Things That Make You Go Hmm..

What did this week throw at me?

A stomach virus (Scarlet), a cold so bad he missed three days of school (Des), and a partridge in a pear tree (Athena). Actually, it was three porcupine quills that I removed from her face, but I liked partridge in a pear tree better.

So after another exhausting week, I’m swapping laughs and giggles questions with my trusty co-host, Echo. If you offend easily, you may want to skip it. There’s talk of FLATULENCE and more! I can’t believe how much! Thanks for the laughs, Echo!

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Be sure to check out Echo’s hilarious answers to my questions HERE. Here are my answers to her questions:

1. What is your all time favorite joke?

Hmm.. that is definitely a thing that makes me go Hmmm… I’m certainly a fan of the Doctor Who knock knock joke.

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Doctor Who?

(make TARDIS or Sonic Screwdriver noise or something)

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2. Care to share your favorite funny musical parody?

I think it would have to be Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise.” To be fair, it’s probably because I love the original song. And also, this one time at Hebrew School, my group wrote a rap called “Rabbi’s Paradise.” I wish I still had the lyrics.

3. What is one meme that always makes you laugh?

Oh, this is hard! I’ll go simple. I do like the condescending Wonka ones, and a million others too:

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4. What is the funniest thing your kids have said?

Well that’s a whole post! To be recent, I was changing Des’ diaper yesterday and he yelled out, “I don’t like my balls touched!” You and me both, kid. And then he was whining for water so I said, “Des, say it nicely.” And he said, “It nicely.”

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And I have this story: Sometimes the influence comes from older kids – cousins, friends and neighbors. One day, when she was about two-years-old, I was reading her from Dr. Seuss: “Big A, little a, what beings with A?” Scarlet was very quiet for a second and then said, “ANUS!!” Cue stifled hysterical laughter and stunned disbelief. I mean..she was…correct, wasn’t she?

5. What is your favorite funny movie?

I definitely remember laughing until I cried at some Mel Brooks’ films. I think the major one was History of the World: Part 1. I absolutely adore The Wedding Singer. I find myself quoting it almost daily. It’s a favorite in general!

6. Care to share a memory that may not have been funny at the time, but is funny now?

Cassidy helped me with this one, and it’s my story in The Mother of All Meltdowns. I was potty-training Scarlet and I gave her my wedding ring to play with while she sat on the toilet. Why? I don’t know. She wound up using the kid potty successfully so I forgot about the ring when I was so excited about what she did. I flushed it down the big toilet and when I realized, hours later, that I couldn’t find my wedding ring, I just figured that she had dropped it in the potty. And that I had flushed it down. Goodbye, wedding ring. Luckily that’s NOT what happened. She had rolled it under a couch and we found it days later.

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7. We both know that farts are funny. What is your favorite fart joke?

Is this a joke? “Beans beans, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you….FART!”

8. To go with #7: What is your favorite fart story?

I mean.. all fart stories are my favorite fart stories. One of my favorites is when my mom and uncle were kids at summer camp. My uncle knew how to do this weird thing where he would make himself burp and build up these little burps, and then it would turn into one really, really long burp. A true skill, right? So one day he did it, but the long burp never came. Relief never came! So he was lying in bed and suddenly he groaned and said, “Oh no! I don’t feel good!” And then out came the longest fart anyone had ever heard. The stuff of legends! It’s somewhat gross, but oh so true to my uncle.

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I suppose you want to hear a fart story about me, right? Well you know I’m one of five kids. One day we had company over and there were probably about 15 of us. Suddenly my stomach hurt, and even though we had company over I was just a kid so I probably didn’t care about embarrassment. So I let one go and then I really did get embarrassed for a second and thought, “Did I really do that??” It was so loud and there was a stunned silence in the room. Suddenly my sister yelled, “CHELSEA!” (our dog’s name) Wow, they really thought it was the dog. I was off the hook! I laughed so hard I fell off the couch.

I didn’t tell them it was me until much, much later.

9. Who makes you laugh more than any other person?

It’s hard to say. There’s such a specific humor that gets me. I think it’s Josie from Yum Yucky. She’s not only funny – she’s sweet. She gave Scarlet a wonderful shoutout in this video:

10. They say laughter is contagious, how are you going to spread laughter today?

Well the day is young. I think I will lay off the fart jokes today, but I accidentally let a cat into our local library this morning, so I definitely made a lot of kids laugh and smile with joy. I even snapped a photo!

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  1. Oh my goodness, a cat in the library, that is too cute. Murphy once went to Spanish class and I got a call from the teacher that my dog was in his class! Farting is stuff of amusement here, and honestly, I don’t get it. And I love thinking back to the funny things kids say…Des’ and Scarlet’s were awesome! Once my oldest when he was really little was watching squirrels carry nuts back and forth, and he turned to me really thoughtful like and asked what they were doing with them? I told him that they were storing them for winter and he said very seriously, oh, that’s because they don’t have a pantry like us!

    1. What?? Haha! I need to hear more about the Murphy story. Or you need to blog about it because it’s a little too good.
      I guess squirrels do have pantries, but they’re in trees! What a clever thing to say.

  2. Still can’t believe you let that cat into the library and love that you actually took a picture of it. Also, someday we need to watch The Wedding Singer together because to this day still one of my favorites, too 😉

    1. What was really funny was how accidental it was. I was carrying three things and a large toddler so the cat slipped in. Well I let the cat out and THEN, the cat was back in. The librarian who helped me put him outside said, “The other librarian let him in!” She was a real softie for him and it was cold rain.
      Another thing in common!

      1. This plus what discussed this morning in texts now has me losing count how much we do have in common, but like I have told you, if I have to have so much in common with someone, I am honestly so glad it is you as I adore you as you do hopefully know by now! 😉

        1. Yes, I had been wanting to text you about that photo since this morning. I know no one else with this exact scenario. We really are twins, aren’t we?
          I adore you so much!

            1. You too! And today is DREARY. But the weather forecast from tomorrow and on looks DREAMY. I will dance. Even if it’s only 55, at least the sun might come out.

  3. I’m laughing at Des’s response to your “say it nicely” – I’m going to use that should someone ask me the same. Today feels off and my mother keeps calling – it just means she wants something and it must stop. Lol. I just bought the new Samsung Edge phone it’s pretty beast. I think the funniest movies are Wedding Crashers, Step Brothers, Old School, and I’m missing some but it’ll come to me at the most un-related moment. Oh here’s you Friday entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJu088Kd6ac. List everything hilarious about this video. GO! Happy Friday lovely Tam Tam -Iva

    1. Do it! Channel Des that way.
      Ok the video. It’s..astonishing. My favorite part.. the tug of war? The dance moves? The incredibly wooden acting by the “biracial” girl?
      I couldn’t stop laughing, though! So there’s that.

      1. LOL All of it – his dance moves are the WORSE! Then he tries to hit high notes.. It’s just horribly wonderful all around. When I have crappy work days that’s what I listen to because laughter is the best medicine!! Glad you found it hilarious – it always makes my day. It’s the worse message and the acting is grotesque – makes you feel better about yourself. Also, why isn’t someone telling him how much he sucks? LoL!

        1. It is so amazing. I thought it was a joke at first but then I started to think that maybe he is serious with this??

          It’s a day changer for sure. I feel cheered up! And the comments are great.

  4. That’s what my cat looks like! I had a dream last night that we had a second cat and it ran out of our house and into to a neighbor’s house. That Scarlet story is hilarious. How did she know? I have a funny fart story. Once when I was working in an elementary school a little boy who was about 6 or 7 at the time farted. He looked to his left, looked to his right, and then looked down into his lap. I think he was trying to figure out who farted and then realized it was him!

    1. As for Scarlet, she was so little. Maybe two. I wish I remembered how she had heard it. Maybe my sister!
      Ok that story about that boy in school cracked me up. Did you contain your laughter? I wouldn’t have been able to hold it.

        1. I can’t NOT laugh at farts. It’s bad. Did I tell you that Scarlet got in trouble at school because someone farted and she exploded into laughter?
          That poor kid. She learned it from me.

  5. Hahahahaha! I had to try hard not to laugh out loud reading this, because T would have wanted me to read it to her. Des is a little smart-aleck there. Love it. Hope Scarlet, Des and Athena are all feeling better now. And if not now, soon. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh, that’s funny! Whenever I laugh, Scarlet wants to know exactly why. Sigh. Sometimes it’s best to keep it inside.
      The kids are feeling good, thanks! Scarlet’s been back at school since yesterday and Des just has an occasional cough still.

  6. Hahaha, Des! I love it! Kids are so magically unfiltered! Your farther stories were awesome! Thsee posts made me laugh so hard! Thanks Tamara!

    1. I cannot wait to get to yours and read it thoroughly. This was so much fun and totally outside the box for me! I really had to think! Thank you!!!

  7. I have a husband with an adolescent sense of humor, three boys and a tom-boy for a daughter. I am so sick of farts and jokes about farts. I’m serious. I can not even muster a few seconds of laughter anymore. I am sooo over it. I demanded that must be a fart free zone, and all five started laughing hysterically and a few, well you know. I’m done.

    On another note, I’m so sorry the kids have been sick again. You poor thing. It really has been a long winter for you.

    1. Well I do appreciate that you made it through this post and even commented, since you’re done with farts! Which I do understand but it’s not horribly rampant in this house. YET!
      Thanks about the winter. It’s been horrid. I really hope change is nearly upon us. If we could just get through this one last cold and rainy day.

  8. This was exactly what I needed to read today! And how fortunate that I’m healed enough that a few laughs didn’t have me crying in pain. Glad to hear y’all are on the mend, here’s hoping sunny days are coming your way 🙂

  9. I don’t know what it is lately, but there’s been a lot of fart humor going around and I don’t find it funny. I just don’t get it. Oh well. I had a heck of a week too. I hope everyone is feeling well in your house. Love the meme. Are you sure it’s not “your”. At least Scarlet knows that anus starts with a. It would be worse if it was a different letter. Have a great weekend.

    1. I haven’t seen a lot of it but I give you credit for reading my post! I tried not to go overboard.
      And it’s true – “your” is a word too. I love that meme.
      Have a great weekend!

    1. haha! I think I asked her one or two too. Not sure what we were thinking, but probably, tough week!
      The cat was so cute! He let me pick him up and cradle him like a baby.

  10. Oh the farts jokes!! The boys usually tell them very quietly when they think I can’t hear, but I still laugh!!

  11. He he..funny post and I think that is so funny that you let the cat in the library! Those brown butter and sea salt rice krispie treats look so good! Hope you have a laugh-filled and healthy weekend Tamara!

    1. What’s really funny is that I took the initiative to get the cat OUT of the library and the OTHER librarian is such a cat softie and let him back in. I locked eyes with the original librarian and we laughed.
      What can you do? It’s crummy and rainy today!
      Yes, the krispie treats have to happen in my house.

  12. Between Des’ comment about his balls and that cat in the library, you’ve got me rolling over here. ahahahaaaa!
    Thank you yet again for sharing the video. You always make me smile. xo

  13. I know that cat was like thanks lady! Thanks for sharing that Yum Yucky video, it was very entertaining! Now that I have a face to the name I need to go find a recipe that I KNOW I have of hers. It’s going to bother me until I find out what it is. You gave me a good laugh for #8. That was my favorite response. Poor Athena. Did you ever see Homeward Bound with the 2 dogs and the cat? The cat was Sally Fields and one of the dogs “Chance” was Michael J. Fox. That happened to Change but it was a lot more. I love that movie.

    1. Yes, Yum Yucky rocks! I hope you figure out which recipe it was. I love all of her videos.
      I never saw Homeward Bound but now I think I have to see it!

      1. Oh please find it. It’s the kind of you movie you might luck up and find at your library. I think Scarlet is old enough to enjoy it too. There are two Homeward Bounds but you need to see them in order. Also if you still have an Amazon gift card to spend, there a 2 disc collections on Amazon for $9.76.

  14. “It nicely.” Hahahaha, Des! And I love that you let a cat into the library. I mean, maybe the cat wanted to check out a book, right?

    Haven’t been visiting blogs much lately, because life. It’s nice to visit again! I miss you!

    1. Cats need books too!
      I’ve been totally wrapped up in projects too and I’m way behind. I totally miss you but at least I know I can see you soon! And I am meeting Bev in Sturbridge for spring break – any slim chance you’ll be down?

  15. I’m hoping that the last remnants of wintertime colds and flu and stomach viruses finally ended this week for everyone in your household Tamara, and I hope that Athena will have no more get togethers with porcupines. Maybe next time she will hang out with a moose. You and Echo had quite a banter going in your blogs! While I was reading all of the jokes and comments about farts I had my essential oils diffuser sweetening the air in my room with the scent of peppermint. I think I’ll let it run for awhile!

    1. Thanks so much, Eddie. I’m cautiously optimistic about it. The kids are in good health today and the weather is looking fantastic for the next several days.
      Echo is great! I hope this all paired nicely with yummy peppermint.

  16. Remember how I said we’d be best of friends if we ever met IRL??? My daughter totally told that joke before dinner tonight. Doctor Who. Before I read your blog. It’s kismet.

    It nicely. Good one Des.

  17. Waaaay back in my twenties- I was in a really serious treatment team meeting with doctors and social workers and nurses discussing a patient we were all working with (in Psych) and it got really quiet- while we were all thinking about something, I can’t remember what. I leaned forward at the table and let out the HUGEST LOUDEST fart- TOTALLY DID NOT FEEL IT COMING!!!!!!

    OH MY GOSH I DIED INSIDE!!! And it was just such a serious meeting that no one said a thing, but my boss smiled at me and I just KNOW he so desperately wanted to laugh OUT LOUD when he heard it… I was MORTIFIED.

    (I’m SO sorry you are dealing with yet ANOTHER virus!!! UGH UGH UGH!!!)

    1. Chris. I just can’t. I have to keep going back to this because I can’t stop laughing. I just can’t.
      Your boss sounds amazing and the fact that he didn’t laugh is also amazing because I would have lost it right then and there.
      Probably because you’re so adorable and beautiful and smart. (smart comes first) And kind. (that comes first)

  18. Tucker is SO about the fart jokes right now. Even to the whole “knock knock” “who’s there?” “Daddy” “Daddy who” “PPPPFFFTTTSTTTSSTTPPPPP” noise. Also, I LOVE The Wedding Singer. I sing “I wanna grow old with you” all the time.

  19. I’m sorry about the sick kids and the porcupine quills. I laughed when I read you let a cat into the library! My boys and I saw Weird Al in concert years ago, and can I just say that he was FANTASTIC! So entertaining and the show lasted for hours. Have a great weekend!

    1. A Weird Al concert! That sounds amazing. I didn’t know he did that.
      The kids are ok and so is the dog! We all seem healthy. Knock on wood!
      Have a great Sunday, Lana!

  20. LOL at Des’ response! My manager once interviewed a new trainer for communication and when he wasn’t satisfied with the applicant’s vocal dynamics, he told her “say the quick brown fox..” and the applicant also said “say the quick brown fox…” I was there and I was laughing! Hehehe what a story!! The Doctor Who joke is sooo common here that I never realized it’s actually a Doctor Who joke. Geez.

  21. Haha! Loved this post. Of course, the big stick out for me was your beans joke. I’m going to have to sing that the next time we have beans 😉

  22. Haha I love Des’ responses! He’s following Scarlett’s footsteps. I still remember that post you wrote about the funny things she said.

  23. ohmygoodness Des! I love his responses! Isn’t it amazing what they come up with? For part of the assessment in Kindergarten this year, they do a little reading comprehension thing. It was a story about a mama bird and her babies and the teacher asked Everett, “Why does the mama bird take care of the baby bird?” His response – “Because that’s life.” ha! Smart ass. I hope the weekend is off to a good start and that next week is free of the sickies!

  24. So much to comment on this week! LOL! I was dying, rolling with laughter, when your sister blamed the dog for your gas passin’, hilarious, and Des, OMG, hilarious, wonder where he gets it! “Say it nicely!” And Scarlet’s shout out from Josie, the best. BTW, she is so entertaining, Josie that is, incredible! I needed the laugh today, and I got more than one here! Thanks! xoxo

    1. Josie makes me crack up so much I can barely watch her videos. I also get that reaction from the Farting Preacher videos. Holy cow.
      Thank you!! xoxo

  25. I love the expressions on the faces of Scarlet and Des, and he’s wearing the cutest and coolest bow tie!

  26. True love is someone who you can share a good fart and a laugh with, at least that is my philosophy! Oh and once my son let loose on the lap of a Senator when he was a baby. that was kind of memorable 🙂

  27. Wow!!! That was a pretty big cat that you let into the library. I’m sure all the kids loved seeing a cat in the library.
    I loved both of your fart stories, but I like fart jokes. I’m always picking out greeting cards with some type of fart humor.

    1. He was definitely big! That’s why we all figured he was a boy. I have girls and they are smaller.
      The delight on the kids’ faces was awesome.
      I’m so glad you like fart jokes too. I just can’t help myself. I’ve never grown up in that department.

  28. As I was saying on Facebook, that famous fart story took place in Yellowstone National Park, I believe!

  29. The wedding ring story completely freaked me out – I know I shouldn’t be so obsessed but that is one thing I never let my boys play with. Keys to the car – all the time but not my jewelry:) I know that in my world it would have gotten flushed away.
    You would be entertained most evenings here- for some reason after dinner Hunter is a farting machine – I didn’t even know one person could fart as much as he does!!!

    1. That is so funny! What’s cruel about this house is that no one in this family is very gassy. And yet we all love to joke about it.
      What’s also funny is that Scarlet asked me today if I ever take my wedding ring off!

  30. Today is the very first day that I’ve actually been online for much longer than 10 minutes and I didn’t even read the entire post. 🙁 I saw Scarlet had a stomach bug and I just thought, poor baby. Madison is here dealing with the same thing and I’ve been up with her for the past 4 days trying to make her better. We’re dealing with fevers, projectile bodily fluids from both ends. Sorry for being graphic. I just wish that it would all end and I can go back to having a carefree little girl. Not sure how this week is going to be but hopefully better than last week. btw I did read the jokes and LOL at Des’ comment. Who likes their balls touched? LOL

    1. I am so sad for you guys! That is an awfully long stomach bug. Usually they are 24 hours. We’ve had some terrible ones this year that were 48 hours. I hope you got spared from it?

      Please tell me everyone is better!

  31. We once tore open a couch and watched our dog for hours to find my wedding ring. Thankfully, it didn’t turn up in #2. Sadly, we just tore open a couch, we did find the ring though. 🙂
    The Rice Krispies treats look SO GOOD! Yes, I watched the video… because fresh brownies and Rice Krispies treats are tied second place after cookies. 🙂

  32. Porcupine needles? How did that happen? Hope she’s ok!
    And I love that Weird Al song!
    LOL on what Des said about his balls. Kids, they are awesome.

    1. I think she was probably trying to be a little too friendly with a porcupine. She does that to the cats too. She was probably trying to lick or nibble.

  33. I loved this Ask Away Friday! So fun and funny!

    I love the knock-knock joke – totally going to do that one to my husband.

    The Wedding Singer is AWESOME! LOL – I’m giggling right now just thinking of it. I may have to watch it again soon!

    The fart story… LOL.

    Like I said… GREAT and funny Ask Away Friday.

    Now if only your family can stay healthy for a while!!

    1. Try out the Knock Knock joke and let me know how it goes!!
      I’m so glad other people love The Wedding Singer. I haven’t seen it in age, though.
      So far, we’re healthy AND the weather is nice. I’m knocking on wood but I have a good feeling about it all.

  34. You had me at flatulence. What’s not to love? I think one of the perks of having a pet is being able to blame your fart on them. They don’t care!

  35. This post is hilarious. I love a good joke. My youngest just started doing knock knock jokes, it’s so cute.

    One afternoon I was in CVS, picking up some stuff for the house and the next thing I noticed a small brown chihuahua was inside the store. I didn’t try to catch him bc if he was like most chihuahuas he would have been so timid and probably would have used his teeth. 🙂

  36. Oh no! It sounds like you had quite the week last week. I hope your kiddies are feeling better. I know it must have been overwhelming to have both your kids I’ll…I can’t even imagine! Hopefully the weekend brough you good health and some sunshine! 🙂

  37. I love a good fart story. Your uncle sounds like a very funny man (also I love that you let the dog take the blame for that one, LOL, I would have done the same). Des is hysterical. “It nicely.” LOVE!!! hope the kiddos are feeling better; it sucks that everything always comes at once!

    1. Thanks! They seem to be doing so much better. I think that winter just had a last minute hold over us. Usually the viruses stop in March.

  38. My favorite meme has a cat by a computer screen and reads, “You don’t like my edits? Maybe I could edit your face.” If the ring had gone in the toilet, would you have reached in for it? that’s the question.

    And … Des will get over that someday.

    1. Yes. I would have!
      And poor Des. Scarlet has to supervise all of his diaper changes. The poor kid. Just yesterday, she loudly remarked that his penis seemed bigger. My poor child.

  39. You and your fart stories and jokes – hahaha – good stuff! I never saw Al Amish, but now I watched the whole video – that must be a pretty hilarious film, persiflage 🙂
    I bet their was finally some life in the library, huh?!

  40. Okay in my “outnumbered” life farts are no longer funny. The humor is gone. Unless you count my face when someone farts on me. which happens regularly.

  41. Oh my gosh, thanks for the laughs this morning. The comments from Des, plus Scarlet’s Dr. Seuss story had me laughing hysterically.

  42. Great Ask Away Friday! I need to get back into participating in Ask Away Friday again. I don’t have any funny art stories like you do, but my kids do and say funny things all the time. My latest blog post is all about the funny things that my youngest has said and did this past week. Sorry it took me so long to read this post. Have a terrific afternoon!

  43. My best fart story is about my husband….. who happened to be my new boyfriend at the time it happened. I was visiting his house for the first time.. I think to watch a hockey game or something. Anyway, we had picked up a case of beer and he had just returned home from a training course so he had his bag in the trunk of the car. He walked to the back of the car to get his stuff, and I guess he thought I went ahead and walked up the driveway to the front door, because all of a sudden I just hear this biggest, loudest, longest fart in the history of farting. Then just silence. until he says “you’re right there, aren’t you?” And I couldn’t even reply because I was just dying laughing. He was so many shades of red. but after he just shrugged and said, “well, i guess the seal is broken.” LOL
    So yeah, I had to marry him then. 🙂

  44. I feel like Scarlet has long been the queen of funny (and shocking) things kids say but the more Des finds his voice he’s turning out to be just as hilarious AND I LOVE IT!!!!!! LOL at the balls comment. I want to watch the Wedding Singer now! I miss that movie. I just about had a heart attack with that wedding ring story! Oh god. Good job Scarlet! HAHAHA You let a cat in the library! lol lol lol
    Oh how I missed you.

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