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This Busy Working Mama’s Guide to Snacking Smarter

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kellogg’s Special K. All thoughts, opinions, and obvious product passions are 100% my own.

I'm a mama of 2, a professional photographer, and a blogger. Here are my top tips for snacking SMARTER on busy days with NEW Special K Snack Bars and Bites!

Do you want to see what my happy place looks like? It’s a bit like this:


I am a snacker times a million. It’s in my nature and it’s how I operate best. During my hungriest days – a major growth spurt in high school – I had to snack every couple of hours. During my busy days now, it’s honestly about the same. Especially with work and travel, we have to rely on GOOD snacks! Now you’re probably wondering about me giving you snack tips, right?

Right. I’m a professional snacker! I have credentials! Not really, but what I am is a busy and fairly fit working mother of two, who needs to eat a LOT of snacks. When I worked in an office job, many moons ago, the vending machine options were deplorable. I didn’t yet care because I was younger and fairly convinced of my own invincibility, but something about turning 30 or turning into a parent changed that for me. It’s all about various flavors and better options during my snack breaks.

I'm a mama of 2, a professional photographer, and a blogger. Here are my top tips for snacking SMARTER on busy days with NEW Special K Snack Bars and Bites!

You probably already know this, but if not, allow me to introduce myself. I have two kids – four and seven – and I’m both a photographer and a blogger. To say I work hard is putting it lightly. I think a lot about snacking moments lately, because in my career(s), this is getting closer to the season for longer and more trying days. Whether it’s teaching an online photography course, photographing two babies in a row, or attending a blog conference in a city new to me, I have to channel my energy.

I'm a mama of 2, a professional photographer, and a blogger. Here are my top tips for snacking SMARTER on busy days with NEW Special K Snack Bars and Bites!

I'm a mama of 2, a professional photographer, and a blogger. Here are my top tips for snacking SMARTER on busy days with NEW Special K Snack Bars and Bites!

I keep my life on planners, Post-It notes, and apps. I’m not a morning person, but I often start the day doing wake up and breakfast for two kids and two dogs – unless I’m lucky and Cassidy gets there first – and then it’s two school drop-offs. Then I manage my time between blogging, content creation, photography shoots, and editing. I also take (occasional) barre classes and do (almost) daily walks at the dog park. I have nearly every minute accounted for until 3:00pm hits, which is when I pick up the first of my kids. As a mom, a career woman, a photographer who (occasionally) goes on long shoots, and an avid (or wants to be) traveler, snacks are king. Do you KNOW about these delicious gems? Allow me to introduce them, if not.

First, there’s New Protein Snack Bar flavors: Caramel Pretzel Cashew, Chocolate Cherry Nut:

Next, we have New Nourish Snack Bar flavors: Caramel Almond Sea Salt, Chocolate Coconut Cashew:

Then, there’s New Protein Snack Bites flavors: Caramel Nut, Peanut Butter Chocolate:

Lastly, here’s New Nourish Snack Bites flavors: Blueberry Almond Quinoa, Dark Chocolate Pistachio:



As you can see above, Special K is extending its already awesome snack offerings to include brand new Nourish and Protein Bars and Bites. They deliver great taste, portability and wholesome ingredients – all perfect for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Special K Nourish Snack Bars have a great taste and contain real, visible ingredients – like quinoa, pistachios, almonds and dark chocolate. Special K Nourish Bites pack these same big flavors into ultra-portable, bite-sized morsels. Since I’m a big fan of protein, I love that Special K Protein Snack Bites pack up to 9 grams of delicious protein, and the Protein Bars offer 8 snackable grams. This makes them the perfect treat for an extra protein punch.

Are you a snacker? Here are eight tips to snack smarter:

1 – Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. You’ll know when you’re full, and the feeling will last longer.

2 – Pair proteins and carbs. Carbs provide your body with energy, and proteins help fill you up.

3 – Indulge in and savor one small treat a day.

4 – Snack mindfully – the way you work mindfully.

5 – Make your snacks COUNT by getting essential vitamins and minerals in your snacks, the way you do with meals.

6 – Pack your own snacks (Like Special K Snack Bars and Bites) so you won’t rely on vending machines, or worse.

7 – Do you snack late at night? Try a snack that promotes better sleeping.

8 – Travel is a great way to learn better snacking habits. You’re out of your comfort zone, you have to be creative, and you need snacks that promote energy. Take that knowledge with you into snacking in your regular life. And always hydrate.

Connect With Special K!

Special K now allows you to “think outside the bowl.” For more information about their new Nourish and Protein Snack Bites, and their new Snack Bar varieties, visit http://www.specialk.com, and visit Special K on Facebook and Twitter!

Now you’ve seen all of the Special K Snacks flavors that are launching. Which one will you try first?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kellogg’s Special K.

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    1. That’s actually the first box I opened and I can’t imagine the others are better. It’s so good! I’ll try them out, of course.

  1. Oh man I do love these! The Caramel Pretzel comes every where with me! My kids always steal my snacks so I have to have extra on the go.

  2. I have tried the Strawberry the special K bars but had no idea they had so many new flavor!. That salted caramel is calling my name. I often need some nourishment in the morning and special K definitely does it!

  3. Thanks for the intro to some new snacks. The pistachio bites look great and I think my daughter would love them. Always looking for fresh ideas when it comes to snack options.

  4. I would definitely start with the dark chocolate pistachio. I’ve always been a fan of special K bars and would try the special k bites, especially for snacks on the go. I am always running from one thing to the next during the day so am always looking for easy snacks to throw in my bag.

  5. I have never tries Special K bars of any variety. I like that these are so packed with protein. They would be a great choice for me to keep in my desk for those mornings I have no time for breakfast.

  6. Oh Yes! I’ve tried these Special K Nourish bars, and they are scrumptious. I’m a serious snacker, so all the snacks in my house are healthy. I wish I could call myself a professional snacker, I need some credentials. 🙂

  7. I have always loved the Special K cereals but the rest of these products look great too. I have not tried them before. We always have snacks on hand for our weekend adventures and this would be a perfect option.

    1. I still remember the one cereal out when I was a kid! Now the options are endless and awesome. I really recommend these for weekend adventures.

  8. I need to pick some of these up. I get lots of Special K snacks as it is, but I need to pick some of these up.

  9. Never heard of these before but love the Special K cereal and some of these varieties sound amazing too. We are always looking for great snacks for the kids and I would love to give them these in the future!

  10. Special K has been around for a long time and have expanded their products. First I am a big fan of homemade snacks first and foremost. I do understand that is not always an option and purchasing the Special K snacks are a good option.

  11. I bought a lot of these Kellogg’s Special K bars but they disappeared! The only races of evidence I could find were the wrappers, and I know who took them! Haha. I will have to get some again tomorrow but I’d have to hide it from the husband.

  12. I am trying to snack smarter and eat healthier. I will definitely check into these because I know food is almost more important than exercise. I exercise regularly now I’m learning how to eat more nutritiously

  13. Oh my goodness – I think this was the ad that I saw on a bus yesterday when I was driving something to my daughter’s school. The flavours in the caramel and cashew and pretzel bar made me pause and stare. These look so delicious. And they are also good for you! Best of both worlds I think!! I am in where caramel is concerned so sign me up.

  14. I need some smarter snacks! I like the idea of picking one small snack to indulge in and being mindful of what I’m snacking on. The new snacks from Kellogg’s look yummy! I’ll be putting them on my grocery list this week

  15. So, I think it’s only right to go grab a snack now after reading this post. Although, I know I’ll be let down by my options, because I know there is nothing like CARAMEL PRETZEL CASHEW.

  16. Special K products have always been a wonderful snack choice in my book. They are perfect for taking on our nature hikes. They help us keep our energy and our hunger down.

  17. Chocolate cherry nut looks really good! I bet it is easy to enjoy on the go – which is important for my busy life. I will look for them!

  18. I’ve never tried Special K bars but they seem to have some delicious flavour combinations. I usually go for the bites…but probably end up eating more than I would a bar, lol!

  19. Damn, girl… I got tired just hearing about all the things you fit in a day! I have never heard of these Kellogg’s snacks before…but they all look delicious! I think I could be a professional snacker, too. I just love looking forward to my next meal (or snack), I can’t help it! LOL,


  20. I’m a snacker too. I love to keep easy snacks in my car so I don’t get too hungry and eat things I shouldn’t! Will definitely try these out!

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