Tips For Helping Your Kids Sleep Better

Tips For Helping Your Kids Sleep Better. Here are ways you can make bedtime a lot easier on yourself, to help get your children down easier.

Tips For Helping Your Kids Sleep Better

Being a parent is one of the best adventures in life to undertake, it’s a fun, loving experience that will change you for the better and create a life of happy memories, but as high as the highs of parenting are, the lows are equally low. Once of the first low points you’ll experience as a parent is bedtime, get ready for sleepless nights, getting woken at silly o’clock in the morning and having a little scamp climb into your bed during the night.

But, there are ways you can make bedtime a lot easier on yourself, so today, we’ll go through a few ways to help you get your children down for the night easier.

Nail Down A Bedtime Routine

The first step to making bedtime easier for you, is to nail down a solid bedtime routine, we don’t just mean getting into Pyjamas and then getting tucked into bed. Rather your routine should have a few different stops that will help drill the routine with your child. Then after a while of getting used to it your child’s body will be getting ready for sleep as you go through the routine.

Your routine doesn’t need to be overly complicated but should focus on things to calm your child and instil good habits in them. For an example of a routine it could look something like this: Brush teeth -> have a bath -> dry off and get in PJs -> 20 minutes of quiet play -> into bed -> bedtime story -> then sleep. Once your child gets into their routine, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to get them down.

Consistency Is Key

Human bodies require consistency to work properly, children are no different, if your child’s bedtime, wake up time and nap times aren’t consistent, you’ll find yourself struggling to get them down to sleep every day as their bodies will be out of sync with the time.

So, just by making sure you stay consistent with the timing of their bed time, wake up time and naps throughout the day, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to get them down to sleep at night and to wake up in the morning. Obviously being a parent is chaotic, so it doesn’t need to be to the minute, but keeping to a rough timeline will still help a lot!

Create The Right Environment

Now after all of this your child is still struggling to sleep, there could be something wrong with their bedroom, luckily the most common problems (light leakage & noise pollution) have an easy fix to them, blackout blinds, these thick blinds will block out incoming light from the outside world and help muffle the sounds of the outside. Even better you can find blinds that can be delivered next day to help you solve this issue quickly.

Other issues in your child’s bedroom that may cause sleeping issues would be anything in the room that could have a smell they dislike, so wash their bedsheets with a different fabric softener or find a scent diffuser that they enjoy. Another issue could be that they’re struggling to get comfortable, so changing their bedsheets or pajamas could resolve this.

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