Tips for Fighting Allergies That You May Have Never Tried

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Do you have spring allergies? Us too! Here are 10 ways to combat allergies that you may have never tried. Time to enjoy #spring again! #ForgetAllergies #ad

I remember the first time it happened. After over 20 years in New Jersey, I was always told it was bound to happen eventually, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it. Or rather, I felt it quite powerfully. I was out at one of my first paid photo shoots of all time – the beginnings of my (hopefully) lifelong career. In fact, I even have a photo from that outdoors shoot!

(Obviously it was a cosplay photo shoot and I didn’t travel back in time!)

After I got home and at some point the next day, I came down with what I thought was a full-fledged cold. It was late March at the time, and a bit chilly, but it was becoming more springlike over time. In like a lion, and out like a lamb. I still went to work all that week, but for ten days straight, I had a runny nose and itchy eyes with no other symptoms. Finally, I got the spring allergies diagnosis and my first reaction was to say, “Allergies? Me! No way. That happens to OTHER people.” I was wrong because that was just the beginning. Since then I’ve moved cross country twice before settling down in Massachusetts.

spring allergies

There are places that don’t give me spring allergies. When I lived in California, I think I had allergies for ONE DAY. When I visit Cape Cod, they’re virtually gone. That said, whether it’s western Massachusetts or New Jersey, I know they are going to hit by early spring. Generally, I’m ok about it because I love spring so much, but they have gotten me down for the last few years. Then it occurred to me that just because I’m going to have allergies, doesn’t mean I have to suffer allergy symptoms.

1 – Why not try something new and powerful? Allow me to introduce you to Xyzal® Allergy 24HR – now available over the counter at CVS! I have the 35 count bottle, but it also comes in 10 count, 55 count, and 80 count sizes as well.


People in the northeast are often told to accept their allergies, but I’m afraid I can no longer do that. I want to manage them! Like many of you, I’m a young(ish) working parent, and I need to be my best, rested, healthy self. Also, I LOVE spring. Have I mentioned that? Three out of our four New England seasons make me happy, but I’m such a sucker for spring and I don’t want anything – like sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, nose and throat – to get in the way of my enjoyment.

This medicine packs a powerful punch!

Xyzal, now available at CVS, is for the 24 hour relief of sneezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes, nose or throat. It’s full prescription strength, and provides clinically proven relief in 60 minutes. I take it before bed so that the Xyzal relieves symptoms while I sleep and I wake up ready for the morning ahead. Xyzal relieves indoor and outdoor allergies and gives better symptom relief with continuous use. As with any medicine, it’s important to read the product labeling and use accordingly.

2 – Try houseplants that help instead of hurt. Most flowering plants are pollinated by insects, but your indoor plants don’t have the same luxury and can grow mold spores. Keep plants to a minimum – avoid shrubs, trees and pollen-producing grasses.

3 – Control your humidity. Mold thrives in moist areas. We have central air-conditioning, but it’s not common in New England. You can also measure indoor humidity with a hygrometer, and invest in a dehumidifier. We keep one in our basement.

4 – Wear those sunglasses. Yes, really! It keeps pollen out of your eyes! Not to mention that allergy-prone eyes are more sensitive to harsh daylight, so sunglasses will help with eye irritation AND getting pollen out of there!

5 – Road tripping for spring break or summer vacation? Consider going places with a low pollen count – like the beach (more on that below). If you’re going through high pollen areas, travel with the windows closed and during early morning or evening.

6 – Windows, curtains and blinds are great hiding places for allergens – clean these areas regularly and vacuum often.

7 – Rethink how you do laundry. One of the biggest indoor allergy causes – and Xyzal treats indoor allergies too – is the dust mite. They love stuffed animals and sheets, both of which we have in droves. It’s advised to wash your bedding in hot water and dry it in a hot dryer to kill dust mites. Wash bedding weekly, at least.

8 – We already have indoor pollens, so make sure you keep the outdoor ones where they should remain – outside! Remove work clothes and boots when entering the house, and it’s a good practice to shower right after yard work.

9 – Eat well and drink water often! Vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins are never a bad idea (unless you have food allergies) but there’s no doubt they make your whole body healthier. Drinking water thins mucus and is good for all-around health.

10 – Take a break. As I said above, my northeast allergies are non-existent in Florida, California, or even Cape Cod – close to home! Apparently, the beach is a great place to escape from pollen. So that’s a great reason to get to a beach!

You can pick up Xyzal at CVS, and then get out there in the spring weather and enjoy! What’s your favorite spring activity?

For more info about Xyzal 24-Hour Allergy Relief:

Xyzal at CVS

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Tips for Fighting Allergies That You May Have Never Tried — 25 Comments

  1. I just started to feel my allergies flare up a bit again for this year in the last week or so. I usually do the best to just ride it out as it isn’t terrible by any means for me. But still my eyes sometimes water, my throat can get scratchy and even get a bit congested from time-to-time during it. That said appreciate your tips and may even have to give Xyzal a try, too.

  2. My allergies are really bad here in CO during the spring and although I love the warm weather, not so fond of the allergies that accompanies it. We don’t have a standalone CVS here, but we do have them in our Targets, so maybe I might find it there and see if it’ll help me.

  3. The pic of Scarlet in her sunnies is killing me — so cute! You know, it totally varies for me, but I don’t think I’ve ever had full fledged allergies before… though my eyes tend to water with what I assume is the pollen, so that’s a great tip re: wearing sunglasses (that I didn’t really know before!). Thanks for sharing, momma 🙂 PS: You might not know this, but I swear I live in CVS. In there at least once a week 🙂

    • I can still remember taking that picture! She was sick, which was sad. Those first baby colds are a drag.
      If you live in CVS you can tell me if they still make my favorite zinc tablets!

  4. I always forget how suffering allergies are until the weather is so beautiful that all I want to do is be outside and BAM. I immediately scratch my eyes out and rip out my throat. I need to go to CVS and find this 24 hour relief girl! Flowers are blooming out here! <3

    • When I lived in CA, I didn’t get allergies, so I thought it was magic? Then I finally did get them but it was only one day, as opposed to weeks here! Also, I don’t get allergies in Cape Cod.. Hmm…

  5. Great tips! Allergy season is in full swing where we are. I love all the blooming flowers, but my allergies don’t! I have not heard of Xyzal before and will look out for it.

  6. Our whole family is dying right now! There are these little yellow palo verde flowers everywhere. It looks like yellow snow, and nothing good comes from yellow snow right? I have been trying Claritin, but it just isn’t cutting it. I think I am going to give this a whirl!

  7. I’m very fortunate to not have any allergies. My husband is another story – he had asthma as a child, and although he outgrew that, the allergies remained. I’ll have to look into Xyzal.

  8. My husband and son have allergies. Luckily, there symptoms haven’t been to bad so far. Thanks for the tips. I need to dust the curtains and the blinds.

  9. I hate allergies! I have seen this in the store and have been tempted to give it a try. I have a prescription for Flonase and still take Allegra when I spend time outside. I have Florida to thank for that.

  10. Points 6, 9, and 10 in particular resonate with me. I’m in sneezing mode these last few days and I am so tired of it. Today I did a thorough sweeping/cleaning and already feel better for it.

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