Try These 6 Tips to Improve a Child’s Essay Writing Skills

Try These 6 Tips to Improve a Child's Essay Writing Skills. A child can learn quicker than adults, so we have a few tips to come in handy.

Try These 6 Tips to Improve a Child’s Essay Writing Skills

Children are mischievous little creatures who only want to play and have fun; sitting them down to study, mainly write and enhance their skills is a huge challenge. Even adults take time to improve. However, a child can learn quicker than adults, so we have a few tips to come in handy.

Invest Time

Every good thing takes time. You can’t rush with complex learning tasks such as working on an essay. Children are good learners, but they aren’t superhumans. They need a relaxed mind to process and grasp the ideas of an essay. Furthermore, they have to learn the format, prepare outlines, and work on the content. These steps aren’t a piece of cake, especially considering how restless kids can be when sitting in one place to learn. Their mind constantly wanders here and there. So it would help if you were patient.

Prepare yourself to invest just as much time in the process as your offspring. Understand that kids will take time to learn just as we do. You will have to guide kids through all the nitty-gritty details and teach them the proper use of grammar. Punctuation and grammar rules never come easy on beginners. You will also need time to come up with creative learning methods for your kids. You can visit https://edujungles.com/buy-essay-online-cheap to find samples or buy a few essays to understand the process better yourself and then teach it to your kid. However, make sure you take time out for all of it.

Create a Writing Space

It is effortless to distract children. A slight sound from another room, a hint of their favourite cartoon, and bam! All the attention goes down the drain, and they don’t focus on learning the process. We can’t blame them; they are curious little monkeys wanting to jump around. Well, it might be fun for them, but it becomes frustrating for you.

Don’t worry, and we have a solution. If you want your kid to focus on essay writing, then provide them with a safe, distraction-free zone. Devote a room to their studies only. Don’t keep any toys, video games, televisions, or fidgets in this room. Only books, stationery, and notepads will do. Make a safe environment for them where children can learn peacefully for an hour or two during the day, after which they can play to their heart’s content. Make sure it is a clean and happy place with an academic environment but isn’t excessively dull. Light the room up and allow your kid to enjoy the writing process.

Reading is a Stepping Stone

Whenever we want to know how to improve essay writing, we run towards the library. Why is that so? Reading helps us understand and gather more ideas to write. We can understand different writing styles and not mention them, and it is a great way to improve vocabulary and use it in sentences to enhance the credibility of your work.

Children are young, and reading will help them explore their surroundings as well as gain knowledge. A good reader can always become a good writer because they become used to focusing for a longer time, their vocabulary and knowledge about sentence structures becomes brilliant. As parents, you must ensure your kid develops an interest in reading and writing because it will improve their grammar and help them in the future.

Try These 6 Tips to Improve a Child's Essay Writing Skills. A child can learn quicker than adults, so we have a few tips to come in handy.

Don’t just bring books and shove them on a shelf. The books won’t read themselves. Sit with your child, read a book with them, and explain it to the kid to better understand until they can do it independently.

Encourage Your Child

When we talk about children’s essay writing, we don’t just advise parents to try all the tips and tricks possible to overburden a newbie. Too much load on those tiny shoulders can collapse the child’s learning abilities. You will have to explain the outline and improvement methods to them repeatedly. Nevertheless, as a parent, you must remain patient and acknowledge that your offspring is new to writing, so always encourage them.

Before pointing out the mistakes a kid has made, appreciate their effort and talk about how much they have improved over time. Once you do that, you can move on to explaining politely how to better the essay further. That way, you will not demotivate your kids, and they will look forward to the learning method. Encouragement from a parent is the best motivator for anything in life; don’t deprive your children from that essential motivation that boosts their confidence.

Teach Your Child to Keep Their Sentences Clear and Concise

Something that even adults struggle with while writing papers is the fact that they don’t have clear and concise sentences. Many of us beat around the bush and try to meet the word limit to impress our teachers. That is the wrong approach and we need to make a change starting with our children by teaching them ways to write clearly.

  • Teach your children basic grammar rules
  • Teach them the difference between similar words like “then” and “than” or “there”, “their”, or “they’re”. If these words don’t make sense to them, they won’t be able to write appropriately.
  • Tell them to work on making their sentences shorter rather than writing long, complicated sentences.
  • They must know the difference between active and passive voice. An active voice is far more appreciated in academic writing because it is easy to understand and is concise.
  • Tell your kids to use the right words instead of big, complex words. Writing isn’t about showcasing a language; and it is about ideas and creativity. If the word doesn’t make sense in a sentence, what is it even doing there in the first place? Omit it.
  • Punctuation rules are essential to write essays. A child writing an essay needs to know where to put a comma, what’s the importance of a semicolon, why we use speech marks, and sentences must end with a period.

Practice Makes Perfect

You have to give your children time to practice. The more they write, the better they will get at it. Please give them a short paragraph to read and then ask them to write two hundred words on it every day. Introduce a different writing style daily to help them have a diversified skill set and enjoy their essay writing practice.


Follow these tips and help your offspring enhance their writing skills. Remember to be patient through the process and nurture your offspring by encouraging them and boosting their confidence. It will be a good bonding session for you and them as well as a fun learning activity.

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