They’re All Going to Eat You!

What to do, what to do, on a rainy day in St. Augustine?

We opted for the St. Augustine Alligator Farm!

Alligators with rain pouring on your head? Rain pouring on your head with alligators? It just heightens the sensations.

I love this kid’s charm, while next to him, alligators are ripping the flesh off of poor, unfortunate rats.

You’ll notice I didn’t share photos of that, at least not on purpose? That’s by design. Not my thing.

I loved the reflections.

And Scarlet Macaws, and other delights!

There’s a certain restlessness I sometimes get when I’m at any kind of wildlife setting without moose. I’m happy to say I didn’t have that feeling, probably mainly because you’d never see moose at an alligator farm in Florida. Or in Florida. Or at an alligator farm. So I’m learning, slowly, to live in the present and enjoy more. There are many fascinating animals out there. That doesn’t mean I believe I want to see them all at a farm or a zoo, but these gators seemed pretty happy and free.

And fed.

I’m not sure yet if we’ll go back this year, but if so, I’m bringing my zoom lens this time around.

I’ll be back sometime this week, but I don’t know when! I’ve missed visiting everyone! See you soon!

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