5 Things to Do in the City of Brotherly Love

Contemporary architecture of megapolis with skyscrapers From world-class cuisine, major sports franchises, and the historic Main Line towns, experience five things to do in Philly

The City of Brotherly Love, or just Philly, is an incredible cultural mecca and cheesesteaks. More than forty million Americans visited Philadelphia in 2023, just about three million shy of 2019’s mark. The famous Quaker William Penn founded the City of Brotherly Love in 1682 to serve as a bastion for freedom in the American territories at that time.

The love to freely express religious beliefs and more went behind the concept of the Philadelphia concept, to indeed let freedom ring with the iconic Liberty Bell and more. From world-class cuisine, major sports franchises, and the historic Main Line towns, experience the City of Brotherly Love in her four seasons.

Visit the Iconic Liberty Bell

Even though today, the Liberty Bell no longer rings, countless visitors travel here to experience the famous crack and to pay tribute to its role during the American Revolution. But well before the first shots were fired during the American Revolution, the Liberty Bell was established in 1752 to mark the 50th anniversary of Philadelphia’s founder, William Penn’s writings for Pennsylvania’s first constitution.

From warning about the danger from the British in the American Revolution to serving as the symbol of love for human equality, it’s worth visiting the Liberty Bell Center to see firsthand a true piece of Americana.

Visit the Fairmount Park Trails

You can’t go wrong with Fairmount Park if you feel like stretching your legs. As one of the country’s largest park systems, Fairmount sprawls out over 2,000 acres near the glorious Schuylkill River. Along the eastern and western Fairmount sections, you can take in history up close with national and historical landmark buildings like the Belmont Mansion. The Fairmount Water Works Building and Museum is ideal for history buffs who want to learn more about how Philadelphia managed the city’s water needs.

But of course, the beautifully manicured grass and trails is perfect to commune with nature, or enjoy a nice family picnic. The Fairmount Park is so relaxing and tranquil that you can to take your pick among the numerous playgrounds where your kids can play with slides and more. Or you can play a nice game of softball or soccer on its many playing fields.

Visit Philadelphia City Hall

You don’t have to make a special trip to try to see the mayor but rather to marvel at the stunning architecture. John McAthur was the inspiration and the genius behind the City Hall architecture. Massive and featuring well-placed and designed ornaments throughout the lobby, Philadelphia’s City Hall, which opened in 1901, is one of the largest in the country.

But, beyond the architecture, once you venture to the top of the building, you are treated to a larger-than-life statue of Philly’s founder, William Penn. On your way to the top, take in the attention to detail, of the spacious staircases with ornaments.

Tour the Franklin Institute

Named to memorialize and celebrate one of America’s greatest scientists and his passion for innovation, Benjamin Franklin, in 1824, the Franklin Institute is a major institution for promoting sciences and research. To help promote learning interest in science and technology, the Franklin Institute offers exhibits all year, even ones that are sure to make math lovers quite happy.

Beyond the fascinating displays and exhibits for physics, engineering, and astronomy, tourists and visitors flock to the Franklin Institute for the larger-than-life display of the human heart model. The heart and brain exhibits continues to amaze visitors, going into visual details about how the human heart and brain works in simple terms. If you love planes, the Franklin Institute houses some of history’s oldest and most legendary airplanes.

Relax at Rivers Casino Philadelphia

Philly is known as one of the largest entertainment capitals in the country, and Rivers Casino more than does its part to maintain this well-deserved reputation. You can’t help but admire the peace and serenity as you walk in while gazing at the Delaware River. Of course, you can let the roulette wheel spin or roll the dice with professional game tables.

Beyond the casino games, you can enjoy a live concert or comedy show. Rivers Casino brings first-class cuisine from around the world straight to you. Enjoy fine dining at Geno’s Steaks and Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House. But if Rivers Casino Philadelphia isn’t on your schedule, PA online casinos are also options, as online gambling in Pennsylvania is legal.

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