Be the Transformer: A Chance to Stop Climate Change Rapidly

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Be the transformer and donate $1 to stop or even reverse climate change rapidly. This is the earth's most burning problem. Let's solve it. #ad #ctransformer

Do you ever find yourself awake at night, thinking about climate change?

If so, I can relate. Ever since I became a parent, I thought long and hard about ways to make a more habitable planet for my children, and eventually my children’s children. Right now with raging forest fires, catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes, and more (and that’s just this month alone), it’s no longer possible to ignore this truth. Climate change is the world’s most burning problem. We know it is, and we work to take steps to stop and reverse it. On a local level, I live in one of the greenest parts of the country. My town makes so many changes to help the environment – by eliminating plastic bags/having bag share programs, hosting active freecycle forums, and making it convenient to walk, bike, or ride share to work.

I’m proud to live here! I’m proud to reduce my carbon footprint.

climate change

The problems won’t go away with my town alone! This requires something larger than I personally ever imagined. I want to dream of a future, and a bright one at that. The world is offering advice for what we shouldn’t do in order to stop or reverse climate change, but what SHOULD we do? Aha! That’s the question with an answer, finally. A tree-hugger, a technical mathematician, an expert in emission avoidance, and some US & Austrian scientists are working together to do something good for Mother Nature and humankind. Actually, it’s not something good for Mother Nature and humankind.

It’s something GREAT. Check it out:

You have to love when so many great thinkers threw their knowledge together to come up with a solution – the OBRIST C-Transformer. You can find out more through these videos and links, but it’s a machine combining highly developed technologies and navigating through our forests. This is a machine inspired by nature and created for nature to outweigh what our planet cannot manage by itself anymore – C02 produced by humans. Until now, there hasn’t been a way to stop or reverse climate change. Now they have the concept and the scientific proof to know it works. Let’s work together now.

Like me, you probably have so many dreams for yourself, for your children, for your children’s children, and for all of your loved ones. I have dreams for my favorite animals – moose and whales – who are already feeling the effects of climate change. It’s not time to lose hope – but it’s time to invest in a bigger and more beautiful future. One with security.

I have to be honest – this is possibly the GREATEST crowdfunding endeavor ever to help save the world and humankind. I can’t imagine what’s more important. We have this opportunity to BE the transformers, and to take action now. We have to work together by funding on Indiegogo. Share this post. Share their crowdfunder. I donated $10.00 but we can change the world by starting at $1.00. This is a big opportunity for ALL of us. Inspired by none other than Mother Nature, go here.

Find out more here.

So will you help change history forever?

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  1. THIS. Lovely initiative. Climate change is real. You’re blessed to live in a wonderful community but it’s true that everyone should work hand in hand for this. Gotta go check this out.

  2. Huh, this is fascinating! And yes, like you, I find myself awake at night sometimes thinking about climate change and worrying about Eve’s (and baby’s) future. I’m going to check this out!

  3. Oh cool, I love this idea! I’ll go check it out for sure. I know I want to leave a good world behind for my kids and their kids and so on.

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