Time To Gussy Up Your Garden

Yay, it’s time to get your hands dirty! This year, spring is coming a few weeks earlier for many of us so it's time to gussy up your garden!

Yay, it’s time to get your hands dirty! This year, spring is coming a few weeks earlier for many of us so we need to be prepared to tend to our beloved soil sooner than usual. Your garden is calling for some much needed attention after its sleepy yet not-so-frigid winter nap. When crocus bulb shoots start showing themselves as early as March, we better be ready to jump in and prepare the beds we weatherproofed so diligently last fall for their annual debut. You need to be prepared to pull those weeds that have sprouted despite your best efforts to curb them, fertilize the beds that must be very hungry by now, and prune your summer-blooming flowering shrubs and any trees or plants that may have sustained any damage during winter. Sounds like a lot. Sounds like fun!

Is your garden trug already loaded with the various tools you’ll need for the many jobs at hand? Do you even have a trug? What the heck is a trug, anyway? Head on over to Weston Table and their comprehensive collection of outdoor garden tools to find out, and find your new favorite dandelion digger, garden rake, and other essential hardware. Perfectly proportioned to carry everything you’ll need to springtime garden cleanup, and doubling as an apt receptacle for your bounty come harvest time, their garden trug (sure, you can call it a basket), crafted of hardwood is equally durable and lightweight. And wait until you get a look at the artistry Fisher Blacksmithing has put into their heirloom collection of garden tools. The materials are gorgeous and sure only to improve with the patina of use and age, and the craftsmanship is like no comparable piece that you can get from swinging by the local hardware store. While so pleasing to look at, you can’t wait to grab onto their rugged handles and give their visibly robust blades and rakes the workout they were crafted for. And as a bonus, pick out one of their Emma Bridgewater flower mugs for that oh-so-deserved refreshment in a suitably designed vessel.

Not a fan of actually getting the soil under your nails and want the added benefit of protecting your most valuable tools against abrasions and thorny situations while keeping them nice and dry? If yes, then leather gardening gloves are the accessory for you. Waterproof and puncture-proof, quality leather gloves offer protection against the muck and prickly bits you’ll undoubtedly be in contact with while getting your garden ready for another year. Filson’s original goatskin gloves are smartly crafted with a winged thumb design that aids in flexibility, a must for securely gripping your tools and maintaining dexterity for those precision tasks. Elastic wrists keep the gloves in place while protecting hands from debris. Give yourself this extra layer of comfort and protection, allowing you to be even more gung-ho in your hoeing and weed-extraction activities.

All the motivation in the world can only carry you so far as the limitations of your body, which seem to get more and more limited as we pass through one season to the next. While a healthy dose of stretching and strengthening prior to any strenuous activity should be routine, especially for those of us of a certain age, there are other opportunities to support and even enhance your garden work with some homegrown ingenuity. Get yourself a garden kneeler. Seriously. A very well built and engineered garden kneeler that not only makes the getting up part a lot easier but makes your work more enjoyable, pain free, and most likely productive. This deep seat garden kneeler from Gardener’s Supply Company is thoughtfully designed, sturdy, and comfortable. It is also lightweight enough to be moved easily wherever you need to work and it’s collapsible for easy storage. You can also get an available tool pouch to add even more functionality to this helper. But, of course, you wouldn’t need that if you have your handy dandy trug nearby.

Now put on your big floppy hat and slather on the sunblock and bug-be-gone lotions as you once again venture out to your own backyard, soon to be teeming with new life and beauty. You’ve now got the tools you need to gussy up this garden with gusto. The tools – and trugs! – from Weston Table will have you doing some of the most robust gardenscaping you’ve ever done. The goatskin gloves from Filson will not only protect your hands from the elements and the ouchies, they’ll allow you to be more aggressive while performing some of the most rugged and satisfying tasks. Now that you’ve given your joints the gift of an assuaging garden kneeler from Gardener’s Supply Company, be ready to trowel like you’ve never troweled before! Happy gardening season and merry manual labor of love to you all.

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