Turning Points.

Today was the first day of my second trimester..depending on who you ask. According to pregnology.com and my doctor, today’s the day. According to babycenter.com, next week is the day. I decided to base it according to me. Today is totally the day. Happy 2nd Trimester to me. I expect great things, especially if I base the next three months on how today was:

1. Today started with sleeping in until 9. Yesterday was even better. We slept in until nearly 10. We arranged a sleepover with Scarlet for Friday night at her grandparent’s house, about an hour or so from here. I was only slightly apprehensive as the week went on because I am a bit of a control freak where she is concerned, but I was totally happy to see how excited she was about it. It went perfectly, so perfectly that we lazily called them on Saturday morning and asked if they would like her for another night so we could relax all of Saturday. They were delighted. We were delighted. This blog is about today so I won’t talk much about the earlier part of the weekend but we had lots of kid-free fun, including three hours of couch shopping and watching some bad-but-good movies.

2. When we arrived in Connecticut this morning to pick up Scarlet after 48 hours apart from her, she sort of just stared at us and then happily said our names. Still, we know our kid so we kept our distance. It took some restraint but we were rewarded with warm hugs just minutes later. Then we had a lovely, sunny brunch and laughed at her antics. I admit I was half asleep through some of this. First trimester symptoms don’t always leave overnight. But I know what happened was pivotal and that we’ll happily send her away for many grandparents weekends in the future. (Yay for her having three sets of those!) Happy for all included.

3. On the drive home, I really wanted hash browns so I got hash browns. It was pretty awesome.

4. Then we went to a good friend’s party. I saw not only my good friend but many, many other good friends. I had three servings of the best chili ever. There was much merriment.

5. I was the last guest to leave the party. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since that has happened but it always used to happen at this particular friend’s house. It was nice to see that I’ve “still got it.” “It” was just hidden in the folds of 1st trimester/moving/anxiety blues. I…don’t want to take that crap anymore. Cheers to leaving the party last!

6. I was struggling to put Scarlet in the van in the total blackness because the van light is out. The van door wasn’t working. It would close and then not close and then close. Finally I thought it was closed and I said, “Thanks, you giant piece of sh*t.” I thought it was closed but it wasn’t and Scarlet was shrieking with laughter at my outburst. You could literally hear her laughter light up the dark night. Yes, I was bad to swear..but it was really funny.

7. On the way home, the whole town we were in was having a big Luminarium celebration. We were behind a tractor decorated with Christmas lights in the shape of an angel. A few potentially drunk people dressed as Santa were on that tractor. I love where I live.

8. Also on the way home, I wanted to keep Scarlet awake so we kept yelling “Lights” every single time we saw lights. Then to our surprise, we saw magnificent fireworks being set off by the town. Really magnificent and right in front of us. Winter fireworks. Can’t say I’ve ever seen those before but I loved the rainbow reflection of winter fireworks in my daughter’s eyes.

9. I asked the radio gods to predict my next few months and the progress I’d make emotionally and physically. They played “Broken Wings” by Mister Mister. When was the last time you heard that one??? I needed it:

“Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again, learn to live so free
And when we hear the voices sing, the book of love will open up and let us in”

10. As we turned into our dark, winding, woodsy driveway, Scarlet asked me if she could see the stars when we got out of the car. I told her, “Of course” and she said, “It’s a wonderful life.” Then I pulled her out and we looked at the stars as she squeezed me tight.

All in a day. A wonderful day. A turning point, in many ways.

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