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Top Tips For Getting The Kids Outside This Summer

We wanted to share our tips for making sure you are confident that your kids are safe, getting outside this summer, and are still having fun.

Top Tips For Getting The Kids Outside This Summer

Many of us have fond memories of hanging out with our friends in the summertime, staying out later than usual, going on adventures, and occasionally getting into trouble. Back when the internet was in its infancy, or even before that for some of us, we would spend lots of our time out and about experiencing the world and growing. Providing our kids these days with similar experiences feels much harder to do. Unfortunately, today, there is also an increased sense of unease sending them out—are they going to be safe? We wanted to share our tips for making sure you are confident that your kids are safe outside and are still having fun. 

Step Away From The Screens

With the constant attraction to social media, and the pull of video games, which are still perfectly fine and even beneficial in moderation, our children are less inclined to get outside. Encouraging them to venture out may be a chore but it’s worth it in the long run. Consider moving games consoles outside of bedrooms and imposing family-wide tech turn-offs for a certain amount of time each day. Kids (and adults too for that matter) are rarely allowed to be bored these days with constant distractions and options to steal our attention. However, being deprived of these easy choices gives children the chance to flex their creativity and imagination. 

Allow Some Independence

At a certain age, there’s going to come a time when your son or daughter asks to start going to places without supervision. This can be a gut-churning moment for a parent as you don’t want to be hard on them, but also you still have a duty of care. Point blank refusals rarely go over well with kids, so maybe find a compromise. One great way of keeping an eye on your kids whereabouts whilst still allowing them a level of freedom outside is to get some handy wearable tech with some GPS tracking tech. These nifty watches for kids from Cosmo Together are a great safety accessory to give you peace of mind and to help keep your child safe.

Get Them Interested In Nature

Spending time in nature is so important today. Getting your kids interested in nature will mean more trips to the local park, mountain hikes, and bike rides. Being out among plants, trees, and wildlife promotes creativity and bolsters imagination. It also provides an entirely different type of stimulation for the brain from regular time spent watching video on YouTube and TikTok. These new stimuli can help kids to better regulate their moods and help with potential mental health disorders. Being outdoors in the elements also helps to build confidence and useful outdoor skills. It can also be the perfect training ground for your child to develop respect and care for the world around them. 

Find A Sport

Having a keep interest in a sport like football or basketball is another brilliant way of nurturing your child. You’ll be building their decision-making skills, confidence, independence, and team-working whilst also helping them to stay fit and healthy. The social aspect of team sports serves to strengthen mental health and social skills too. You may find that it becomes difficult to keep them inside once they discover their sporting passion!

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