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The internet has gifted us countless advantages. One of the most remarkable is undoubtedly the access to global knowledge and the ability to learn and share with people worldwide. Yet, the vastness of the internet can be overwhelming, leaving us unsure of where to begin. We have conducted extensive research and compiled a list of the top photography YouTube channels that you should follow at this moment.

We have conducted extensive research and compiled a list of the top photography YouTube channels that you should follow at this moment.

Must-Watch YouTube Photo Shows and Channels

#1 DPReview TV

If you want to find an outstanding and highly enjoyable YouTube channel that reviews photography gear, you should definitely check out Chris and Jordan. They used to be part of DPReview but have now transitioned to PetaPixel, where they host the channel for the popular photography website.

#2 PhotographyCourse

PhotographyCourses channel offers a wealth of resources to assist you in mastering photography. From useful tutorials and entertaining podcasts to insightful tips, the channel covers a wide array of topics. Discover bite-sized one-minute videos for swift learning, as well as comprehensive long-form videos spanning self-portraits to street photography. Top-notch experts create highly informative videos encompassing all things photography. With their guidance, you’ll swiftly elevate your photography skills like a pro.

#3 The Art of Photography

Explore the realm of photography through “The Art of Photography” channel. Delve into “The Artist Series” where legendary photographers open up about their stories from behind the lens. If you are looking for the best photo tutorial shows, then you will find a lot of educational content here. The only caveat is that it’s better for you to immediately switch to ad-free YouTube on your device. In this case, photography tips and tricks will be perceived better and you will not waste extra time. Spoiler – you don’t have to buy YouTube Premium; there is another option – install VeePN. It blocks ads and allows you to watch YouTube TV even abroad.

#4 Christopher Frost

If you’re someone who appreciates detailed and scientific reviews of camera gear, especially camera lenses, you’re going to be a fan of Christopher Frost’s YouTube channel. Christopher Frost, an independent reviewer from the UK with over 250,000 subscribers, frequently tests both old and new camera lenses. He uploads in-depth reviews regularly, with more than 400 on his channel. Whenever you’re looking for a more scientific perspective on camera lenses, Christopher Frost’s channel never disappoints.

#5 Tony & Chelsea Northrup

You can find an extensive collection of valuable and comprehensive photography tutorials, camera reviews, processing workflows, and other digital news videos created by Tony & Chelsea. They consistently update their content to reflect the latest trends and future predictions in the photo industry. This channel is an excellent resource for learning and staying informed about industry happenings.

Advice! If some of the top photography vlogs are not available to you, it is due to regional restrictions. You should check here to make sure you can remove such restrictions. For photographic content creators, VPN is a necessary tool for searching for information; it will be useful to you in the future.

#6 Jared Polin

You can’t leave Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo off a list like this. So here he is. But I couldn’t decide which video to share. There are so many. Finally, I stumbled upon one of his recent ones that I hadn’t seen yet. The one below gave me a little push to keep striving and making photography happen. You never know what can come out of a social media connection.


For a genuine boost in your photography editing skills, make this your go-to resource. This YouTube channel offers an abundance of incredible in-depth videos that will elevate your post-processing abilities.

The channel is excellently organized, allowing you to easily skim through quick Lightroom tutorials or immerse yourself in a 30-day Photoshop course for a comprehensive software understanding.

#8 Jessica Kobeissi

This popular YouTube channel on photography is jam-packed with valuable tips for capturing stunning portraits. Jessica Kobeissi, an exceptional fashion and portrait photographer, generously shares her expertise with a unique flair and irresistibly cool style.

Don’t be deceived by Jessica’s specialization in fashion photography, as her skills extend beyond that realm. You’ll be thrilled to find fantastic tips on editing and gain valuable insights into the world of photography.

If you’re new to portrait photography and eager to enhance your skills when working with people, this YouTube channel was made just for you!

#9 Kai W

Yes, the YouTube channel of your beloved DigitalRev host is up and running now. Kai’s entertaining and laid-back personality always keeps you engaged, and his camera reviews are exceptionally well-crafted. Moreover, he often gets exclusive access to photography unveiling.

#10 Peter McKinnon

Peter excels not only as a phenomenal photographer but also as an entertaining individual. His videos, each a masterpiece of high-quality editing and clever humor, captivate and delight. Apart from imparting valuable photography wisdom, he offers invaluable insights on work ethics, the essence of becoming a YouTuber, and personal anecdotes.


The channels listed focus on different aspects of photography, but they all have their own value. In some places, the focus is on news, in others on learning, including revealing secrets and improving professional skills, and in others, it simply inspires discovery. Is all this valuable to you, as well as to me?

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