Top 7 Trending Tattoo Designs in 2022

For this reason, you must pay attention to what you want to get tattooed. Here are top trending tattoo designs in 2022.

The tattoo is a beautiful and original way to embellish your body while choosing a design or symbol that represents us and speaks of our personality.

“Where fashion is ephemeral, a tattoo is permanent.”

For this reason, you must pay attention to what you want to get tattooed. Think long and hard about the desired pattern. Do not want the same tattoo as your neighbor. Above all, your tattoo must have a personal and unique meaning. So, go through mentioned amazing tattoo designs before finalizing your choice. However, if regrets about your tattoo occur in the future. There are ways that you can also consider to get rid of the tattoo. Check out Austin laser tattoo removal to know more about costs and procedures.

  • Trends in the tattoo industry

It is a world in continuous movement that every year records some novelty. On the one hand, every year, there are more and more professionals who want to establish themselves and who, to do so, are committed to developing and proposing their original style. On the other, more general trends are affirmed every year that concern the parts of the body to be tattooed, the demand for certain designs, and the affirmation of innovative styles. Even in the tattoo industry, new tattoo designs are affirmed because there are international stars who ‘set’ an example.

1. Unicorn

Various mythical creatures, including unicorns, lie at the top of the list of unique tattoo ideas. It is believed that most often, the unicorn means spiritual purity, as well as the awakening of consciousness and chastity.

  • Unicorn tattoo in men: Often, men choose the image of a unicorn. And it is suitable not only for romantic natures but also for more strict, brutal representatives of the stronger sex. In this case, the meaning of the unicorn is power and greatness. In addition, such a tattoo is considered a strong amulet.
  • Unicorn tattoo in women: Women put a slightly different meaning in the tattoo in the form of a unicorn. First, the image personifies femininity, wisdom, and innocence. The legends of the Middle Ages mentioned that only a virgin could tame a unicorn.

2. Lotus

The lotus flower grows in the mud and has an unusual life cycle. Every night it is immersed in water and blooms again in the morning. That is why this flower is associated with revival and renewal. If you are looking for a tattoo design that could show your spiritual growth or transformation, then the lotus is perfect for you!

3. Flower

Flower patterns offer the most popular and amazing tattoo designs for men and women. Whether you express yourself or pay homage to your loved ones, a flower tattoo can say more than words. Delicate floral patterns are in vogue these days, and these beautiful flowers are not only beautiful but also have a symbolic side.

  • The rose Evokes love and passion, and will even send subtly different messages depending on the flower’s opening, number of petals, color, and the presence or not of thorns.
  • Lotus flower: Symbolize peace, rebirth, or patience: a whole program! It will also take on different meanings depending on whether it is possibly coloured.
  • Cherry blossom would bring luck and symbolize the power of women in China and would remind us how short life is and how much to enjoy in Japan.
  • The Tiare flower, a true emblem of Tahiti – from which comes the word “tattoo” derived from the Tahitian word “tatu,” which means “to strike” – and which would have been created by the god of Beauty, just that!
  • The poppy or the dandelion is ultra-poetic when it is drawn with its egrets in full flight.

4. Lion

Like a desire to get an animal tattoo and with all the qualities it symbolizes? Look no further; it is the lion, the king of animals, that you need!

Courage, vitality, strength of character, self-confidence, pride, authority… So many attributes that you will rent, and I hope to take a little into your account by choosing a lion tattoo. And suppose many women fall for the king of animals. In that case, they can also obviously prefer the tattoo of a lioness to pay tribute to this great worker who, in the end, still takes care of everything in her troop, even – and especially – to hunt!

Which lion tattoo to choose?

The meaning of the lion tattoo has finished convincing you, now you have to think about its representation, and there is no shortage of ideas!

  • Minimalist lion tattoo
  • Geometric lion tattoo
  • Small lion tattoo
  • Tribal lion tattoo
  • Realistic lion tattoo
  • Colorful lion tattoo

5. Dove

A simple and universal symbol of peace, the dove, finds its meaning in the Bible with the episode of Noah’s Ark. After the great Flood, a white dove brought an olive branch back to Noah to signal that the earth was cleared of water. Seven days later, Noah released the dove that did not return to him: the Flood was over, and peace returned.

 The tattoo of a dove can also symbolize love because this species is monogamous and breeds with only one partner. Thus, it represents marital love and fidelity. Delicate and thin, the dove is a perfect tattoo on the wrist or ankle.

6. Thai Tattoos

Thai tattoos have known growing fame in the Western world since Angelina Jolie had one tattooed. It was 2003. Since then, many tourists have returned from Thailand with a tattoo. The real name is Sak Yan, but they are known as Sak Yant in the West.

According to Thai tradition, they favour concentration and represent real amulets that affect the life of the person who gets them tattooed. Traditionally they are made by a Brahmin monk or master in a temple.

The Thai tattoos Sak Yant (which can also be done to cover scars) are of 2 types: some have a function of protection from evil, others of attraction to the person who carries them. The former protects against both physical and spiritual evil. Thais believe they keep knives and firearms away. They would also create immunity the moment the person is attacked.

Symbols of Thai tattoos

Thai tattoos represent fundamental values of Buddhist culture. Over time, the masters add the teachings acquired during the meditations. Here are the main new tattoo designs of Thai origin.

  • Gao Gord
  • Hah taew
  • Paid Tide
  • Yant Suea Tiger

7.Tiny Sapling with Name

The tree of life has connotations with the afterlife, energy, and spirituality; it can go perfectly along with some name, initial, or some characteristic of relevance for the person who wants to tattoo it. A tattoo should be customized to the person’s taste to represent what is essential to them. Highlight that area of the tattoo you want, the branches, the roots, or the circle of the tree.

Types of Tree of Life Tattoos:

  • Tattoos of dry trees represent the fragility of the individual, and that is not so much how fragile you are but that you stay standing.
  • The cherry tree tattoo represents the Beauty and femininity of the woman.
  • The tattoo tree and branches represent maturity.
  • Bonsai tattoo represents nature, Beauty, spirituality, and ancestors.

Choose the best tattoo studio you consider to perform this type of tattoo; ah! Remember that all tattoos, both large and small tattoos have their complexities, and it is not a matter for anyone to do it, to demand sanitary measures and experience.

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