital book for the kids. But then I saw your tweet and thought why not on the blog. So I think I am joining you! Chances are though, I won’t get to start till next week. It was lots of fun reading yours!

    1. Oh you have indefinitely to start and finish this challenge! Mine might take a year or something.
      I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

  2. This is such an awesome idea! I need to write a post like this too. I would love to have read something like this, had my mom written it. Fortuntely, I was (and still am) and inquisitive child and always asked a ton of questions growing up about everything about her. I’ll have to keep this mind now that I’m a mommy and I want my kids to know some fun things about me! 🙂

    1. Yes, you totally get the point of it!! Maybe one day Des will say, “Well..hmm..I only ever wear rainbow socks. Now I know why!” Ok, that was a terrible example but it made me smile to think of him reading this.

    1. A really discriminating one, anyway! It’s a miracle we both found and loved this house. Before that, I picked apart every other one. Cassidy is someone who can be happy anywhere. I. Am. Not.

  3. I often think about my boys, all grown up, reading all my blog posts. I hope they have an interest in it!! Maybe their wives will? This was great and probably very cool for you to go though it in your own mind!? And if you keep mentioning Sweet Valley High I’m going to have to start re-reading some of those!!

    1. Allie, I have the whole collection in my basement if you want to read them. I mean every single one. Seriously. The middle school series and then one year in junior high.
      Not high school, mind you.

  4. Yay, I got to learn so much more about you today and totally loved this. I will say, I am with you and can count on one hand I have gotten sick to my stomach. Even with both pregnancies, I was nauseous all the time, but I never threw up and glad to say that, because I too am not a fan of it at all. Thought I was the only one with this and looks like we just have this much more in common!! 🙂

    1. That’s another amazing thing to have in common, wouldn’t you say? Wow!! I think some people’s bodies just don’t work that way – that’s not how they process pain or illness. Other people, vomit at the drop of a hat.
      My kids? Totally got my genes. Well Cassidy is the same but he broke a 10+ year record last winter and spring. The punk.
      Love you for this. Seriously.

        1. I really can’t believe it. Poor Kevin! Parenting will do that. Cassidy got a 24 hour virus on the day we were hosting a baby shower. Luckily no one else got it. And then he got sick after a bad shoulder injury and a new kind of painkiller.

  5. I love that getting high on life feeling. I’ve had it a lot lately and feel blessed for that. And your super tasting? I am so glad that my granola has the stamp of approval of your super tasting taste buds. I kind of feel like that counts as six stars when five is the highest the rating goes.

    1. Yes!! I can really pick apart foods because of this “gift.” However, that doesn’t always mean I am as discriminating as I should be. I can taste all of the chemicals in M&Ms and I still like them.
      That said, that is why I love your granola so much. I can taste all of the ingredients and also the lack of terrible ones.

  6. I absolutely loved this, Tamara! I I learned so much more about you from this. I’m also glad to find out that I’m not the only one who’s into pre-teen books and TV shows. My husband has tendency to poke fun at me because whenever I read, it’s something from the young adult section. But he can’t say anything, he helps me build my collection of those books, haha.

    1. I love the YA section of the bookstore/library! It’s the best.
      I love that we have this in common because it really is interesting to me to read about and reflect on those preteen and teen years.

  7. I love how you updated your facts! It’s a neat way to see how some things can change and some things stay the same. Including those little things like socks! Alas, I have a drawer full of black and white socks. Boring.

  8. I have always had feelings about places, too. Not only that, but ever since I can remember I would talk with people and know EXACTLY what their house looked like before I ever saw it. Inside – all the rooms. Like a photograph. I would also dream exact places and then go to them. Sometimes it would freak me out, especially if the dreams had been nightmares.

    Baby Des – so perfect. Also, the one with you and tiny Scarlet outside… are you guys sitting on a giant chocolate cake?

    1. See, I’m never right. I have pictured places before going to them for my whole life. I’ve never walked into a place and had it exact. Feelings, more so.
      You are an amazing psychic.
      Do I show enough of my house on my blog/Facebook that you can tell what it looks like? I’d love for you to describe a room or something you haven’t seen and I can send you a photo!
      Oh, and we’re not sitting on a giant chocolate cake. It’s a giant chocolate bar!

  9. Thanks for letting me drop the old “picky insane eater” status! I am a SUPER TASTER, you cilantro, lambchop, goat cheese likers! GREAT POST to read on a snowy morning!

  10. two things stand out – (2 me anyway) the baby weight – wow, you are in great shape! and 2 haven’t thrown up in 25 years?
    I guess you didn’t get morning sickness with the kids – lol

    Cool post 🙂

    1. Not with Scarlet, but I had all day nausea with Des. It was terrible. I would think vomiting would have been better, but who knows?!
      And thank you about being in great shape! Sadly I don’t work for it. It’s just metabolism and it won’t last forever. And it won’t help my overall health!

  11. Hmm Sensitive palette? I’ll take that. I am the exact same way. Do a crossword puzzle soon, I know life gets in the way of the little things we do, but try to do one! you are very successful published writer!! You are doing exactly what you want to do 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Sorta. It’s baby steps for sure. I will always be hard on myself for not being more successful financially, or not writing my own book. In due time, though. I’ve got a one-year-old with a cold. I can only come here when he naps! How much more could I possibly do?

  12. I’ve got a very sensitive palette too– I hate citrus, vinegar, anything real strong or sour. I can’t do crossword puzzles, but my mother in law does them every morning!

    I want to be a better published writer, but I’m so saddened at the publishing industry….

    1. We were self-published so I don’t even know about the industry. I’m afraid to know, to be honest. Not knowing keeps my writing pure to me, but that only goes so far.
      I don’t like alcohol. Aren’t I a blast at parties? Apparently it’s common for supertasters! My mom has that gene too. And I don’t like spicy foods and I have trouble with too much sour.

  13. I am a sock person, too! I am impressed with the list of things you have not done in 20 years, especially the vomiting. Mostly because you have been pregnant twice and have small children! That is some serious willpower! Great post! :)-Ashley

    1. I think my body just isn’t prone to have that reaction. Doesn’t mean it’s never happened, of course! My kids seem to have that gene too. Very little spitting up, if any.
      The socks photo is actually from yesterday since I wrote this last night. Today, I’m wearing fuzzy rainbow socks and Scarlet said, “I love your socks!”

  14. What a fun post! I might have to try something like this sometime. I know I’ve got 30 random things about me posted on FB somewhere.

    I’ve got to know how the logistics of blow drying hair and reading work. I don’t have enough hands to give myself a good blow out as it is…

    1. Yes, it’s a great linkup/challenge! I may take a year to do it, though. Too much other stuff too.
      I sit in a chair and blow dry with one hand and hold the book with the other. Or, more likely, I sit on the floor and hold the book down with a paperweight or with my feet/knees. It’s dorky but I love it.

    1. Yes, cereal! I feel so duped by thinking it was healthy for so many years. It’s pretty bad.
      Now homemade granola is a whole other (fabulous) story!

  15. I always LOVE learning more about you, and this was a great way to see what’s changed in just a few short years. I hope my girls read my blog some day. That’s part of why I started it. I wanted to keep a record of my memories of the many ups and downs of motherhood. I’ve been thinking that I should print out my favorite posts about them and start a binder. Someday they’ll have a whole book, filled with their stories.

    1. You can also do a blog book! Cassidy made one for me after my first year. It even used my old fonts and photos. And you have some pretty fantastic posts for your girls..

  16. Thank you for the mention about the challenge. I am having fun with it! I posted answers to question #2 today. I hope you answer a couple more of the questions. Anyway, I also learned to read at a very young age (3) and haven’t stopped since. I would read everything I saw. Oh and i think you should take a picture of the sock drawer! Fun socks are the best!

    1. Oh Ida – I will! I plan to do most or all, really. It just might not be until next week because I have posts already scheduled for this week.
      Really appreciate you mentioning this challenge. Looks like others will join!!
      A photo of the sock drawer is a good idea!

  17. What a great challenge! I might have to do it, too! So, you are a super taster and a super feeler?? That’s pretty cool. I dislocated my right pinky finger when I was playing basketball in high school, but otherwise have never had any broken bones, stitches, or serious injuries either. I am a pretty voracious blog reader, but I don’t read much of anything else. I wish I did – but I don’t.

    1. I have sensitive everything! Totally ticklish and tastes are too much and smells are too much and everyone is too loud for my taste! When I control the remote, everyone has to lean in. When anyone else controls the TV remote, I wonder if they’re losing hearing.
      I did jam a finger in fifth grade! Nothing else, other than the stitches. No strains or sprains!

    1. They’re amazing! I have books of the New York Times ones. I forgot which day is the hardest (Saturday) but let’s just say I like Monday – Wednesday best.

  18. This is so fun. I haven’t done a crossword in ages. Do you think blog reading has replaced them as a soothing activity for you? Also, I’ve seen the Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, discussed a lot lately on blogs like Modern Mrs. Darcy and I’m beginning to suspect that I’m one of them. Your super taster and atmosphere sensitive answers made me think of that …

    1. I’m totally wondering about it. As a kid I was probably a little intense at times, but also TOTALLY mellow at other times. I was a mellow baby. My kids were both mellow babies. I wonder if more HSP is in their futures! I don’t think so with Scarlet. She is just up for anything always.

  19. Love this! Love the random facts and getting the chance to get to know you better.
    I think I get that same feeling about houses – I could usually tell right away when we were house hunting, within seconds of entering the door. Our house wasn’t love at first sight, but I liked it. It grew on me more after that. 🙂

    1. I think I remember you talking about the house hunting process!
      It was tough for me. So glad we found this place because it is so very Bowman-esque.

  20. This is such a neat idea. It’s nice to look back and see how much you’ve changed/stayed the same. Girl, I never knew anxiety. I never knew what it felt like until last year and now I hate it. It makes me want to cry sooooo much lol! I think you could kinda tell from when I wrote you last, but approaching my parents about the person I really love and not having that go well- oh my, anxiety has been my best friend since then. I literally feel choked up and short for breath when I think about it. It was hard because I couldn’t recognize what was happening but I immediately realized it was anxiety. Now I feel so bad when people say they have it because I know how hard it feels. I wonder though, do people have anxiety in general or it is only tied to certain thoughts? I know my situation gives me anxiety so I can identify exactly where it is coming from. Are you also able to recognize the cause when you start feeling it?

    1. Aishah, I’m loving your comments and questions so much this week. Thank you for finding me!
      Like I said above, I don’t think I struggled with anxiety much until adulthood. I was certainly more nervous than necessary on several occasions, but it could be dormant for YEARS. With me, it’s situational but I don’t always know the trigger/cause. It happens a lot during periods of great change. Before a baby, or a move are big for me. Or even now with my kid being signed up for kindergarten, I’m feeling it just a bit.
      I have learned through time that it matters more HOW I deal with anxiety than exactly WHAT is causing it. I used to just wonder and wonder the cause until I drove myself crazy, but when it’s there, it’s there. So now if I get even the beginnings of it – yes, I can recognize it – I will then work to ease it along. Accepting it is better than fighting it. I use Rescue Remedy spray in my mouth. I may take deep breaths and put on a good song or call someone.

  21. It was really fun to read your updates and see how much your life has changed in just a few years! I totally get the puking thing (I wonder if it’s related to being a supertaster?) but usually if I feel that sick I think it’s better to just get the grossness out of my stomach and I usually feel better.

  22. This is great! It’s so fun to learn more about bloggers I read and love. I’m with you on the house thing. We found a great house once that would have been perfect, but it just didn’t feel right enough to buy it. It ended up being bought and sold several times. I swear there’s something wrong with it.

  23. What a beautiful home! Loved reading these facts and getting to know you. They weren’t all fluff facts. My dad passed away a few years ago (neither of us as young as your dad or you were) but it’s still hard to believe that he only got to see my son once before he passed away and my daughter won’t ever meet him. Nevertheless, I know his spirit lives on. An orchard from his memorial service (now in my home) blooms every year around the time he passed away.

    1. That is beautiful.
      My father was a teacher and they had a plaque and planted a dogwood tree at his school. I’m pretty sure it still blooms! I remember seeing it even ten years ago, which is a long time ago, but I’ve been out of Jersey for nearly seven years.

  24. I just copied all the prompts for this challenge – can I cheat and just do ones that I want to do? I may do that. I guess I stalk you pretty well because I knew a lot of this, but I love these kinds of posts! How cool to revisit your answers from a few years ago, and how cool will it be to come back and read this in five years?

    1. Yes, you can cheat! It’s the best! I might not do all – haven’t even looked at them yet. Or I may do like three in one post if they’re easy. I mean, I just wrote out 20 things! I think the others will be easier.
      Love the stalking!

  25. I loved reading this especially with the update from 5 years ago!!!
    And – your words touch people on a daily basis on this blog!! I know because they touch me every time I come over here!!!
    I have always thought that I’m a healthy person but you are “super healthy!” So awesome!

    1. Ah, thank you for that! That was so kind. Same to you!!
      I don’t even know if I”m that healthy – I certainly need more vitamin D – I can tell you that.

    1. Thanks! They were actually yesterday’s socks since I posted this late last night. Today’s sucks are even better and warmer – fuzzy rainbow stripes!

    1. Thanks! A good sock collection can be achieved.
      Honestly I am tiny but I don’t work for it. And metabolism only takes you so far. I’ll get mine someday, for sure.

  26. Well, you know how I feel about farts 😉 I also enjoy fart jokes. I giggle hysterically if someone farts in public and I hear it. Meanwhile the other adults around me are scowling in my direction….

    Full House rocks. I still want to see the Full House house someday.

    1. haha! I remember being at a grocery store and a man thought he was alone in the aisle and let out a loud one. He turned around after hearing my giggles. I nearly couldn’t breathe from laughter!
      I did see the Full House house (or houses?). I used to live in walking distance from them in SF. Long walking distance, but it could be done.

  27. I had a weak “get what you want” mommy moment one time and Christopher LOVES Lucky Charms. I don’t even want to look at the ingredients. But after discovering that it’s only the charms the make the cereal sweet I thought it might not be so bad – whatever you have to tell yourself right? Well anyway, I started mixing it with half plain cheerios and he never noticed the difference. I’m interested in this challenge. I’ll have to follow that link and see what is up next. Love all the pics. The house is beautiful – especially snow covered. It looks like something to eat. Can I asked about the balloons or is that not up for discussion?

    1. Scarlet will only eat the marshmallows! I will admit to letting Des pick them out of the cereal on the plane. It was that or crying.
      You can totally ask! I don’t have a latex allergy but the smell/taste skeeves me out so much that I always had someone else blow them up for me. Ick.

      1. I get that 😉 Thank goodness stamp licking days are over – I wish I could say the same about envelopes. Blah! So next question, does the latex gloves on dental techs skeeve you out also? That could be tough.

        1. You know, not as badly. I guess it’s because you barely have a choice in the matter and with balloons, you can easily sit that one out. And as I was telling Ashlee below, it was also that I was afraid to blow them up to the point of popping because I always hated/hate that sound.

    1. It’s really so silly. I was petrified by the sound of popping balloons as a kid and I had heard that if you keep blowing them up too much, they can pop!
      That and the smell/taste of latex skeeved me out way too much as a kid. I just kept asking other people to do it for me and now I realize I still have never had to blow up a balloon!

  28. I seriously love when all of us do these posts…it’s like being at a sleep over with your best girlfriends! I love your house. It has great bones and amazing natural light with all those windows. Fart sounds. LOL. My kids have 8 million fart sound apps for their kindles. You should go download some and laugh all day.

    1. I really need to do so! I remember getting a whoopie cushion type app on my Droid but it froze and upset me.

      And this is totally like a sleepover! I’m happy to see that some of our friends are going to do their own posts for the challenge. Really can’t wait!

  29. I’m loving your socks – haha 🙂 Wow do you remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry threw up after eating some foul bread? His streak was 20 years also if I’m not mistaken lol 🙂 How the heck do you never get sick? Your immune system must be made of steal sheesh! Same here, anxiety my whole life and dealt with it by taking breaths and music. Music is my fixation. Your house is so perdy. I eat granola in the am or eggs – yes cereal is yummy but utter junk how saddening. 🙁 Great idea the past with the present! Have a great one Tamara! -Iva

    1. I totally remember that episode! And I think there was another man in the episode with a long streak and he threw up after eating a black and white cookie! I was afraid to eat them for years, but I’m happy to report that nothing happened after finally giving in.
      I do have a strong immune system and my kids do too. Not foolproof, though! We’ve all gotten some doozies in the last few years. Just not often.

  30. Ooooh! I need to get back on the 30Things boat. Love your approach to this list…though I can say that I’ve done all BUT one of the things on item #4 in the last few years (never did drugs…and very grateful for it!). Also, I think at a good portion of my relationship with the Husband is based on fart jokes.

  31. This was so much fun to read! I love learning about people in new and creative ways.
    by the time I got to the end and saw the word “cereal” – I wanted to get a bowl of Honeycomb and go back and re-read! LOL
    and I think I have done everything on your non-bucket list — not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.
    that picture of Scarlett and baby Des: Oh my heart!! gorgeous.

    1. You should be proud for my “non bucket list” items. I’m really great in a game of “Never Have I Ever.
      I hope you had a heaping bowl of Honeycomb, BHT or not! Sometimes you just need one.

  32. I love those crossword puzzles–they can be a tad addicting! It is very interesting to take a look back on how things have changed or not changed. And it’s a very good thing to be able to say you haven’t vomited in 25 years–even through 2 pregnancies! 🙂

    1. Although I dare say that I’m not sure I could do three pregnancies. I don’t think it’s in the cards anyway. This winter has been a doozy with the illnesses, though! I just really can’t wait to be in spring!

  33. My goodness! You’ve grown leaps and bounds since you last wrote those 20 facts. I always imagined you to be so much taller. It sounds like we are about the same height. I think I’ve read before when you described being high and life and I feel like I know exactly what you mean. It’s a great feeling. I’m glad you were able to get published in such a short amount of time and get into your photography. It’s amazing what can happen to us in just a few short years. Who knew this is where you’d be by now 🙂

    1. Sometimes people say that about me! I’m slightly above average but not very tall. Happy to be where I am, most of the time.
      Thank you for noticing all of the growth! It made me happy to read through the list and know that some of those things had changed a bit.

    1. Today I’m wearing purple socks that are actually called, “The World’s Warmest Socks.”
      And I’m starting to think it’s true. They’re meant for skiing, but I think they work just fine for blogging too!

  34. Why do they call them recreational drugs? It’s not like tennis or raquetball. You don’t do crack Tuesdays and Thursdays, meth only in the fall, on weekends.

    Recreational farting? Now there’s a concept.

  35. Ugh I am so jealous of you. How is it possible that you have not vomited? My stomach is ridiculously sensitive and will throw up if I haven’t eaten in five hours. And how do you manage to avoid blowing up a balloon?! Lol! YAY ON BEING PUBLISHED!!! My dad is all about mind over matter and whenever I get a headache I talk myself out of it, I am a believer. Ouch @ the avocado cut. OWEEEE. Your family is gorgeous, all those stunning brunettes with sweet smiles! Sorry if this comment is rambled, there’s so much here I want to talk about! The super taste buds is what I blame for my husband’s pickiness, it’s science people! I love teen shows/movies…I don’t think I’ll ever grow up all the way. I’m so happy your anxiety has become more manageable with time. You are such a talented and sweet soul that I don’t want you to ever feel down or anxious. Not big on crosswords, mostly because I’m not big on patience. I’m working on it…in conclusion: I LOVE THESE FACTS!

    1. Interesting! I think some people are just wired that way. Their tendency is to react to physical and/or emotional situations by vomiting, or not. I have my own things, I’m sure. What’s it like with the baby? Scarlet and Des rarely ever spit up as babies, or get sick now. I’m hoping that means they’re like their parents. Cassidy never gets sick either although he broke like a 15 year streak last year. Twice. The punk.
      I’m loving the science reason for not liking foods! It’s true. There was an article in the New York Times called, “Hate Cilantro? It’s Not Your Fault!”
      I found out years ago that you can teach yourself to do crossword puzzles and then you catch on to the recurring ones and the tricks and you get better and better.
      Mind. Blown.

      1. Dylan spit up maybe four times…but all four times were ridiculous, like a fire hydrant exploding all over my hair. My husband Zepeda has thrown up 2 times in his life, one of them being last week. I was so happy he experienced it because he’s compassionate toward me when the tables are turned, but now he knows better. lol. So I am reaaally jealous of you & Cassidy. I should give crosswords another chance because the benefits are worth it, plus I really could use a lesson in patience. Cant believe you were once a California girl! The sunshine misses you

        1. What?? Twice in his life?? He has me beat by a mile. When was the last time? How long had it been? What made it happen this time? So fascinating. Having kids will do it to a person! Daycare germs and all..

          1. I know, it’s not fair. Both times were from something bad he ate, the first time was 5 or so years ago, and then last week. It’s never been from a flu which makes me think he’s probably never had the flu. HOW DOES ONE AVOID THE FLU THEIR ENTIRE LIFE?! I want those genes.

            1. Is he a God? How did he never vomit in childhood? You may need to fact check with his parents!
              I’ve had the flu twice (although not with vomiting)
              I thought I might die.
              Glad I didn’t!!

              1. I called my mother-in-law and she said he didn’t throw up as a child. Then I made my husband recall every time he vomited and it brought us to a grand total of…3 times. I think he’s using some sort of magic to avoid what seems to be inevitable (for me)

  36. I loved reading through these! I didn’t know you lost your father at such a young age, I can imagine how that would affect you your entire life, always in new and different ways. That’s such a beautiful photo of you and him. And wow, your house! It looks like it could be on a calendar, so beautiful! I want to do this challenge too, it’s so neat and special that it focuses on what you want your kids to know about you.

    1. Definitely do the challenge! I’m doing it at my leisure, and sometimes I’ll be able to do several of them in one post. I mean this was 20 parts! Some of them are only one question! Pretty sure I can make a post out of more than one.
      Let me know if you do!

  37. I might join in on this challenge as well!

    I do have a fair amount of white & black socks, but unless I’m going to the gym or I’m wearing sneakers with anything shorter than pants, I much prefer fun, colorful socks. I’m terrible at throwing them out when they get full of holes, though. And I wish I could say the same thing about vomiting, though thankfully it’s been awhile since that has happened!

    1. Oh, good! I’m glad it has been awhile. I didn’t feel that way when pregnant. I was afraid it would happen but it was different. With Scarlet, it was nearly nothing. With Des, it was nausea but a weird kind. I felt..seasick!

  38. I used to feel the same about cereal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Loved it. Comfort food. Now? Very sparingly but it still is my comfort food. And #1? Oh yes in every way. Grief will always be there in different permutations.

    1. Yes, I still love it – BHT and all! And there are better ones out there. And homemade granola. Now who do we know who makes fantastic homemade granola…
      Oh! I know!

  39. I’ve always loved Gossip Girl.. and like you, Sweet Valley Twins! I got addicted to Sweet Valley when I was in high school that I used it for all my book reports! Haha.

    1. That makes me happy! Sweet Valley forever! Babysitter’s Club was great too but I left that one in childhood.
      What TV shows do you watch now that GG is gone?

      1. I actually do re-runs of GG every now and then since I can’t get over it yet. Lol. Now, I’m following How I Met Your Mother (I actually read the episode guides ahead on Wiki, haha!) and it’s almost over too! I usually just download because I don’t catch them on TV since I’m working on a night shift. 🙂

        1. Oh I’ve always wanted to see HIMYM! Although the surprise was spoiled for me. Would be much more fun to see the whole series without knowing.

  40. I am as shocked as everyone about the never throwing up. Sometimes it’s the only thing that makes me feel better – even though I hate doing it. And my next door neighbor is a super-taster as well. I’d never heard of it but the way she reacts to some foods and alcohol is crazy and fascinating to see. Love posts like this…they are so interesting.

    1. Wait and see – Michelle asked me about my super tasting in tomorrow’s post!
      The vomiting thing is weird but my whole family is like that. It’s just not how our bodies normally react to illness or pain. We get everything else, though. And it SUCKS.

  41. I really love this ieda of updating an old random facts because I have plenty of these on my bog and on Facebook as well! I can’t beleive you have never vommitted before! Wow! I wish I had that “luxury” because I hate everything about it! I mean…what’s there really to love about vomit! LOL!

  42. i love your list, tamara. can i have your immune system? i need to learn some mind over matter techniques! i get sick at least once a year. as soon as i feel it coming on, i go and get acupuncture which helps. but the fact that you hadn’t gotten really sick in 10 years. i aspire to be you!

  43. This is so awesome! I’m jealous, I wish I had written a list like this so that I could see how things have changed. I guess I should write one now so I can look back in a few years and do it then. {note to self, write a list like this} I am about to get a 40 before 40 list together though that’s not quite the same. You have really grown since you wrote your original list, and it sounds like you are a bit easier on yourself now.

  44. You are such a freak of nature.
    I’m so kidding.
    I love socks and I own a sock troll who eats them and poops them in my yard.
    #7…gah…I know this…I hate it. It has been a huge roadblock in my life and I wish that I could bust out of it. It’s hard to tell someone who has believed that they were less than good her entire life that she is worth it and then some. Lots o’ therapy on that one.
    We should get drunk together and I will puke for you.
    No I won’t.
    I think you’re gorgeous no matter what you weigh. PS. You’re like a nothing size.
    Your dad, and I don’t mean to make light of how horrible that tragedy was, but he looks like my OB. And Shawn said that when he delivered Chase, the doctor would be giving me a mustache ride…..god that was so inappropriate. I thought that might make you smile a bit…or not.
    I love you face.

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