Timeless Shapewear To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Thanks to the innovative manufacturing technologies, shapewear now is available in a variety of styles, cuts and colors. There is something for every woman no matter the occasion.

Many women dream of having a slim body and being able to wear their favorite outfits effortlessly. Having said that, not everyone is born with a svelte figure. This is where shapewear can help. This undergarment is not to reshape the body but rather enhances the natural figure to make a woman feel and look her best. Although shapewear cannot permanently reshape the body, it can certainly erase the flaws and help with smoothing out any bumps on the body to create a slimmer and a more shapely silhouette. Not only will you be able to have a slimmer figure, with the right shapewear, you look better in your clothes, carry yourself confidently, be more self-assured and stand out. The best thing about shapewear is that it can cover our problem areas and flatter the rest of what we have.

A woman’s lingerie drawer is stocked with all kinds of comfortable underwear but it should also consist of shapewear such as a full body shapewear, sculpting short and shaping panties. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing technologies, shapewear now is available in a variety of styles, cuts and colors. There is something for every woman no matter the occasion.

Stand Out With This Amazing And Effective Shapewear

Ahead are some of the hottest shapewear that is thoughtfully designed to shape all bodies to make them feel more self-assured. From shaping briefs to full bodysuits, these are the best shapewear that will help you to achieve your shaping solutions.

Shapewear Shorts

Shaping shorts create a smooth silhouette from the waist to the thigh. These shorts are classics because they target the tummy while the high waist design eliminates the muffin tops. Its mid-thigh design helps to slims the thighs and prevent chaffing. The sculpting shorts are perfect for wearing under dresses or skirts for extra comfort.

Sculptshe Sculpting Short Mid Thigh

Shapewear Briefs

Shaping briefs or panties work well underneath skirts, dresses, shorts and pants. Some designs feature a high waist and comfortably firms up the tummy and cinches the waist. If you want a shapewear for tummy control but do not need thigh slimming, this high waisted panty has a double layer fabric on the tummy for strong compression and clasps to be hooked onto the bra to help keep it in place. It also has a non-slip lining to prevent slipping down.

Sculptshe Slimming Belly Seamless Brief Panty

Full Bodysuits 

If you are looking for more full body shaping do consider a full bodysuit. Shapewear bodysuit will create a smooth look all the way from the chest down to the thighs. It tames the tummy and is a great solution when wearing a body-hugging dress. You can feel confident knowing that there will be no bulges showing on the outfit and no visible panty lines. A full-body shaper that goes to mid-thigh can smooth your core and at the same time, shape and slims the thigh naturally.

Waist Trainers 

A waist trainer is a shaping garment that is similar to a corset and is worn around the waist. If worn consistently over a period of time, A plus size waist trainer can create a pretty extreme effect that hide excess fat and give a flatter midsection. A waist trainer can also be worn to complement a workout routine.

Sculptshe Plus Size Zipper Hook Latex Waist Trainer

Open Bust Bodysuit Shapewear

If you prefer to wear your own bra with a certain cup size then an open bust bodysuit may be a better choice for you. It still gives you the sculpting effect of a full bodysuit but your get to wear your own bra. An open bust bodysuit is comfortable, secure and prevent back bulges 

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