Top 10 Bahamas Bucket List: The Exumas

The Exumas are a district of The Bahamas with sapphire blue waters and tons of things to do! Find out what to do, where to eat, and where to stay, or live!

When I was a kid, I started to get obsessed with the Bahamas.

There are so many reasons for it! It wasn’t even that far from my house – as in not 12 hours by plane – but it felt like a whole new world of magic and vacation. I used to dream every day about parrots and sapphire blue water. To get even more dorky, the theme from my Bat Mitzvah was Tammy’s Tropics and it was filled with palm trees, hanging parrots, and tropical drinks. Seriously, my mom is an artist. I’ll have to get her to find/share photos of that gem. (if you can excuse my bangs in the photos) When I was a teen and we had Internet, I used to Google: Exuma house rentals. I’m not kidding I had it all figured out to live there after college! I was going to have a banana or coconut stand and live on the sand and sapphire blue water.

I had so many other dreams, like living in Japan (unfulfilled) and California (fulfilled) but I still think about the Exumas.

I’m sand and sea obsessed. It’s a little funny that my adult obsession with mountains and cabins and moose even exists, because my Bahamas obsession is ancient and strong! I especially loved to read about Exuma – a district of the Bahamas consisting over 365 islands (cays). The largest of these islands (cays) is called Great Exuma and it’s 37 miles in length – joined to Little Exuma (another island/cay) by a small bridge. They all have a lot of history, and each offers a unique Bahamas experience. Years ago I started a list of things to do in Exuma, and I continued it recently when Cassidy and I started planning a large trip – just the two of us. I believe our time to go is coming sooner than I even think. Maybe 2018!

My Top 10 Bahamas Bucket List: The Exumas:

1 – Basically, nothing. I know, right? I want to actually be unplugged (at least for an hour? a day?) and spend some time lounging around a pool or beach. Bonus points for renting a house with a pool. I heard the islands don’t get crowded!

2 – Chat N’ Chill at Chat N’ Chill! Bonus points here that I heard you can swim with stingrays! I’d like nothing more than to talk to people and find out what drew them to the Exumas to live or vacation. I know I’d talk their ears off!

3 – Take a boat tour. These are family friendly, although I am thinking this will be a trip for Cassidy and me only.

4 – Photograph wildlife. This is something I do wherever I go, but I’m particularly looking forward to iguanas, swimming pigs, nurse sharks, and starfish. I would practice my underwater photography, of course, to get the whole picture.

5 – Swimming with pigs! And I promise I wouldn’t feed them my food! I love loud, snorting pigs and someone once described it to me – that they greet you like dogs! They are on Big Major Cay and I heard that they are taken to shelters when hurricanes are coming. Ah, for the love of pigs! This would be such a joy to me.

6 – Snorkel at Thunderball Grotto. A few people have told me to do this! It’s a marine cave that snorkelers and experienced scuba divers can enjoy at low tide (for the snorkelers). I’d love to be able to say I snorkeled in a cave! Total bucket list.

7 – Eat at Shirley’s. This is a quintessential Bahamas fish fry shack. I’m thinking the smell of coconuts and fresh seafood.

8 – Spend a day at Tropic of Cancer Beach. It’s named after the meridian line that runs through it but there’s often no one there (why?!) and the views are supposedly breathtaking. This is where I see reading a whole book or too between swims.

9 – Swim with Nurse Sharks! I’m one of those special people who is not afraid of sharks. Trust me I have my fears, but not sharks! Plus, they’re docile. I want to head to Compass Cay in the Exumas and both pet them and swim with them.

10 – Take a romantic stroll along the Sandbar at Musha Cay. I keep reading about how stunning it is and a MUST SEE. I’d love to sit back and enjoy the miles of sapphire blue. I want to feel the soft sand under my feet and listen to the sounds of the waves. The sandbars shift and contain unique marine life. I can’t wait to take it all in!

Ultimately, I’m having so much fun pre-planning our trip! I love that I have covered some places to eat, some places to stay, and some adventures. What I’m wondering is if you’ve been there? What are the best things to do in Exuma? We have a few trips lined up for 2018/2019 but I’m feeling like right now is an important time to travel. Our kids are getting older, we have tons of pet care for our dogs, cat and chickens, and we have six grandparents we can line up to watch the kids. And who knows? I think we’d love to come back as a family and then I’ll be writing about all the family-friendly things to do in the Exumas. I’d love to hear more about YOU! Have you been there? What did you do while there? What should I do? You know I’m obsessed with relaxing, although I need a nudge to do it, and you know I love scenery and wildlife and conversation.

And ice cream, of course, and lots of it!

What is there to do in the Exumas? So much! Tell me more!

P.S. This post is NOT sponsored by the Bahamas – I just wish it was!

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Top 10 Bahamas Bucket List: The Exumas — 5 Comments

  1. Omg, we loved the Bahamas. We went for our honeymoon back in 2006 and stayed all-inclusive at Sandals. But would love to go back someday soon and stay at the Atlantis as that is still totally on my bucket list. So we are definitely twins where the Bahamas are concerned 🙂

  2. I’ve not been to Exuma but I did go to a small island owned by the cruise line I was on. That was two Christmases ago. I do want to go back and really see the Bahamas on my own schedule, rather than that of a cruise. You guys should try to go this year!

  3. The Bahamas is so beautiful, its so chill and relaxed! There are some very rich people there too, whew! Boat tours on any caribbean island are a must and I try to get on one every single time that I am there!

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