There is a Third.

I know that some of you think of me as “The Queen of Blog Commenting” or at least something close to it.

And I’ll usually take that with some humility and point out that Janine at least shares my crown and title, if not wears it solely on her own! However, there is a third blogger who has the loyal and consistent commenting down to such an art form, that she rearranged her entire posting schedule when life got too hectic, because she couldn’t bear to quit or lessen her reading/commenting schedule. Can I get a round of applause, a cheer, and maybe even “The Wave” for Kim of Day With KT?

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Kim is such a kind and welcoming blogger and friend, as well as a top-notch mother, business owner and mother. I love to hear about her adventures with parenting two growing boys, trying out new fitness challenges, and sharing a daily exercise.

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Meeting other bloggers and making new friends is one of the best parts of this online world!


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Be sure to check out Kim’s answers to my questions HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. I know that y’all collect some really cool items from some fairly popular movies. What are some of your favorites and how/where did you get them.

Well my all-time favorite is our life-sized Han Solo in Carbonite. He overlooks our dining room table. Doesn’t every house on the market need that? The story behind that is that “The Sharper Image” company was going out of business and they were auctioning off items from their offices in their headquarters in San Francisco. Cassidy bid on Han, and won. And there are only a limited number of these in existence. What’s funny is that we found one of Han’s “brothers” in Keane, New Hampshire at a comic book store. Cassidy was worried about Han making the trip to the east coast from California, and I’ll never forget the moving company mummifying him in packing material. He survived! He even wears decorations for the holiday season.

And once, when Scarlet was a baby, she called him “Dada.”

ask away friday

(Maybe that’s why?)

2. Has Cassidy started scouting out this year’s Christmas tree? Do you think he will try to top last year?

ha! Let’s hope not. He almost broke his back with that one so no 20 foot Christmas trees this year. Just a modest 13 footer will do. We used to call the 13 and 14 footers we got “Behemoths.” I was pretty speechless about the 20 foot tree. I think at this point, all we can do is decorate it better and better. So it may be in for some surprises.. Stay tuned for more on that..

ask away friday

3. Does Des miss Scarlet now that she is in school all day?

I think he does, but we have our own adventures. He’s in daycare 3-4 days a week, as well as library storytimes and lunch dates with ME! He does love to sit in her carseat in the car and play with her toys all morning, when he can!

ask away friday

4. You have mentioned that you have great metabolism and we all know that you are gorgeous! Do you follow a set workout and/or diet? What type of workouts do you like to do?

That is the sweetest thing ever!! I really take that to heart. I’m sad to say, I don’t follow a set workout or diet. The workouts are spotty at best. I do enjoy taking brisk hikes and walks, but it’s easier said than done. As for diet, there is nothing I restrict myself from, but I do try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. It’s not a perfect science but my ideal diet would be only whole foods and no chemicals. The metabolism is still very fast for now, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take better care of myself. I’m naturally more willowy than toned, but I’d love to change that a bit.

ask away friday

5. Maybe you have already done this (if you did I missed it!!) – what is a typical day in your life like?

Well even if I have answered this in the past, it changes! Right now we’re two months into a groove of some sorts. Weekends are completely magical. I’ll just say that. It’s just so happy to all be together and to not be in a hurry anywhere. That said, the typical day is like this: I wake up from Des or Cassidy or Scarlet. The cats have toned that down, luckily, and Athena is a late sleeper. It used to be mostly me, but these days there’s a lot of help from Cassidy in the mornings. Somehow, together or apart, we get all the kids and pets fed, we get ourselves showered, and I pack Scarlet’s lunch. I drop Des off at daycare first, which is joyous for all involved, and then I drop Scarlet off at kindergarten as close to the bell (8:50) as possible, now that it’s nearly winter. We hug, I watch her go into school, and then I go home for a leisurely breakfast. I “work” (any mix of writing, photography, blogging, social media, etc.) until 12:50, with breaks in between, and then pick up Des. We do an errand or I do more work while he naps. Then we pick up Scarlet at 3:00 and generally stay at the playground for another hour or so. Then my least favorite part of the day hits, and I just hold it together until Cassidy comes home. Then it’s the bedtime song and dance, and then I work some more! Sometimes Cassidy and I will watch a TV show together, because romance isn’t dead!

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6. This one is on the personal side – You have shared that you occasionally have dark period or times with more anxiety. Have you ever been on medication for this or have you always been able to push through?

It’s personal but this blog is very personal, so I figure it’s fair game for me! As of the present day, I’ve never been on prescription anti-anxiety medication because I have always been able to push through to the other side, and mostly the anxiety will go away for years, until a particularly tough transition pops up. I’m NOT opposed to medication and of course I always wonder if I will one day need it, but since I don’t swallow pills very well and I barely take more than a children’s Motrin for a headache, I’m a little intimidated. I once told Cassidy I was afraid of being medicated because I was afraid it would change my brainpower, or alter it, or shift it around. While I think that’s probably not a very valid fear, he pointed out that there are a lot of options in between doing NOTHING and doing medication. Things like exercise, aromatherapy with essential oils, music therapy, counseling, breathing, meditation, etc. I’m not going to say any of those things are necessarily for everyone, or magic buttons, BUT usually a combination of them IS a magic button. It takes work, but.. that’s life, right?

ask away friday

7. As a super taster, do you also have super smelling abilities? According to my family I do (thanks to being pregnant 2x) and I can walk in a room and smell stuff that no one else does.

I used to think I was a better smeller than anything! So, yes to that. When I was pregnant, it really sucked. Mostly, it doesn’t bother me while not pregnant. My super hearing bothers me more because I think that everyone watches TV too loudly!

8. You are an incredible photographer and have been super busy lately with jobs. Is photography something that you consider both a job and a hobby?

Yes, I guess I do. It’s sort of strange that it switched over. It overlapped. I used to be afraid to do photography for a living, because I didn’t want to grow to hate or resent it. Or I was just too meek and afraid of failure. However, what else would I do for money?? Other than writing, I’m pretty much disinterested in most things. And I’m crap at them. Not all things, but most things. Now that I do photography for money, I certainly consider it a job. If I were to go on a trip to Alaska, I would be doing it for a hobby, probably, but I’d be doing it with my professional knowledge. That’s the thing. I can’t just take a snapshot of my own family. I try to do everything professionally, whatever that means. I miss the jobs if I’m not doing them often.

ask away friday

9. A blog related question – how many blogs do you follow and how do you manage to make every single person that you follow feel special when you comment?!

I don’t know, Kim. How do YOU do it? That’s exactly how I think of you! I’ll say that I’m a voracious reader and that I have a good memory for details. So I really do remember and follow along what y’all write. And I can tell you how I manage to make every single person feel special – wait for it…. – I really do think you’re all special! As for how many blogs I follow, I don’t even have a ballpark. I use Bloglovin’ and I don’t comment on every blog I read. Not if there’s no two-way interaction. I like to believe that if I ever struck it big, I’d still take the time to have these relationships. Otherwise, what’s the point? Oh yeah. Fame and fortune. Well if there’s a way to gain fame and fortune by caring about people a lot, I’ll take the long way there.

10. Do you love the place you live to stay forever or do you think y’all will eventually move somewhere else? If you think you will move, where do you hope to go?

Ah, a tough one. Honestly the thought of moving at all gives me cold sweats. And we have a lot of land so should we ever strike it rich, I should think we could expand onto this house, rather than move to a mansion! Although Scarlet and Cassidy both seem open to moving and it may happen. Home is here. Family and friends and schools, etc. It’s hard to think of leaving. What I would like is to have enough money to have two homes – one on the west coast (preferably in Sonoma or Calistoga, California) and then one here. As much as I love it here, I don’t love winter’s bitterness or summer’s humidity.

ask away friday

Didn’t Kim do great? I think this was her first Ask Away Friday and I enjoyed her questions very much.

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  1. What a fun Ask Away Friday! I agree with you…Kim and Janine are superstars too! I can’t wait to see your Christmas tree this year! We are staying home this year so we will actually have one for a change! Looking forward to it!

  2. Aww, I seriously blushing and feel honored to be in league with both you and Kim as commenting goes. I truly adore and respect you both tremendously so to be on par with you both makes me smile more then you know tonight! 😉

  3. Tamara, thanks so much for letting me participate in my first ever Ask-Away-Friday!! This was so much fun!!!
    Thank you for the sweet words – I always think that you and Janine are in a league of your own. I do know exactly what you mean about following along – I talk about all of y’all like the people that I know where I live. Chris knows y’all and your kids and listens to the stories I share from blog reading!
    I’m with you on the hearing thing – the TV sometimes bugs me but what really gets me is when I can hear people chewing – not cool at all!!!

    1. Audible eaters. That’s one of my pet peeves. And what I want to know is how do people get to adulthood and not know that they do it?
      Thank you so much for volunteering to do this, and it was last minute. Your questions were exquisite. One of my friends even said it was the best she has ever seen of my ask away Friday posts.

  4. I really want to see that Hans Solo in person. It looks kind of freaky, yet cool at the same time. I’m with you on the metabolism thing. And I always love seeing the photo of your house. It just seems to homey!

  5. I could just read your always fun and entertaining Blogs and Ask Away Fridays everyday Tamara! I have a feeling you already knew that.

  6. Love love loved these questions!!!! She was too good! My super hearing is annoying me right this second- I’m in the other room and I feel like there are tv speakers in my ears, even though husband is in the bedroom. He must be deaf. Really, wtf. The daily routine was interesting, is 530-630 just the most stressful hour for all parents?

    Let’s see what other gems did i love here….oh! Genuinely caring and a memory for detail. Tamara I just loveyou!!!! You are my kind of person. You are as rare as moose, maybe rarer.

    Ps. medication altering your brain and its state as you know it definitely checks out with me. I’m all for people doing whatever they want to improve their quality of life but I’ve also been nervous for things that might change me. What if..yeah. I walk headaches off too. And by walk them off I mean tough them out and tell myself it’s good for me…lol

    Longest. Comment. Ever. This was some AAF!!!!

    1. I love your long comment. And I love that you love this post. It was such a last minute thing because I didn’t even have a partner until maybe three days before today.

      I guess I would be afraid that medication wouldn’t work. I think of it as a last resort, so my phobia is that it wouldn’t work. What do people do? Give up?

      And I’d also be afraid of side effects, or of side effects of trying to wean off.

  7. I swear either you or Janine or Kim are always first on my blog to comment!!!! I think it’s just so damn amazing…. 🙂

    I love it all- I love Kim’s questions so much!!! (YAY Kim!) And I love that you are so good at what you do- all of it… photographer, loving friend and blogger and sharing all of you- depths and all- and mama wife and breath-taker. Yep- and don’t you dare leave that beautiful home!!! Tell Scarlet and Cassidy- never ever ever!!! 🙂

  8. I love these so much – I feel like I get to know you better and better each Friday! I have to agree that your commenting skills are truly amazing – as is Han Solo in your dining room :)! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! I used to read blogs for fun, so now that I also blog, commenting just makes sense. I’d be reading anyway.

      Have a great weekend!

  9. And to #1 your Han Solo in Carbonite “stalker” from Reno…one of these days! 🙂 Ha, willowy…what a fantastic, beautiful descriptor for you! If you’ve ever posted that pic of you at the bottom of the stairs I don’t recall it because it is absolutely SPECTACULAR, Tamara! Love it. Your house in the snow is a total Hallmark picture perfect greeting card. Hmmm…the second I typed that…how perfect for the amazingly wonderful family (and friendship) all of you are. Great post and Q & A as always 🙂

    1. Well you can always come over and see Han Solo! And the house in the snow.

      I think I have posted that picture before, but it was before I had met you through the blogging world.

  10. I agree that Kim did a great job with her questions, and I also agree that Janine totally shares the trophy when it comes to commenting right along with you. You’re both the best and that’s why I love you both. Now as for Christmas I can’t wait to see how Cassidy is going to top it after Halloween. Here’s to a great weekend!

    1. Maybe he will take it easy this Christmas. I guess we never really know with him. He is prone to last-minute bursts of inspiration.

      And we love you too!

  11. Han Solo in Carbonite?! No waaaaaay! Okay, I have got to get my hubby and show him this! It will blow his mind! I think I’ll tell him to look at the picture and wait for him to catch on that I’m not showing him a picture of a pregnant woman he doesn’t know… LOL. I’m such a brat. I wish he hadn’t left for work already. I’ll report back later.

    A 13 foot tree? Woah!

    Your photos are so gorgeous and what a great “ask Away Friday”.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Haha! Random pregnant woman coming right up. I bet he will see it fast.

      A 13 foot tree is our norm. Last year Cassidy got a 20 foot tree and nearly broke his back.

      Have a lovely weekend!

  12. I love Kim, too! She’s the best!

    My sisters both take meds for depression, but they also really need to stick to their exercise routine to feel better. Somehow I think the depression gene skipped me! Not that I don’t get depressed, but clinical depression is very different.

    Emmy didn’t miss Lily at all when she went to school, but Lily wanted to stay home with us!

    1. That is very interesting. Both of my sisters and my mom all have a specific bladder issue that needed surgery and I escaped that one. The weird thing is that one of my sisters is not blood related to us.

      I definitely know what depression feels like, but not clinical depression. And I do think of pills as just one of the tools of many that it takes to feel good. So your input was really awesome, thank you.

  13. That Christmas tree was huge. We always have an artificial tree. My son has been begging to put up the tree since November started. Yesterday, we woke up to a dusting of snow and he was really convinced that it’s time to put the tree up.

    1. We had a dusting of snow this morning on the ground and Scarlet asked to get up early and play in it! She would’ve been playing in the cold grass!

  14. So awesome to see two of my favorite bloggers teamed up together! You are both incredible mothers and always doling out the inspiration for the rest of us. Love that Des likes to sit in Scarlet’s car set. Monkey tries to do the same thing when Bean isn’t in the car. Too cute!

    1. Pretty awesome to see one of my returning favors! Glad to see you here.
      Today I took just Des to the cookie store and I thought he would be more greedy but he saved a cookie for Scarlet. Pretty amazing.

  15. I lived in the same square mile radius for thirty years and then moved three times in a period of nine years. I detest change and moving. Tamara, your house is beautiful. Love how we get a glimpse of your world every week in these posts.

    1. I have moved so many times in my life that I am pretty sickened by it. The last time I moved into this house, and thank you for saying it is beautiful, I was six weeks pregnant. So it was a tough time in general.

  16. Can I just say that I’m totally jealous that Scarlet’s school doesn’t start until 8:50!!! At my girls’ elementary school, the bell rings at 7:45!! Mornings are brutal! Middle school starts later (8:40) but, since my youngest is only in second grade, we still have 3 1/2 more years of these early morning!

    1. Ugh, I am not a morning person. School starts at nine, but the first bell rings at 8:50 and the second bell at 8:55. Des has to be at day care at 8:30, but obviously it’s more flexible there. We’re only wasting our own money when we take him late.

  17. Still can’t get over your 20ft tree! That was awesome! I also have a fast metabolism I think. considering that I’ve always been on the skinny side. The only thing that grows bigger when I gain weight is my tummy. Pfft. Love that shot of you on the staircase!

    1. Same with me and when I was pregnant, I was all stomach. I guess it’s nice that we don’t get it elsewhere, although I would like it on my chest! Between you and me.

  18. I am so impressed with you and Kim for being so good at commenting. I wish I had more time to read and comment on more blogs. That is really cool about the Han Solo piece, but that would totally freak me out at night.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. You know, you have a nice community and a nice cycle of blogging and not everybody needs to be all into commenting the way I am. It’s ridiculous and it takes me ages to catch up. But I love it. I miss it when I’m away.

      Funny about the statue, because he’s not very scary at night for some reason!

  19. I’m trying to be better at commenting, and have been using you as my example. I love that interaction on my own blog, but also the conversations that get started on the blogs I read and follow. How fun is it to have a new swapper and still have new and fresh questions and answers!

    1. It’s hard to be good at commenting, and when you have stuff to do or even just not feeling well, it might not always work. it’s awesome that you are working on it for you, though!

    1. The house is pretty magical. Last night it was because we got a dusting of snow. Scarlet got up early and wanted to play outside in it. It was just a dusting. I swear the littlest amount is still magic to them.

  20. You two share the queen of commenting title and YES to the fact that you make people feel special. I have always felt that that was part of your gift as a writer. I would be sitting around for hours trying to leave clever catchy comments like yours! You do look amazing not to have a regular workout or restrictive diet. You go girl!

  21. i wholeheartedly agree you and Janine are the commenting Queens, but now I will need to go and check out Kim’s blog. She sounds amazing! My kids asked last night when we can put the tree up, but this year is hard because I fear our pint sized terror will make it her life’s goal to bring it crashing down on herself! She already upended a 10 lb bag of mulch we use for the bunny and she did it on 4 seconds flat!

    1. Oh no! I was worried last year about Des and the tree but he surprised us by being cautious and respectful of it. This year we have three pets we did not have last year!

  22. First I pink puffy heart Kim so this was a very nice surprise. You guys are really great at commenting. I used to be better, before, you know…life…:) but the few that I adore like you, Kim, Allie and others take precedence over everyone else…I always make sure that you guys are taken care of then…maybe others can get left overs 🙂

  23. You are the perfect partner for Kim’s first AAF, Tamara. I love her “y’alls” in the questions. Your typical day brought back memories for me. After three years with just Gwen, and two years with both, it was nice to have some mornings with just my little boy. I still love when I can have one on one time with each of them. It reminds me how awesome they are!

  24. YAY! I knew I would love reading this one. In the preggie picture, it looks like we carry the same! How many weeks were you there? I know we are both lean and 5’6. Funny I know right? So what is it with you saying all of this stuff/sharing things that are making me think of “my purpose” or my calling. So I think the whole wife and mother thing really fits well into who I am as a blogger but recently I’ve been thinking of rolling out a store on my blog where I can sell people things that I love and make for my own family…natural products, crochet items…so I wonder if selling these items will make me lose interest in any of that. Seeing that this hasn’t happened with you and photography makes me think that there is a possibility that selling stuff that I actually love to make wouldn’t make making this stuff stop being fun for me. 🙂

    Side note, I actually think your fears about anxiety medication are legitimate. I never really thought to look into what people feel and say about taking the medication, personally, but I ran across a post where Dr. Psych mom asked people about it and just about everything you fear is what they said happened to them after they were taking it. They said they just felt indifferent about life, things…not happy, not sad. Someone mentioned that the medication affects everyone differently which I’m sure is true, but I thought it was interesting that all the people who commented said the same thing. Strange!

    1. That’s very interesting! I know a friend of mine chimed in that you can take tiny, low dose ones and it does soothe some of my fears. If it ever comes to that.

      It is funny that we have the same exact build. Although I am certain you are more fit than I am. In those pictures I actually looked at the date and I was 21 weeks exactly.

  25. I’m so with you on Janine also being a rockstar when it comes to commenting! She is the first one to comment on my blog almost every day! And I’m sure Kim is as well, I haven’t checked out her blog yet. But, man, am I impressed with those exercise poses, especially that last one. I don’t even know how she balances herself like that!
    Isn’t it great when you hit a groove? I feel like sometime this spring or summer I hit a groove with Eve and it’s made it so much easier to get work done and has oddly enough alleviated some of that mama guilt. I feel the same way you do about the end of the day. I feel like that last hour before Sam gets home, especially now that it’s dark at 5, drags on. Cooking dinner, though, has helped me to get through it, though Eve gets annoyed when I cook and don’t give her something to eat.

    1. I think that I usually start feeling weird around 3 PM. Now this is really only in November through February or so. Once the light gets more visible, the crazy wall I hit at that time pretty much goes away. I have a lot more energy other times of year.

  26. Yes! Kim is an amazing blog supporter and commenter! But she’s right – you do have a way of making everyone feel special! And your tree from last year! So amazing. I wonder what we’ll do for a tree this year since we’ll be in and out of town. Hmmmm.

  27. Yay! Kim is an awesome commenter, too. I definitely feel a personal connection with bloggers that I share comment love with! Also anyone I’ve swapped questions with for #AAF…so glad to hear that there’s a FB page for it now, maybe I’ll get back into the swing of it! I do remember your gigantic tree from last Christmas – and the blue meth lights. LOL Can’t wait to see how the decorations turn out. I love how you and Cassidy do holidays BIG.

    1. Blue meth lights! I just about cracked up. Personally, I like rainbow lights. I don’t know why I let him do the blue thing every year.

      And please join the Facebook page! You’ll find partners to swap with.

  28. You and Janine are definitely loyal commenters and blog friends and I’m gonna check Kim’s blog too! Great questions from her. Gosh, we both have super hearing I guess. I hear even the slightest sound like when my trainees are gossiping as silently as they can in class. LOL. And yes it bothers me sometimes too.

    I love that your weekends are always magical. I hope to start doing that moving forward.

  29. I lost all thoughts by the time I scrolled down here. Lol. i hope no 20FT tree that looks exhausting and daunting; I’m sure it will be very beautiful though! Anti anxiety pills are generally very tiny but yeah I get your hesitation for them; they’re good management solution but it’s no resolution. Two homes would be epic – Right now we’re in an apartment and we love the amenities and convenience but in a few years will start thinking about more permanent housing. Your house is gorgeous so I hope you do keep it! Have a great weekend love 🙂 -Iva

    1. What I’ve come to realize over time is that pills are one of the things to help, but you still have to do the work. However, I think that help can be very welcomed. And I even heard that some of them are dissolveable. So you don’t have to swallow anything!

      1. I definitely agree – you have to do the work; and sometimes it is genetics but you can do things besides medications to keep things at bay. Ha I’ve never had the dissolveable ones!!

  30. I’m working on being a better commenter, but lately I’ve been sucking 🙁 I always enjoy your comments, you are mosdef the Queen.
    I’ve been coveting your Han Solo for quite a bit, but I’m leery to show my husband… he may try to scout out that comic shop 🙂
    Your house is beautiful, but mostly because of the love inside.

    1. Well I can easily give you directions to that comic store but only if you promise to stop at our house. Deal?
      Honestly it’s not in my nature to be critical, but I do think you’re good at commenting. Even when you fall behind, which happens to all of us, you will comment on more than one post at a time.

      1. Shhh… my husband is sitting right next to me 🙂 I showed him your Han Solo.

        Thanks, Tamara. I really am trying to get better with juggling everything. Some weeks are better than others..

  31. I don’t know how many blogs I follow either! It sometimes amazes me how many wonderful friends I’ve made in blog land when a couple of years ago I didn’t even know how many blogs existed or anything about social media other than sharing stuff on Facebook. I had Twitter but never used it… I’m glad to have found YOU and Janine and I need to be better about reading Kim because I really like her too!
    Can’t wait to see what Cassidy pulls off for your Christmas tree this year!

    1. Cassidy is still obsessed with using only blue lights. I like rainbows!
      Kim is a wonderful blog friend. I have not met her, which is sad, because I’ve met so many favorites.

  32. I so covet your Han Solo. I thought I was a big geek because I have an autographed picture of Frodo and Gandalf with Sting (the sword) …. but that is the best!!
    I have found that meditating – which for me is just really 10-20 minutes of being quiet and still – maybe some yoga stretches – goes a long way to helping me keep an even keel. And just blocking out all the brain noise, and children noise especially. It just helps me focus on that quiet moments and make them the bigger things. Not sure if I explained that well, but it really does help me.

    1. I think you explained it perfectly. And I think meditation is very powerful, and to many, that missing piece that keeps them more levelheaded.
      So are you saying we are bigger geeks than you are??

  33. When I visit my son is gonna be SO in awe and may not want to return with me, when he sees that Hans Solo. That will be even harder on mama because I know (especially because I grew up on that SAME frigging road…) I will be nostalgic and weepy. However Holy crap girl, by your title, I totally thought you were preggars AND I was so thrilled, I could barely read the post waiting for the actual confirmation to appear…. 🙂

    1. So when are you coming??
      And I can imagine it would be very emotional.
      And definitely no on the third baby. I would love a third baby, but I honestly don’t know if I can do another pregnancy. Which sounds bratty and spoiled, but it’s just the truth.

  34. OMG I don’t know why but I LOVED these questions – I feel like I learned so much about you! First, you were such a cute preggo! 2nd, that Christmas tree – I mean you have to get a Clark W. Griswold tree every year! And I love the photo of your house – I would love 2 houses too, but my dream 2nd home has to be in Colorado, preferably on a ski slope. I love this feature!

  35. What a great interview, Tamara! I’ve learned so much more about you. You are absolutely gorgeous!! I probably already said that. I love all your pictures you’ve shared on this post, too. Your home is beautiful and I can’t believe the size of that Christmas tree and your high ceilings.

    1. Thank you so much. I don’t know if you have said it, but each time is like the first time. I’ve suffered from low self-esteem for most of my life.
      Now I can definitely admit that the house is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! And the tree was just nuts. I will actually be very relieved to have a smaller one this year. I spent most of December thinking it was about to topple over at any point.

    1. I think Cassidy spent a lot of December worrying about taking it down. He did it one morning very quietly with a chainsaw. Well the chainsaw wasn’t quiet! Just the plans to do it.

  36. Those were indeed great questions (one day I’ll get my act together and will ask, too). And the answers, where to start – at the beginning. Han Solo in Carbonite – I’m envious, that would soooo have a special place in our house, too. Star Wars, love it. I hadn’t seen your last year’s Christmas tree before, boahhh, that is huge! No wonder you are going to go back to ‘normal’ size – LOL. Thankfully I do not have anxiety (attacks), but with all the work (and D. work) stress lately, it usually is certain music to calm me down or a sort of meditation/exercise e.g. last Friday I started a fire, rolled out the training mat in front of it and did long, slow stretching, with pauses thinking of nothing, quieting and listening to the crackling fire. I can almost feel it while I am typing this. I think it is high time to start another fire for Sunday afternoon 🙂

    1. Music is one of the most powerful healing tools for me! It always has been. For writer’s block too.
      We have a fire going right now, and I totally want to stretch and think of nothing..

  37. The Han Solo in Carbonite is awesome! I remember seeing one at Sharper Image when I was a kid, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever 🙂 I like your idea of having a house on each coast. I would love a place around L.A. and one in NYC 🙂

    1. My dad used to get that catalog and I’d just sit there and circle things I wanted. I pretty much circled everything in the catalog. I pretty much received NONE of it..

      Until Han Solo, that is.

  38. Your photo of your house in snow… that’s my Christmas dream right there. Sigh. Great swap as always, and 530-630 and holding it together, yeah that’s how I feel these days too!

    1. I don’t even know if you can tell that there is a giant Christmas tree in that photo. It’s not positioned right in front of all of the windows and doors, because there’s a beam that we put our trees in front of. From the inside, it really is a Christmas dream.

  39. This is the first time I’ve heard about your apparent epic Christmas trees!!!! Wow, 20 feet? Insane! How do you even get that in the door? Cut a hole in the roof? I’d imagine a tall Christmas tree is needed since you’ve got that beautiful space for it. Can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for this year’s tree!

  40. GREAT questions! I love the peek at a day in your life. I’ve been wanting to write that answer myself, but most days it’s not much more than wake up, go to work, come home. Sometimes things are a little more exciting, but not often!

    1. It is nice that some days are a little more exciting. Whenever Cassidy comes home from work, I ask him if anything amazing happened, or anything terrible. Mostly he says no to both, which I guess is probably a win. Nothing amazing is one thing, but nothing terrible is probably better.
      Every now and then, something amazing does happen.

  41. 1. I think there’s something magical about what you do, to be able to maintain such a community here. I think many of us struggle to keep people interested all the time. You don’t seem to have that problem. It’s not just the great posts, it’s the comments. You do make all your children out here feel like your favorite.

    2. As you know, I just started medication. It freaks me out a bit. I’ll look at the pills in my hand, and, never having been a recreational drug user, I never thought it’d come to this. But I think you just relax and hope for the best. Or try not to think about it. It feels a bit like making a wish.

    3. I know my sister, when I went off to school, loved that time with mom to herself. Grocery shopping on Friday, all the errands. Des is in that perfect spot. He has you to himself, has daycare friends and cool stuff to do, then gets the whole mess of you when the day is done.

    1. It’s funny because I have those same worries about keeping people interested, when I don’t even think it takes that much to keep me interested. Maybe a burger. Cookies for sure.

      I like the idea of taking a pill as making a wish.

      And I like the idea of Des liking the whole mess of me.

  42. I can’t believe there is a third!! I loved reading about your average day currently. And I also enjoyed reading about your blog reading, because I think it is amazing how you’re always able to stop by my blog and comment when you have a million other readers to respond to! That alone makes me feel special LOL.

  43. Ya Kim KT how do you do it too?!!! You two are both magical vampires of the blog world!!
    I take meds because it prevents them little lawn ornaments from spying on me.
    Meds only go so far. You do the rest. If you got this on your own, bless your boots. You go and do it. Illness isn’t a one size fits all.
    Chase would kill for Han Solo. Kill

    1. Tell him to come over and have dinner at our house!
      It’s funny because I always did look at pills as magic. Now I realize it’s a stepping stone. Boo! Or yay?

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