Travel to Toronto: Family Travel Tips

One city that is particularly great for families with children is Toronto. The city, which is the capital of Ontario, is situated on the Northwestern side of Lake Ontario and has many beautiful natural attractions. It is also home to a range of sporting teams, amazing food providers, glorious architecture and much more. Thanks to its wide range of amenities and attractions, as well as many other factors, Toronto is a great place for families to visit. Here are some tips on the best things to see and do, and how to get there, when you travel to Toronto!

Travel to Toronto: Family Travel Tips:

Best Attractions:

Whatever age your kids are, you’ll be able to find attractions for them and days out to keep them occupied in Toronto. From theme parks to museums, sports stadiums to natural wonders, there’s an activity that families can do with kids in Toronto to suit everyone. As such, your kids will enjoy visiting Toronto and will be able to find fun new activities to enjoy and places to visit. Take a walking tour, visit the Harbourfront Centre, go biking, explore Kensington Market, visit the Ontario Science Center, enjoy Canada’s Wonderland, see a ball game, and do so much more!

Getting Around:

Toronto has a comprehensive system of subways, buses, trams, and more, via the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission). There are several buses to and from Terminals Toronto Pearson Airport, as well as an express train to the airport. You can also explore car rentals, taxis, ridesharing, and bike rentals.

When to Visit:

Like many cities in the northeast, and because of the lake, Toronto has four distinct seasons. Toronto is notorious for its humid heat, so it may be more comfortable for your family to visit in May or June, as opposed to July or August. Fall is beautiful, and you can also catch the gorgeous fall colors, which people come from all over to see. Winter can be very cold because of the lake.

Day Trips:

Toronto has some amazing experiences day and night. For night, you can catch a Second City show that will have you cracking up for hours. Here are some day trip ideas:

  • Be a tourist and visit the Toronto CN Tower, which is one of the modern 7 Wonders of the World. Stand on a glass floor, enjoy the views of the city, and get a bite to it in the rotating tower.

  • With older kids, visit Chinatown in Toronto for some delicious foods, and spend an afternoon at AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario).

  • Visit Eaton Centre, the city’s largest mall.

  • Make sure to head to Toronto Island, to enjoy the many paths for walking and biking, and getting great views of the city’s skyline.

  • Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame and ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), which has an amazing dinosaur exhibit for kids and adults of all ages.

  • Visit the Toronto Zoo.

Toronto is a perfect city for families who want adventure and fun. Visiting Toronto could broaden your horizons and set your family up for success, and these pointers should show you the many benefits of visiting this stunning city.

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