Top 6 Benefits of Attending Summer Camps

Let’s explore in detail some benefits of sending your child to a STEAM summer camp this year, and the benefits of attending summer camps!


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Enrolling Your Child in Summer camps is incredibly engaging, as it uses interactive and fun games to help them learn about new skills while making new friends! 

Every summer camp is special, but if your child is interested in technology, engineering, science, art and/or math, a STEAM program may be even more beneficial for them during the long break.

STEAM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, is much more than just a trendy phrase. 95% of jobs by the year 2025 will require a STEAM education and training system.

STEAM summer camps, such as Waldo School Jersey City Summer Camp, are an excellent opportunity for children to learn over the summer from pre-k 2 (2 years old) to 8th grade.

For those who love STEAM subjects, it is a golden opportunity for students of all ages to learn more about technology, coding, math, science, podcasts, robotics and more through specialized Summer camps. Students spend hours outside exploring new interests, getting to know new people, and picking up useful skills. 

Gone are the days when students were limited to learning new things from textbooks, now they can practice innovative thinking at these summer camps.

Let’s explore in more detail some of the benefits of sending your child to a STEAM summer camp this year

Builds Confidence

STEAM summer camps often provide students with hands-on learning experiences in different areas like robotics, coding, and engineering. It gives campers confidence through both tangible and intangible skills. When campers actively engage in these subjects and see the results of their efforts, it can boost their confidence as they realize they can tackle complex problems and create functional projects.

For instance, campers finish projects and find solutions by using both their hands and their minds. This combination of abilities is simple to apply in the classroom.

Enhance Social Skills

Daniel Goleman, a psychologist and author said that emotional intelligence EQ is more important than IQ. Understanding how to interact with adults, mentors, and other children in camp is much more important. Students get to learn how to read body language, communicate and cooperate under certain conditions.

Additionaly, many STEAM camps often involve presentations or demonstrations of the projects students have worked on. This provides an opportunity for students to practice public speaking and social interactions.

Their ability to communicate with others is enhanced, and they become more interested in how to convey difficult ideas to others.

Builds Problem-Solving Abilities

Professional teachers often present their students with real life challenges in the form of projects to train their skills and find practical solutions to the problems. Students work on these projects in teams and come up with ideas in consensus with other teammates to find potential solutions. This teamwork enhances not only their critical thinking skills but also their ability to work in collaboration with others to tackle challenges.

Oftentimes, the projects are commonly based on trial-and-error approaches. It is not necessary to find the right solutions in the first attempt, students are deemed to mess up initially. However, through repeated steps and struggles, they keep on improving and rewrite unique solutions that more often than not are mind boggling for everyone. The continuous struggle also teaches students patience and flexibility in their problem solving gigs. 

Develops a New Interest

Summer camps and other extracurricular activities offer unique opportunities for children to explore their interests and hobbies in ways that schools may not be able to provide. These activities can also let your child try something new and cultivate a hobby or interest.

In such environments close to nature, you are automatically drawn to try something fun and exciting.

Moreover, the exposure to different disciplines allows them to discover which areas they are most passionate about. If your child is interested in Cutting-Edge Technology, he may develop a new interest in augmented reality, robotics, artificial intelligence and many more.

Fosters Innovation and Creativity

The mainstay of innovation and creativity are the skills to think critically and challenge the standards to make a breakthrough. This distinctive mindset from an early age develops in children the power to make an impact on society. It also fosters the ability to influence others and alter the world through their robust character and good deeds. 

Summer camps are a great way to nourish the creative skills of children. Multiple projects provided to students encourage them to think creatively and find unique solutions to each problem. They are trained to think out of the box and find working solutions to complex problems. The atmosphere of summer camps also nurtures innovative ideas, healthy communications and teamwork abilities. 

Peer Support and Encouragement

Summer camps with STEAM programs offer a supportive and enthusiastic environment to bring out the true passion of each student. Students are able to share their interests and perspectives with like minded peers and boost their productivity. These interactions not only boost their confidence but also motivate them to pursue their dreams in the future. 

Summer camps bring together tens of students who share the same interests in science, technology and creativity that forge friendships and attachments. This makes it easier for the students to initiate and engage in fruitful conversations and build social connections with the others. 

Camping activities usually involve projects and activities that require students to engage in teamwork thus encouraging them to top the skills. Since students work closely together to create projects, solve problems and achieve their common goals, this fosters good communication and cooperation to nourish their interpersonal skills. 

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, Summer camp experiences aid students to develop a sense of self efficiency and belief that they can excel in STEAM fields to pursue their goals in future. 

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