Tips for Throwing the Perfect Garden Party

A garden party is the ultimate way to make the most of the great outdoors. Read on for perfect garden party tips to get you through summer.

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Garden Party

A garden party is the ultimate way to make the most of your very own little pocket of the great outdoors – the meeting of nature and sophistication. The best part is that planning a party in your home means everything is completely customizable. You just need to know where to start, so read on for a complete set of garden party tips to get you through the summer.

Choose a theme

Unless you live on acreage, using your own garden for a party might feel a little plain – that is, until you give it a theme. Before you get stuck into buying supplies or decorating, choose an age-appropriate theme for your guests and let it inspire everything about your event – from the dress code and decor to the music and the food. Maybe you need to find a band to play, or hire professional comedians for entertainment. The point is, to do this well in advance so you aren’t worried at the last minute!.

Clean-up in advance

A before – and after – party clean-up regime is fairly standard, only this time it’s all happening in the garden. Tidying your garden might take a while, depending on the size of the space, so start early with basic tasks like mowing the lawn and clearing fallen leaves. This way, you’ll feel good about inviting your guests into your home – and you’ll have a chance to dream up plans for new garden additions while you’re at it.

Get budget savvy

The budget for a garden party depends entirely on your personal preference. If you’re feeling thrifty, you could do it (almost) for free – just ask each of your guests to bring something simple and cheap and you’ll have a complete smorgasbord in no time. If that’s not your style, you can always go the other way and splurge big on food and decor. Whatever you do, just be sure to calculate a budget that covers everything you need so you can be sure that all your guests will be catered for.

Plan a summer menu

Summer is the ultimate time of year for garden parties, and it wouldn’t be a celebration without food – so get creative with a menu inspired by the season. Some of the best summer recipes include crunchy salads, healthy pasta, light party food, and, of course, frozen desserts – and if you can get your hands on fresh, seasonal ingredients, your guests will consider it a bonus. Add a few bottles of something cold and sparkling to the shopping list, and you’ll be ready to take on the heat.

Plan for the weather

A garden party is the ultimate celebration of summer weather, until it’s not. As idyllic as it might sound to spend an afternoon outside in the sun, it pays to be prepared for a full range of weather conditions. Start with everything you need to protect yourself from heat and humidity – from hats and sunscreen to bug spray – and throw in a few extras in case of rain. A few umbrellas or a marquee tent on standby could save your party if things don’t go to plan! Finally, if you’re expecting your party to last into the evening, pack a few blankets for good measure – your guests will love you for it. For inspirations, check out some examples from Marquee Vision.

Grow your own decorations

A garden party is a perfect opportunity to take a more natural approach and plant some flowers in your backyard. Even if you have a small space, showcasing a few colorful plants on the tables will make a big difference – and they won’t leave any mess or waste behind when the party is over.

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Create a comfortable place to sit

A garden party without seating space is like a flower without petals: not such a good look. That said, there is no one way of creating seating space for your guests – it all depends on the vibe you’re going for. If you’re after an air of sophistication, comfortable chairs on the patio will do the trick, whereas blankets and pillows will create a playful energy, perfect for the young and the young-at-heart.

Have some fun

If you think sitting around and watching the grass grow will keep your garden party guests entertained, think again – especially if you happen to have children in attendance. When it comes to having fun in the great outdoors, the options are limitless – so start by brainstorming a list of fun and entertaining garden activities that are simple to set up and pack away. Board games, card games and ball games are all winning options, and if you’re really keen (or you’re hosting young guests), an interactive treasure hunt will go down well.

Even once summer has been and gone for the year, keep these tips in the back of your mind for the next sunny day celebration. You’ll be hosting the perfect garden party in no time – making memories with friends and loved ones, and admiring the beauty that exists in your own backyard.


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