The Weekend.

Here I am at the brink of the first weekend I’ve noticed in a long, long time. Usually all the days blend into the ones where the stores and streets are emptier and the ones where we have to wait to eat at a restaurant in town. I used to like the emptier days better. Now I suppose I like them all for what they are.

Scarlet has taken to calling me Mammy. I don’t know where she comes up with this. We hear cries of “Mammy, Mammy” at the crack of dawn. Fun times.

I may not be posting a lot for a few days. I know you’ll all miss my biting wit. Maybe I’ll post some pictures. I’ve been busy working in the mornings and then spending my afternoons nonstop with Scarlet and sometimes my baby mama friends and their delightful offspring. We went for a wonderful walk in Look Park the other day and I had convinced myself I was in California for a good hour until I saw some ice on the pond. It was both warm and cool, the air was dry, the trees were tall. California right? I pushed Scarlet for her first baby swing experience and then I went on the adult (or bigger kid) swings with her strapped to my chest in the Ergo and she draped herself around me as we swung. (swinged?) It was an amazing moment in my life but when I got off the swing, I felt a little car-sick. What’s with that? That would never have happened during my Swinging Champion youth.

Grandpa Larry had dinner with us last night and he got to experience the full range of growling and “mmmmmm” sounds that Scarlet makes as he fed her. Tomorrow Ama Peggy will spend a couple of hours with us and then three of my fun and very missed Jersey friends will spend the night. We have to show them a good time. Then on Sunday we will host a brunch for them and then Nana Karen (my mom) will come stay for 2-3 days. I am excited and not at all exhausted about the idea of so many visitors. My mom will hang with Scarlet while I’m at work and she won’t have to share her with my dad and sister. Sorry guys – I miss you too! Mom, can you really handle hours upon days of that child? My parents live four hours away so when they see Scarlet, it’s literally 24/7 Scarlet. They see her wake up, go to sleep, go from laughing to crying to laughing in 30 seconds, experience all her dirty diapers, they’ve seen her learn new tricks, they’ve seen me break down at the stress of motherhood and then pick myself right up again. It’s been really interesting for us all. I am making a mental note to one day live four hours away from Scarlet and her kids. (if that’s in the cards) That means close enough to not have to fly, but far enough to still have to stay overnight. You get the best of both worlds. I’m really excited to see my mom and it’s really rewarding to see my mom see me be a mom. That belongs to a whole other post someday. I’m overwhelmed with emotion right now!

Thanks for reading, as always. I promise to spice things up soon.

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