Travel Destinations Known for Optical Illusions

Travel Destinations Known for Optical Illusions Based on the sense of sight, man can perceive the world around him. But this perception is made possible by the aid and function of our brain

Travel Destinations Known for Optical Illusions

Based on the sense of sight, man can perceive the world around him. But this perception is made possible by the aid and function of our brain. This “computer” of our body, presents us with the image of the outside world, based only on a few real facts. The visual stimuli captured by the retina and sent through the optic nerve to the vision-related areas of the brain are minimal – possibly less than 10% of those that present in our field of vision. This particular way of functioning of our mind leads to the creation of illusions that fascinate us so much.

What is remarkable is that this “hypothetical” image in the vast majority of cases – fortunately, nature around us does not continuously create “optical traps” with illusions – corresponds quite well to the real thing. That is why, as experts say, we should not worry. Of course, as long as our vision is in good condition, which you can monitor through your visit to the experts of Aris Vision Correction clinic.

Tiny rooms, vast labyrinths adorned with thousands of mirrors, paintings that interact with their visitors, are all images that play real(?) games with our minds and wait for you to discover them:

Camera Obscura, Edinburg, Scotland

So apart from the countless historic and prestigious castles in Scotland, there’s the Camera Obscura that is perched at the top of a Victorian building, with its imposing periscope that contains all those visual illusions that will turn your day in Edinburgh into an extraordinary experience. Wander through the secrets of the universe through the Tunnel of Dreams, get lost in the illusion of the Mirror Maze and mutate into a monkey by the Morph Machine. Special mention must be made of the well-known Shrinking Room, where you can enter with that tall friend of yours and overtake him for the first (and only) time in height and capture it on your camera. Book an online ticket to Camera Obscura and World of Illusions!

Museum of Illusions, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The newly created Museum of Illusions in Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer you, such as the magic of a Kaleidoscope, the dizziness of the Rotating Room and even your friend’s head on a plate (really). If on the other hand, you’re looking for something less interactive, there are also the optical and photo illusions to keep your interest, but also the 3D hologram section.

Yangzhou Zhongshuge, Yangzhou, China

The architectural studio Χ+Living from Shanghai created this tunnel that hosts a bookstore and a library that is the dream of every bookworm. Black mirror floors, LED lights that illuminate the countless bookshelves up to the ceiling, and a state-of-the-art reading room hold the ultimate reading experience and a real feast for the eyes.

Trickeye Museum, Seoul, South Korea

Think of it as a painting gallery, but instead of impressing you with great paintings and art, it surprises you and invites you to play with it through modern technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality), which animates its images. Also, visit the Ice Museum; a museum made entirely of ice.

Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze, San Francisco, California

The colourful black lights of this maze in San Francisco will disorient you and confuse you with their design. An ideal place to get lost for hours on a “psychedelic journey” that will cost you little. And the funniest of all: is that many times you will fall on your reflection in the mirror because you will find it difficult to distinguish the wall from the mirror itself.

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