Top 8 Adventure Spots to Visit in Sydney

There are a lot of activities in Sydney, so without wasting your valuable time, let's get started with the top 8 adventure spots in Sydney.

When talking about adventure, we think of fun, excitement, thrills, and a lot of words that can explain an adrenaline rush. One in a while, we need this feeling because this keeps our mind healthy. And we can increase the efficiency of our minds by doing something adventurous and fun. There are a lot of things that can be done in Sydney to make you feel excited and thrilled. There are a lot of activities in Sydney, so without wasting your precious and valuable time, let’s get started with the top 8 adventure spots in Sydney.

Sydney Tower Eye

This is the tallest tower in Sydney with beautiful architectural design. You can enjoy the view by standing on the observatory desk in the tower. The deck is about 250 meters – high enough to see the whole of Sydney. You can enjoy the skywalk with your friends, which is a little terrifying, but worth it. You can capture moments there and spend some lovely hours peacefully. And you can better understand the history of Sydney by watching the complimentary 4D movie experience. This is a great place to capture moments and there’s a Digi photo pass to capture pictures. That’s how you preserve some memories there, at this great place to visit with family and your loved ones.

Sydney Harbor Cruise 

3.6 km away from the Sydney city, you can enjoy 60-90 minutes in the cruse looking at whole city of Sydney. You have a whole cinematic view of the city to take pictures with family and friends. The course has comfortable seats and an open deck view that will make you feel the breeze, and have a stress-free cruise around the city over water. You are provided with a guide who can tell you the tales of Harbor, the beaches, and the gardens. This is a great place to visit with family and your loved ones especially if you want to make your trip a memorable experience. 

Skydiving in Newcastle, Sydney 

The famous tandem Skyline in Sydney Australia allows people 16+ yrs of age to experience the ultimate fun-filled activity of skydiving newcastle. The city of Newcastle is settled near the Hunter River and lies at a distance of 170 km in the northeast of Sydney. The adventure takes you across the beautiful landscapes. The experience begins with documentation and your health conditions are evaluated. You receive equipment from the instructors, like a jumpsuit and helmet. Skydiving is about a 20 minute experience. The view is absolutely gorgeous, which makes it a wonderful place for tourists to visit.

Madame Tussauds Tickets in Sydney 

800 meters from the main Sydney city, there is a 10 minute walk to Madame Tussauds – the most famous wax museum in the world. You can find all of your favorite Marvel and DC characters there. They were made with wax and have the same features as the movie characters. Those wax models look so real, that you will be shocked at how lifelike they are. You can grab pictures with your chosen hero. You can’t miss this place if you are a Marvel or DC fan.

Ax Throwing in Sydney

About 4.5 km away from the main city of Sydney, this place is an experience for those who love trying different things. Throwing an ax sounds easy but is a very hard task and a legit sport. You will be provided with a real ax and you just have to throw the ax on the wooden target. It is made like a dart wooden range. An experienced instructor will help you learn how to throw an ax and you can learn a new sport. If you ever visit Sydney, you must try this out.

Sydney Bike Tour 

1.6 km away from the main city of Sydney, you can go on a bike ride with your friends and explore the city! You meet with a tour guide who will ensure you know everything about this bike tour. You will have a great time pedaling the bike and visiting the best tourist place in the Sydney main city. You can explore all the tourist places one by one with the help of a guide while you are riding your bike. This is one of the best activities to do in Sydney because it recharges your mind as well as your body. You can see the whole city riding bikes – just you and your loved ones letting the in the great ambiance and letting the stress out.

 Quad Biking in Port Stephens, Sydney

 If you enjoy riding bikes, then this sport will really interest you. This is no normal bike; this is a quad bike! The bikes are meant to be ridden in sand and that is what you are going to do. You get the thrill of riding a quad bike on the sand dunes and you enjoy the breeze! You will be accompanied by a lead guide who makes sure everyone is safe. This is totally a new sport to try.

Sydney Opera House

The multi-venue performing art center, the Sydney opera house, is located on the far shore of Sydney Harbor. It is known to be the masterpiece of 20th century architecture. The structure is like a sail, and it looks modern but it is old art work. If you are planning to have a tour, then this is the best place to visit!

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