Things To Do at Home With the Kids to Fight Boredom

Today I have put together some ideas on things to do at home with the kids to stop them from being bored. I hope it helps!

Things to do at home with the kids to fight boredom

Thankfully the end of the pandemic or at least a return to some sort of normalcy is in sight but with that said we never know what the future holds and if Covid does come back and we are locked down and have to isolate at any point it will be difficult for us all.

For parents with smaller children who still have to work this can be challenging, and keeping your small children occupied and stopping them from being bored is a challenge many of us have struggled with.

Today I have put together some ideas on what you can do at home with your children to stop them from being bored.

1) Get out the classic board games

They don’t make them like they use to is a well known saying but it’s true, take a look at the board games on offer these days and then compare them to the ones you may have had as a child and the difference is out of this world. If you have any old school board games either up in the attic or in storage it’s time to get them out and shake off the dust.

Kids these days are used to apps and computer games so showing them an old classic game such as mouse hunt or snakes and ladders will make them curious and want to play the game.  

2) Indoor treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are another great way of capturing your children’s imaginations without using a screen. Treasure hunts can start with designing a treasure map, staining it with an old tea bag for authenticity sake and then using that map to find buried treasure around the home.

Can your little ones climb over the dangerous mountains (pillows on the floor) and cross the lava pit (your rug) to find the most valuable treasure in the world (small chocolates or a small toy).

A treasure hunt is fun for all of the family and it can be done as cheap or as expensive as you want. 

3) Watch old school movies

Think back to the old movies you used to love as a child and see if there are any you can show to your children. Nowadays movies are filled with CGI and sometimes seeing something different can be a lot of fun.  

Some classic movies can be found on streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ but you may also have movies stored away in your cupboards in VHS form. Now getting hold of a VHS player these days is next to impossible and it can also be expensive. So what you can do is send your classic tapes off to be digitized. Companies such as Digital Converters can do this for you or you can even try and do it yourself with the right equipment.

4) Make a pinata

Making a pinata is a great way of releasing your frustrations and getting rid of any boredom your children may be facing. A pinata can be made for cheap, it can be a lot of fun to make and it can also release any tension and boredom when your child gets to smash it to bits.

Making a pinata and smashing it to bits can make a mess at your home but who cares, at least your children will be excited and will have loved the entire process.

You can buy a pinata if you want to save time but there are also many guides online which show you how to make a pinata for free.

5) Become a photographer for the day

Keeping your children active and their imagination flowing isn’t too difficult when you know where to look. Photography is a great way of keeping your kids creative and it doesn’t need to be too complicated either.

You can buy your children an old camera from eBay or a thrift store and then give them challenges to take photos of cool stuff around the home. For inspiration, you can check out the best photography blogs on the internet and get some ideas from there.

If you don’t have the budget for an old camera what you can do is download some photography apps on your phone and let your children experiment with them, this is a cheaper way of doing it and as long as you trust your children not to break your phone then this is a great alternative.

Keeping your kids free from boredom

As you can see above are only a few creative ways of keeping your children boredom free and none of them cost too much money either. If we do get another lockdown and you do use the activities above let me know in the comment section if your children loved these activities.


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