Tips To Take Better Shots With A Disposable Camera

While using a disposable camera is amusing, the photos do not come out so well. Read the article to know the tips for taking better shots with a disposable camera.

In order to learn film photography, you do not need to learn a retro rangefinder or a complex antique SLR, rather start using a disposable camera. Shooting with film is entirely different from the automated control of digital devices. A disposable camera is ideal for learning film photography. With little or no knowledge, you can produce some creative and unique shots.

With the availability of high-definition cameras on our phones, taking high-quality pictures has never been easier. Yet, many people are returning to film photography for the creative and aesthetic experience. Even those people who prefer using digital cameras will learn a lot about photography by using a disposable camera.

Tips To Take Better Shots With A Disposable Camera

Although the disposable camera was invented in the late 80s in the past century, it is gaining a favorable status in the market. Due to its low price, more people are inclined to have a disposable camera. You do not have to be in constant fear of losing or damaging an expensive camera if you take this on a trip. Besides, you can get disposable camera pictures on your phone.

The only drawback of this camera is that the pictures do not come out as good as those taken by a digital camera. With this in mind, we have shared with you some effective tips that can help you take better shots with a disposable camera. 

Shot Distance

The most common problem people face while taking photos using a disposable camera is that the photos become out of focus. That means the background becomes sharp while the subject matter becomes blurry. You might not also get the photos as sharp as you wanted. The reason behind this is that the lens of a disposable camera originated to be used at a distance of 5-15 feet. So, keep in mind to take photos within the range of 5-15 feet to get the best quality photos. 

Be Attentive To The Lighting

It is common as well as very puzzling to get blank images from a disposable camera. Sometimes you can see the subject and background through the camera viewfinder but do not get any image after taking a shot. It can happen due to insufficient light to shoot the photo on the film strip. So use extra lighting when there is not sufficient available light or capture images in the daylight settings.    

Use Double Exposures

A unique and interesting aspect of a disposable camera is double exposures. It is actually a trick in which two images of the same view at slightly different angles are overlapped to create something mind-blowing. The steps to do this are:

  • Take a picture and then smack the side or the bottom of your camera using the palm of your hand.  
  • Wind your camera between clicking photos.

Now overlap the photos and you will be able to produce something really cool.

Find Patterns

An effective way to make your photos different from regular photos is to look for patterns. This will present you with more variables and make your photos interesting. Patterns can sometimes complement or can contrast the background, which subsequently enhances the vision of the image.

Look For Symmetry

Like patterns, symmetrical images can also help make a good image. Symmetrical photos are always satisfying to the eye. You can move a little further down or sides to make the symmetrical objects look more interesting.

Always Have The Flash On 

We have already mentioned that the availability of lots of natural light can make your images more appealing. However, you might not always get abundant natural light. When you want to shoot photos indoors or at night, you will need to resort to your camera’s flash. Some people like to use any other source for providing artificial light. You can also do that, but the stumbling block of this method is that the lighting can be dim or too strong for a perfect image. Fortunately, the flashlight of the disposable camera can ensure the proper lighting for clicking pictures. 

In the dim light and the daylight, we recommend using flash. It will not damage the photos but rather confirms that the film is fully exposed. 

Select A Good Background

One of the most important things that affect your photos is the background. To get an amazing photo, select a clean background that does not have many destructive elements. You can also choose a background of one color. It will shift the attention to the subject matter of the image. 

Apart from one-color background, the symmetrical background can also make your photos look attractive. Select a flat symmetrical background such as door frames and symmetrically painted walls. 

Keep Still And Watch Your Fingers

The common laws of taking pictures are to keep still and take your fingers out of the camera lens. Well, everybody knows this, yet we find it important to emphasize these laws as the disposable camera is not like the camera of our smartphones. The shutter speed of a disposable camera is not fast. So, the pictures will be blurry when you try to take photos of a moving object or when the camera quivers.

Although it is commonly known to avoid covering the lens with a finger, people often make this mistake while taking pictures with a disposable camera. The prime reason for this is that the lens and the viewfinder are not the same. Even though you can see the view with the viewfinder, you can not take a picture if your finger is on the lens. You might not even realize when unintentionally you place your finger on the lens. So, always be cautious to keep your fingers from the lens.   

Take A Lot Of Shots From Different Angles

One way to make a perfect shot is to click multiple pictures from different angles. Move the camera or move the subject a little and take shots. 

Do not follow the composition rules sternly rather try to be creative. For instance, take shots at the eye level, above and below the eye level of the portrait, and discover the difference. Thus you will be able to know the ways of enhancing photos and bringing out your creativity.  

Alter The Lens

The advantage of a disposable camera is its versatility. As it is disposable, you can do a lot of experiments with it. For instance, you can alter the lens when the roll is about to end. It includes coloring translucent markers, scratching with an edgy object, and smearing with jelly. Do not feel weird, doing these alterations is fun and will create some interesting pictures.  

Shoot And Print Film Regularly

If you want to excel in photography you should shoot and print images regularly. Doing these will help you identify the type of shots you are good at and which shots you could improve. In this way, you can bring out the best of yourself and will be able to click the most amazing pictures.

Last Words About Better Shots With a Disposable Camera

In spite of having digital cameras, many people like to use disposable cameras. These cameras serve as the vestige of the glorifying past. 

Using a disposable camera is a novel way of capturing fun moments. There are a lot more ways by which you can take better shots using a disposable camera. So, follow the tips given in this guide and enjoy shooting stunning photos.


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