5 Things to Do in the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City’s Boardwalk symbolizes the city’s allure, drawing approximately 27 million visitors annually, eager to explore its unique blend of seaside leisure, entertainment, and shopping extravaganzas. Established in 1870 and known for being the first of its kind, the Atlantic City Boardwalk epitomizes the quintessential American beach experience, offering everything from sunbathing and surfing to high-end shopping and gourmet dining, all within a stone’s throw from the glittering Atlantic Ocean.

The historic boardwalk has evolved into more than just a beachfront promenade; it’s a cultural and recreational hub that captivates both the young and the old with its enchanting mix of modern attractions and nostalgic charm.

5 things to do in the Atlantic City Boardwalk, a historic boardwalk that captivates visitors with modern attractions and nostalgic charm

Visit the Iconic Steel Pier

The Steel Pier in Atlantic City has a storied history that reflects both the evolution of American entertainment and the resilience of this iconic seaside attraction. Initially opened in June 1898, the pier became known as “The Showplace of the Nation,” captivating visitors with various concerts, shows, and attractions, including the legendary Diving Horse.

The Steel Pier offers many rides and attractions, catering to families and thrill-seekers alike. From light rides designed for children to medium and heavy rides for older kids and teenagers, and even special rides like the Slingshot, Helicopter Rides, and The Wheel, the pier ensures a diverse entertainment experience.

The addition of a giant Ferris wheel in 2017, equipped with LEDs for nighttime illumination, represents just one example of the pier’s ongoing enhancements.

Explore the Atlantic City Aquarium

Nestled within Atlantic City’s Historic Gardner’s Basin, the Atlantic City Aquarium stands as a beacon for marine education and conservation. It offers an engaging exploration of the underwater world. The facility houses over 100 varieties of marine species across its eight tanks, totaling 29,800 gallons of live exhibits.

Among its most captivating features is the Fish of the New Jersey Coast Aquarium, which spans 23,000 gallons and is teeming with diverse species, including sea bass, lookdowns, sand tiger sharks, and northern stingrays.

The 750-gallon Touch Tank is particularly interactive, allowing visitors to gently interact with marine creatures like sea stars, horseshoe crabs, and various shellfish, making it a hands-on learning experience for all ages. Each exhibit is complemented by computer-enhanced information stations and a 16-station Ocean Life Education Center, providing visitors with a depth of knowledge and engagement​​.

Operational daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Atlantic City Aquarium offers an accessible and enriching destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the marvels of marine life​​. Admission is set at a reasonable price, ensuring that families, educators, and marine enthusiasts can explore the ocean’s wonders without a barrier.

Experience Online Casino NJ

Incorporating the digital revolution, Atlantic City’s casino experience now transcends the physical boundaries of the boardwalk. Online casino NJ platforms offer a wide array of gaming options, from slots to table games, allowing visitors to enjoy the thrill of gambling from the comfort of their accommodations.

The virtual extension of Atlantic City’s gambling culture represents a modern approach to entertainment, ensuring that the spirit of the boardwalk is just a click away.

Shop and Dine at the Playground Pier

The Playground Pier, a reimagined beacon of entertainment and shopping in Atlantic City, is a testament to the city’s ever-evolving landscape. Initially making its mark as the iconic Million Dollar Pier, it has undergone numerous transformations.

Playground Pier offers diverse shopping experiences, from luxury brands to local artisan products, set against the backdrop of breathtaking ocean views. Shoppers can explore various retail options, including world-class fashion, jewelry, and accessories names. Dining at the Pier is equally eclectic, with options ranging from the finest seafood restaurants to quick grab-and-go eateries, all promising the added allure of water views.

Enjoy the Beach

Atlantic City’s beaches offer a vibrant mix of relaxation and adventure, making them a prime destination for both leisure seekers and activity enthusiasts. The beaches are renowned for their accessibility and various available activities, catering to different interests and age groups.

Visitors can engage in water sports, from surfing and kayaking to fishing and parasailing, with specific areas designated for each activity to ensure safety and enjoyment.

For instance, surfers can catch waves at designated beaches, such as the Downtown Beach at Raleigh Avenue, while kayakers and windsurfers have exclusive access to Jackson Avenue Beach. Fishing enthusiasts can explore the jetties on Maine Avenue or the inlet off the boardwalk for a serene angling experience outside bathing hours.

The beaches are equipped with lifeguards during the summer months to ensure swimmer safety, enhancing the appeal for families and individuals looking to enjoy the ocean safely. The presence of beach bars and open-air restaurants along the beachfront adds to the allure, offering refreshments and dining options with picturesque views.

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