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Three Truths, Two Lies: The Raging College Edition.

**Detailed updates below, but the true stories are #3, #4 and #5 and #1 and #2 are NOT true! How did you do??

This is my own twist on the “Two Truths, One Lie” game I originally saw on the Kiss My List blog.

Just to mix it up, I’m sharing five crazy stories – three are true and two are lies. My theme is college..’cause college? It’s when drinking, freedom and confusion are tasted, perhaps for the first time, by mere children. Babies, really. College. It’s when children who are technically adults act like toddlers. College, where bodily function stories are more common than in parenting.

College. It takes all kinds. And if you must know, I was of the studious and sober kind..nearly all of the time.

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Here we go..

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

1.) I lived with some nutty people in college. During my junior year at Rutgers, one of my apartment-mates had a tendency to get very drunk and binge eat all of our food late at night. The worst part was that she would deny it with the most wide, innocent eyes and the three of us had food missing left and right and we obviously knew it was her eating it! One night after a particularly fun time at a party on College Ave, one of my apartment-mates was very drunk and decided it would be funny to pee in a carton of her own ice cream. That way if our binge-eating apartment-mate came home and wanted ice cream, she’d wind up with a mouthful of pee. The carton remained in the same part of the freezer for the rest of the year, but none of us ever actually threw it out until spring! We never found out if she knew about it, or had eaten some and wanted to pretend she hadn’t.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

(The potential urine-eater is not pictured here…)

**This story is false, but I’m pretty sure I had heard of something like this happening when I went to Rutgers, so I created this story out of a rumor.

2.) I’m almost ashamed to post about this here, because of what you will all think of me. Just know it was a lifetime ago and..well, that’s all you need to know. It was April Fool’s Day freshman year and my friends and I wanted to mess with our dorm-mates. So we put saran wrap on the toilets under the lids and we slathered vaseline on top of the toilet seats so people would slide off. That wasn’t the worst, though. We stole a cherry pie from the dining hall and wedged it on top of the bathroom doorway. Our room was next to the bathroom so we actually heard when the next girl walked in the bathroom, and sure enough, she was hit with a pie. No one ever could prove it was us and we heard the girl who was hit was asking around..

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(Who, me? Hit someone in the face with a pie?)

**This is false, because I am way too non-confrontational to do something like this, but it is based on a few stories my sister told me about her own college experiences. The toilets and the pie? Totally happened in REAL LIFE. I wonder if those dorm-mates are still looking for my sister and her friends.

3.) If you aren’t already shocked by my behavior, there was my freshman year roommate. She wasn’t very nice to me at times and I’ll leave it at that! Not nice. I have a lifelong onion phobia and after a party late one night, she ordered a sandwich with raw onions. She threw the remains in the garbage can in our bedroom and didn’t take out the garbage the next day. Or the next! After the third day or so, I got so annoyed that I took the entire can of garbage, onions and all, and emptied the whole thing into her closet with her clothes & shoes. Needless to say, the raw onions were gone after I got back from my class later that day.

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(Onions turn me into a super-villain, but I still dressed like a superhero that same week.)

**Totally true, and I was *nearly* ashamed when I read all of the comments about people thinking this is false and that I’m too nice to do this. I will be honest – I am a nice person, 99% of the time. When someone deletes your phone messages, talks about you behind your back, wakes you up in the middle of the night, is a stone cold you-know-what to you, AND leaves onions in the room for three days, well you may start to snap..

4.) My across-the-hall roommate was such a nice girl but she had the worst roommate luck. I actually can’t even discuss her second roommate because this is a family blog and it is rated “R” or “X.” Her first roommate was of the not showering, not going to class, and muttering down the hallway type of roommate. One day the nice and normal girl “Dawn” overslept on the morning of an exam. Her alarm clock looked tampered with so when she accused her roommate, her roommate started looking all around the room and said very seriously that she had woken up in the middle of the night to see a tiny, crazy clown running around the room and messing with Dawn’s alarm clock. She said he cackled and was about the same size as a table lamp.

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(This was the look on my face when Dawn told me that story.)

**Totally true, and this story is the mild story in the lineup of poor “Dawn” and her horrible roommate situations. Maybe one day I’ll tell more about it, but it’s a bit too dirty for my writing tastes.

5.) And all of these stories are why I’m thankful to hopefully never have another roommate in my life. Sophomore year I lived in a wing with many wild girls. My good friend “Ellen” had a major feud with her roommate “Kelly” after she called the campus police and had Ellen’s car towed. To get back at Kelly, a group of my friends scanned a big photo of her face and printed “LOST DOG” signs ALL OVER campus with Kelly’s photo and a whole blurb about how she may be rabid, she’ll eat you out of house and home, and she responds to many foul names. The posters were printed on neon color posters and I kept finding them for months.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

(All of these stories are why I was positively giddy to graduate and get the heck out of there.)

**This one is totally true, and I never knew Kelly’s reaction to it. It is not something I would have ever done to someone, but Kelly was not a nice girl, and I think her roommate needed to find satisfying revenge.

**I have a bonus true story that didn’t make the crazy cut. I had a major crush on a friend of mine in the beginning of my freshman year and I didn’t know how he felt about me yet. I told my sister about him and pointed him out to her one night when she was visiting me at my dining hall. He was wearing a bathrobe to dinner. She marched right up to him and said, “I love your bathrobe. I love you. You’re sexy.” Or something just like that, and I’d be happy if either of them would fact-check this to give me the verbatim! Anyway, he looked stunned for about 30 seconds and then a big smile lit up his face and he said:

“Oh! You’re Tammy’s sister.”


Check in again this weekend and I’ll update with which three stories are true, and which two are false!

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  1. Because it was college – all the stories sound totally plausible!!

    I'll say the lies are: onion story (because seriously you are so sweet, you couldn't have done that!) and ice cream peeing because, um, gross and who would spoil perfectly good ice cream?

    1. Maybe they all are plausible..but just haven’t all happened to me…
      Ah, college.
      Only a wealthy person would spoil perfectly good ice cream! And it was her own! (if that story is true)

  2. Dang I hate that I am reading this on time and now I have to wait. I'm going all detective and saying #2 is true because of the way you prefaced it. I would love it if you braved the onion one, so I'll pick that as true and I'll pick the crazy clown one as true because that bit was too out their to be false. We shall see….

    1. I should have posted sooner that I will tell the truth (in a non-public way) to super-awesome people who don’t want to wait until the weekend. Write me!

  3. Yep – I'm agreeing with Alison and saying the ice cream pee and the onion stories are the fake ones. Ahhh . . college memories. I had a crazy roommate my first year. After that things were better – until my second roommate and I took a required drama class and met some guys. They invited us to come over to the house they were renting. We went over and they after a while realized they were growing pot on the screened in porch!

    1. haha! I laughed out loud over here. College was really nuts. I don't know if it's some chemical thing that causes most of us to lose our marbles a little. It's kinda like Vegas. That stuff doesn't really fly anywhere else..

  4. I love all of these and I secretly hope they are ALL true…except for the ice cream peeing – eewwwwwwww!!!! Love all the pictures of you – you haven’t changed one bit!

  5. I will go with number 4, but really just a shot in the dark. but what I love was seeing all these flashback photos of you today. Seriously, put such a smile on my face this morning to see more of you here today!! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I am so glad!!! What if my crazy clown story is actually true, and not only that, but that the crazy clown REALLY was there? And this crazy woman was not making up her crazy clown.

      Wouldn't that be creepy??

  6. This is so cool. I must read Kiss my list as well. It’s like a little college movie over here today. I saw it all going down in my head…gross to peeing in the ice cream….please say that is a lie. All the rest, including the onion story are awesome, lol! I’ve particpated in a prank in college πŸ™‚

  7. I cannot wait to hear what is true and what was not…they are all awesome stories! This might be fun…you could have started something here! I bet everyone has some really good ones!! Yours are beyond good though!!

    1. Maybe I will start something here for people to link up! I do have many other "categories" coming up. It's a really fun way to both share stories, and to make up some fiction too. Fiction was never my strongpoint.

  8. Allie is right. You haven’t changed a bit! Loved seeing all of the flashback photos. And I have to agree with Alison! Who would ruin a perfectly good carton of ice cream on purpose?! Especially when you’re poor as dirt in college and luxury items (like ice cream) are few and far between!

    1. I’ve changed so much in my eyes! And at least a little better on the personality front. If the onion and cherry pie stories ARE true, I don’t do that stuff anymore. And if they are false, well, then I’ve changed less!

  9. I have a teeny tiny bit of an unfair advantage with this one – so I am going to pass on the guessing. I will say that you were an absolutely gorgeous co-ed. And you look exactly the same now! You haven’t changed one bit! And Rutgers. To think. You were 40 minutes up the road from me for all those years….

    1. Oh yes! You know one of my truths!!! Ah, the skeletons in my college closet…

      That may or may not have shared space with a closet full of onions?

      We could have been friends when I was at Rutgers! You could have saved me from the insanity.

  10. I think the last two (4 & 5) are false. I can see all the others happening – I had a horrible freshman roommate too, and can relate

    1. I had a lot of crazy roommates. Some I loved. Some I didn't. Some who were crazy and I loved anyway. I was pretty diplomatic here because I have a LOT more to say on the subject, but decided not to share it all. Hey, nobody's perfect. Maybe they thought I was crazy.

  11. Haha these are hilarious. I guess 3 and 5. My experience was way different. Since it was a Christian school with no alcohol allowed, segregated dorms and required chapel. Not that that stopped us. We just got creative.

    1. I went to Rutgers. I was one of 30,000+ and I find it to have been more insane than what people describe. If I could do it all over again, I'd have gone somewhere smaller and more…moose-like. I'd still have become a parent, writer, photographer. I'm sure of it. I wish I had better memories of college!

    1. The onion story smells horribly horrible to me!

      And if the LOST DOG story is true..I wonder if Kelly ever happened upon a poster advertising herself as missing..

  12. LMAO!!! 5 and 1 have to be fake but if they aren't that would make it even funnier. I sometimes wish I had the college experience and other times I wonder what trouble would I have gotten into because I know how crazy I used to be! LOL

  13. Oh my goodness! What a fun idea! And really, given that it was college they could all be true! I always look back at that time in my life and laugh. What a crazy time!

    1. I was often studying on Friday nights…and reading a book while all of the above insanity was happening. Sure..I sometimes participated. I once got written up by my RA for roller blading down the hallway at 3:00 am.

        1. That’s why I always wear button down shirts! Better to rip them open. Let’s just hope I remember to wear my costume under there before I do the shirt ripping thing..

  14. You do look just like you did in college. I’m glad I don’t, because I had my eyebrows cut like Vanilla Ice.


    I’m going to say the dog poster one is false. The rest are all true. I know you said two were false, but I’m going to venture to say that one of the stories you say is false is actually true and you are just saying it’s false.

    1. These photos were before my Vanilla Ice eyebrow days.

      Not kidding. (Actually, yes I am!)

      There's no trickery here, though! There are three stone-cold truths, and two outright lies!

  15. This is so hard! I'm REALLY hoping that pee in the ice cream story is fake. I like ice cream too much. I also think the onions in the closet thing is false because it would actually smell worse as you were dumping it all over the clothes. The suspense is killing me!

  16. I’m gonna say 3 & 5 for the same reasons Alison cited: you’re so nice πŸ™‚ Of course, I did things in high school and college I would never in a million years do now, and I think that’s probably the case for most people, so maybe that’s not a great basis for my answer.

    It’s great that you have so many photos from your college years. What fun memories. Your kids will love looking back on them some day.

    1. haha, I'm not that nice! No I am, but when pushed to my limits, my patience wears thin. It will be fun to either tell you all that I'm as nice as you think I am, or tell you that I'm not so much! Or I wasn't so much..

  17. What a super fun post!!! It took me a couple of pictures to realize that those were from college – you look the same – still gorgeous!!!
    I think that the story about peeing in the ice cream and the one about the clown changing the clock are the lies!

  18. You're such a good writer that I never know which is true and which is a lie. They all sound believable but I would have to say that #1 and #4. Seriously I can't think of having pee in a container in the freezer for so long and I don't think anyone would tell that story about a clown with a straight face. πŸ™‚ Can't wait to hear which is true or false. Love the photos of your college days. You need more photos of you. πŸ™‚

  19. Darn it! I replied on my phone this morning and it never went through. Glad I came back to see the pics better. I guess #2 and #3, but honestly I feel like all of them could go either way. Your truths and lies are much juicier than mine (thanks for the mention again!) – a college edition is a great idea. I will be anxiously awaiting the answer!

    1. Oh I’m so glad you came back to comment! Missing comments drive me crazy.
      Of course I’ll always mention you! Credit where credit is due. And I have some great themed ones coming up!

  20. First of all, you are just too cute. Do you ever take bad photos? Even your bad ones are good. Anyway, I'm going to go with #3 and #5 being false. You seem far too nice to throw garbage in someone's closet and I just don't believe the dog poster one.

  21. I'm not reading other comments as I may lose my maybe-mojo but I say 2 is definitely fake, and 3 as well. What do I win? Also, I wish I knew you in college@!!!

    1. You win photos by me! At some pre-determined date.
      We would have had a lot of fun in college, and you probably would have saved me from the crazies.

  22. I think that #2 and #5 are the lies? Girl. I don’t know! ANYTHING is possiblein college. I think that is the time period where we get out all the crazy just in time for the real world! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see which ones are right πŸ™‚

    1. You’re right – anything is possible in college! Whether you’re in a giant university like I was, or a small, private college. I hear stories…crazy stories..

  23. No matter which stories are true or false, sounds like you ran with some troublemakers! I can’t imagine anyone peeing in someone’s food, so I’ll go with that and the midnight clown. Because…really? A cackling clown?

  24. Can I just say for the record that you have the most gorgeous hair? Argh… I’m so jealous. Okay, I have no idea which is true or false but I’m guessing you didn’t really dump the onions in the girl’s closet! When I was an RA my senior year, a kid did something similar to his roommate, but so much worse — he was moving out at semester and he totally hated this guy. So the roommate left for Christmas break first, and the one that was moving out smeared canned tuna into the radiator, cranked it up to high, locked the door behind him, and left. Xmas break was 5 weeks long! OMG the smell….

    1. Thank you! I have a ton of hair. That canned tuna story sounds like a true nightmare!! I thought about being an RA but ultimately I couldn’t have handled the crazy at Rutgers.

  25. Wait a minute! My comment got eaten. Now I’m thinking that I might have written the whole thing and then forgotten to submit it. Yes, it’s been that kind of day.

    I went on and on before (what’s new?), but I’ll make this one short – I hope the toilet seat thing is true because that is an awesome prank. I don’t think the onion thing is true either, and I don’t think #5 is true. I remember waking up to my basically alcoholic across the hall neighbor being brought away in a stretcher. And that was only a few months into freshman year. That’s the craziest thing though. Your experience sounds way more intense than mine was!

    1. Oh no! I’m glad you came back. I did change my comment system over the last few days because I wanted people to have the choice to have me reply to them by email or not.
      I can’t wait to tell you the truth!

  26. I think the pee might be true because I know a college girl who peed on one of her roommate's mattress! While another roommate watched! My daughter was the fourth roommate in the situation. She's so glad to be out of college and away from that kind of thing!

    1. Oh Tammi – I know way too many pee stories. No joke. I know of people wetting beds, accidentally and not. And my friend’s friend peed in the dryer! And the next morning she went to look and someone’s clothes were in there! So sad.

  27. Wow, these are tricky! Some of them sound so crazy I can’t see them having been made up. I’m going to have to go with #2 & #5 being the lies. Can’t wait to see!

  28. I'm super gullible so I couldn't tell you which ones are false, lol! I love all the fun pics though…you look exactly the same! I wish I had taken more pics of myself in college, but I was too busy trying to hurry up and get out. I loved college, and would totally go back, without the studying, term paper, homework, and not having to pay of course! πŸ˜‰

  29. OMGeee! Anything IS possible in college. I also hope the pee in ice cream box is a lie. That any maybe the bathroom pie one. The onion one sounds like a good get you back…something a college kid would so do. Great stories.

  30. i don't believe you can throw an entire garbage can's worth of garbage in someone's closet. i couldn't even do that to my worst enemy; i'm such a germophobe. but otherwise all the stories sound like typical campus fare! reading what you wrote made me relive my college days!

    1. Well they were small dorm room garbage cans..but if that one is true, it wasn't very nice of me! If that one is true, I do think it was well deserved and most people agreed with me..knowing her.

  31. This is too funny! I’m going to say number 1 and number 4 are false! This is such a fun thing that you do on your blog. I can see how it came from Dana. She is hilarious and it has her written all over it! πŸ™‚

  32. HYSTERICAL! Man, I do not miss liviing with other girls. I did that for a few years after college, too. We are a crazy lot, aren’t we?! πŸ™‚ I had one roommate take my box of Krisp Kreme doughnuts and eat the bottom of each and every one. So when you looked at the box, from the top, all looked fine and perfect. Then you picked one up and the bottom was compeltely nibbled off. And she denied it! SO BIZARRE! I wonder if she remembers that…
    Anyways, great idea and how cute were you in your bell bottoms?

    1. Isn't it kinda nice having two sons now? I am scared of girls for life now! Not really. Scarlet's pretty non-scary most of the time.

      I miss those bell bottoms so much!

      And your doughnut story is cracking me up.

  33. Oh you are so darling in those pictures!!! Gosh Tamara… I just don’t know!!! I can’t WAIT to find out though!!

    Good LORD, do I have a few stories of College years of my own. Our blogs are not rated R though…. so not sharing!! Oh no no no… πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh I so know it! These are the tame ones! Well..sorta. They're up on the crazy meter, but I could have had much more "R" and "X" rated stories. Maybe a sequel with lots of warnings..or…nah. Just for my memories.

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