The Waiting Line.

School mode is engaging in…well, it’s supposed to be engaging. I’m still holding off.

Do you want to hear something gross?

I mean, no, you probably don’t want to hear something gross so I’ll make it brief. Des burned his finger on a curling iron over the weekend and got a big old bubble blister over the burn. It was less than three inches, by a lot, so we were told we could treat it like a minor burn, but it was just sad! He’d say to me for days, “It still hurts, Mama.” And the blister got big. I said it reminded me of E.T. with his light-up finger, and Scarlet couldn’t even bear to look at it, choosing to squeal in its presence.

Ah, sisters.

back to school

Then after a few days, it popped. I don’t think he did anything to it personally. Its time had come. Maybe it was the constant rolling of fingers he did on our car ride to Connecticut on Wednesday. Maybe it was just its time. Either way, the protective but ugly bubble just shattered, and left his thumb open to the elements, be what they may. Germs? Mayhem? Pain? Healing? All of the above? My breath let out when I saw that the blister had popped, and business seemed to be going on as usual.

back to school

We’ve been going to ride bikes as a family at night, once the heat breaks. The blisters pop and the heat breaks. My breath lets out slowly. All of these things are related, I’m sure. Summer was a rush of summer camp days and trips. We did Cape Cod and New Hampshire as a family. I did New Jersey, Boston and Connecticut with the kids. I still have other plans in my last ditch efforts to check off those summer bucket list items. I had big plans for this week, but then it dawned way too early on Monday morning and I realized I had to rest after last week’s double road trip week. I had to rest because I felt uninspired and tired. I felt irritable and like I was walking slowly through air so thick you could grab it. I felt.. quite grossly and honestly.. like I had a blister over my heart – protecting it from wind and rain and germs and pain, but not really letting the wound underneath feel.. anything. Sometimes I don’t have a lot to say and I don’t have a lot to feel. I’m realizing that it’s ok.

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It means I actually have too much to say and too much to feel, so I grow my own blistered heart for a bit – just to get back on track. Inspiration is everywhere – feeling is everywhere. I could talk and feel about back-to-school time starting up and the two weddings I agreed to shoot in September and how I’m a bit (or a lot) terrified. And I’m also a bit confident in knowing that it’s totally in my wheelhouse. You, me, love, a dress, pretty scenery, emotions, and a camera. Why on earth ever not?

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Every post I write is different. No matter the subject matter, or complete lack thereof, the posts come to me – whether for brand or for self, they still need to come to me – and then I plan them and shape them. This one is plan-less and shapeless, quite like the end of my summer, which I actually kinda like. This one is a blistered post with a blistered heart and maybe it will burst and leave me to the elements, or maybe I’ll just stay with my summer bubble for a few more days and weeks.

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  1. Hi! I tried to leave a note on one of your blog posts a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t get the page to load after I read it! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I wanted to tell you how big Des has gotten! Don’t worry about school. My kids started yesterday. 🙁

    1. Hi! I’ve been MIA too – it’s totally ok. We’ve been traveling a lot.
      I shut comments off for a few posts this summer, just to give everyone a break. So it could have been one of those!

  2. I had one of those blisters from a toaster in Lock Haven, PA as a young child. Funny how these Things never really leave you. I asked what was inside and was told water. It’s like I walked around with my very own protected pond. It did finally pop to the relief of the whole family. But the memory still “pops” up!

    1. It’s totally like a protected pond! Too bad there isn’t its own wildlife! Ok, that’s gross.
      I remember having only one blister ever – on my foot. So of course I popped it because it was on my foot so I didn’t care about scarring!

  3. I’m glad you decided to rest after your Very busy week last week, Tamara. It’s very important to listen to your body. Many people experience a feeling of the end of summer doldrums at this time every year. I hope you can check off a few more summer bucket list items before the school bells ring for Scarlet and Des, and I hope very soon you can make arrangements for that long awaited moose spotting trip.

    1. Eddie, we’re doing it! We only have 1-2 weeks left but I’m so planning it because.. it’s important to us. I’ll regret not doing it.

  4. I am still feeling a bit tried and most definitely overwhelmed coming down after all the excitement from Disney last week. We have less than two more weeks here now and got to admit still not ready and you know me how I love summer, but still do love Fall for all things pumpkin spice. So, I will get there, but probably slowly but surely. I also hope Des is doing better. Felt terrible reading about the blister. Poor little guy 🙁

    1. Yes! Less than two weeks. I have items to check off my list still, I swear. Some of them I just completed – like Legoland. The moose are waiting, though. I can’t end this summer without trying!!

      Des is feeling a lot better luckily. Neosporin is amazing.

  5. Aw poor Des, I hope his and your blister is mending today! Summers end always makes me a little sad because it is my favorite season. I love all of your posts – for a brand or you!

    1. Last night when he was sleeping, I put Neosporin on it! He won’t let me otherwise. This morning it looked a lot better. Whew. It’s tough!
      Thank you so much about my posts! I put work into both!

  6. Our summer bubble is definitely about it pop! My kids go back next week – Monday & Tuesday. This week, we’ve had orientations and open houses. It’s time. I’m not sure whether I’m ready or not. Part of me is ready to get back to having schedules and routines – having a purpose. Another part of me is so not ready for early mornings, homework, and busyness. Sigh . . . . .

    1. I think we go back the week after that! I love how I said “I think” because I’m not entirely sure. Yikes.
      There’s a part of me totally ready for it, and another part of me totally railing against it.

  7. Oh my gosh blech, at least it popped! So sorry for your little guy, but at least he seems to look like he is having fun in these pictures, so probably not maimed for life 🙂 Maybe he will just steer clear of curling irons forever, that probably won’t hurt him! Yes enjoy your last reprieve from school, enjoy it for me! We had our first book report and essays do this week… When is the next vacation???

    1. I think I’ll steer clear of curling irons forever too! I just wondered if with all this humidity, my hair could hold a curl! Nope.
      Luckily Des is healing fast. It’s just barely there now and it no longer bothers him.

      As for book reports and essays! Scary stuff!

  8. Ouch about the blister! Our summer bubble has popped. The kids went back to school yesterday. I’m liking the quiet but the homework and such? Ack.

  9. We’re all exhausted, too, after a very busy summer, so I totally get how you’re feeling Tamara. I don’t feel like I’m in a protected bubble though, far from it.

    I slipped on uneven ground yesterday morning and sprained my ankle really badly. We’re off on holiday this weekend–last week of the holidays–and it’s looking like I’m going to be spending most of the holiday sitting in a comfortable chair looking on. Did I mention that the weather forecast is for rain, rain, rain?

    I think I’m going to be spending tomorrow packing and labelling school stuff. Hope I don’t get stuff mixed up!!

    1. And the worst part is that I’ve been on two road trips since I wrote this post, and I’m going on a third tomorrow! Have I learned nothing??
      Well this road trip is to a place to sit in a hot tub with a book, so all is well.

      We had rain, rain, rain today.

  10. I had to read the part about his finger real fast. I’m squeamish! I have felt the same way after road trip the exhaustion and the realization that all the planning and doing is over.

    1. Aw! I’m sorry! I’m not that squeamish unless vomit is involved. Then.. yeah. It’s a bad scene.
      Scarlet and I just took a last minute trip together. I’ll be writing about it Wednesday! I’m on the verge of sobs that it’s over.

    1. I keep going full speed ahead, and then resting, and then full speed ahead again! I suppose I’ll rest when they’re both in school and wedding season has ended.

  11. Oh no Des’ poor finger! Sounds like he handled it like a champ. I got a cold that I felt creeping in starting Wednesday and I felt all poopy yesterday and went to bed by 8:30 and woke up at 4:15 feeling all refreshed (but went back to sleep for another hour). I think we do a lot and cram so much into our days — kids, traveling, adventures, writing, our crafts — and sometimes we just need to slow down. Enjoy the slower time. I’m not good at slowing down personally, but sometimes I really need it and relish it.

    1. A summer cold! So unfair!!
      I definitely hear you on not slowing down! You’re certainly not. I suppose fall and winter might be rest time for me!

  12. Aww poor Des! I burned my hand on my steamer and had a similar burn a few months ago. However, I hate how explaining the issue puts the blame on me…”I burned my hand on my steamer…” when in actuality, my steamer exploded hot steam out the bottom and burned my hand. Oh the pitfalls of the English language because I would never say, “my steamer burnt my hand…”


    1. The pitfalls, indeed!
      I hope you’re all healed. Des is mostly healed. They said it would take about two weeks and it’s only been a week and a day and it’s about 90% better.

    1. Thank you! He’s feeling so well.
      We only have nine days until school and there’s one major thing I didn’t do… but maybe I’ll do it in the fall.

  13. Well I don’t know about you but the humidity here this week was awful. I’ve been spent all week from writing last weeks’ post and honestly studying like mad hard but finally finished that HTML/CSS book. Little accomplishments. Glad Des is doing better LOL It’s not gross, I’ve had that happen. It is what it is. You get tempted to pop it hahaha 🙂 Every have those off days where you can’t do shit right and the things you do are just worthless? I just feel like I’m not here. I’m so out of it. It’s GORGEOUS outside and I’m in a dingy office building that takes your soul on yoru way in; after you’ve paid your price for the day, you can claim it back. It returns limp and lifeless. Lol. I’m exaggerating but that’s how it feels sometimes. The summer has flew by – I don’t even know if it started..? I mean where did it go? I felt like I’ve done NOTHING with my summer. IT’s one of those “focused” summers where it’s less about experiences doing things and more about getting my life together. I am and I have so it has been productive, just felt like I blinked and it’s already time for back to school shopping. What the WHAT?! It’s Friday and it’s Payday. Take Care lovely Tam Tam -Iva

    1. Actually it was very humid in the last week or so. And I HATE humidity. I don’t need any of it. It just makes me want to curl up and sleep.

        1. Today the kids were asking me what we were doing today. What I was doing to entertain them. Mind you, this is after a full three weeks of travel.
          I said we were hanging out at home because it’s too humid out and it makes me cranky.
          Is that a valid parenting response?

          1. LOL it IS a valid parenting response, esp after three weeks of full on travel + entertainment. They’re children, they amuse themselves. They’re their own personal amusement parks when they WANT to be.

            1. I always figure that since I went through all the work to have two kids, shouldn’t they entertain themselves? Well, sometimes.
              I was in the shower yesterday and realized I had read a book for an hour instead of playing with them. But I figure they’re not too ruined because they were with each other!

              1. See! There you go – they’re fine. 🙂 If they’re not killing each other, or trying to kill others, you’re good! Were you reading IN the shower? LOL! How does that work?

                1. haha! No. When I was in the shower I was thinking about how I had read a book for an hour previously. True story, though. When I was a kid, I tried to read in the shower.
                  It didn’t go well.

  14. this summer has just flown by. I know we’ve done things. I know I’ve done nothing. at this point it all seems a bit of a blur. a good blur, the kind that comes from when you stretch your arms out wide and twirl really really fast, but stop just before you fall over.
    September I plan to fall over. and land on my couch for one day of guilt free TV.

    1. I plan to fall over too. Oh wait. I have to shoot two weddings in September.
      October? I can’t wait to meet you and sleep in you and enjoy your lovely foliage.

      1. yeah, who am I kidding. September is back to school and always crazy sort of figuring things out once more and stumbling to bus stop spilling coffee. October. October is our friend. 🙂

  15. I’d like to stay in the summer bubble a little longer, but it’s popping on Monday. Burn blisters, on the other hand – so painful! I’ve had the curling iron kind more than I would like.

  16. Glad his finger is getting better! I once had a blood blister on my heel, and when it popped it soaked the hem of my pants. Gross but true. Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer!

    1. ha! True story – Des popped his blister in the car and when we got to our destination (a germy museum), his shorts were soaked. He had a water bottle in the car with him but I’ll never really know if he was soaked by the water or the blister..
      Probably both.

  17. Love this. Glad you are getting rest. I can’t believe how much you have done this summer! I love these pictures of the kids together!!

  18. I love the analogy. My recent post was also not planned because I was feeling uninspired. But I need to find inspirations to keep moving. You’ve done so many adventures! Hope you end your summer with a bang!

    1. I love all your posts!
      We’re still banging out our end of summer, but losing the fight. School is coming so soon. So I say ice cream for dinner and fireworks while we still can.

  19. Only you could turn writing about an ugly burn injury to Des into a deep, soul searching article… I hope Des’ wound has healed by now and yours is healing, too, so that you all are enjoying the rest of this beautiful summer.

  20. Oh , poor Des! I know it must have been awful having a blister on his finger.
    Good luck with shooting two weddings next month. I know you will do great your wedding photography in the past has been beautiful. The pictures you took of your sister and her hubby were amazing.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I am trying to get calm about it and just realize – it’s totally in my wheelhouse to photograph two people in love.
      And at least I don’t have to get married or.. even give a speech like I did at my sister’s wedding last year.

    1. Wishing you a lovely week as well!
      His finger is just about all healed. They said it would take about two weeks and it’s been a little over one.

  21. Ugh burns are the worst, followed closely by blisters. I am definitely taking advantage of the time I have before my little one starts school. I have a few more years! Seems like such a bittersweet time filled with stress and pride.

    1. Enjoy those few years! I love that. Sometimes I think I’ll have a third kid and so I think, “Well I still have tons of time before empty nest syndrome! 18 years plus however long it takes me to get up the nerve to get pregnant again!”

  22. I’m sad about summer ending too and so I just booked a trip to Florida to meet up with my brother’s family in October. I’m not ready for school to start. At all. I hear you on the blistered heart sister. And ew poor Des! Also I liked the un-planned-ness of this post too!

    1. Good for you! Seriously! Although you were supposed to book a trip up here in October – for the best foliage EVER – and for photos of Tucker. Which I pretty much now owe backpay on.

  23. My plan is to keep summer going as long as possible. I’ll be happy to stay in the summer bubble! Sorry about the burn, those hurt forever. With all the girls in our household, an all the associated hair, we’ve had our fair share of hair-induced burns:(

  24. That’s the most beautiful analogy to a blister if I ever heard one! You’re right though, that’s what blisters really are if you think about it. They’re painful bubbles that protect what’s underneath, because without the blister it would hurt even more. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the last few days of summer. You’re probably one of the few people I know who haven’t started school yet! We just started ours today.

    1. Ours starts a week from Wednesday! I heard of one school starting September 8th! Wow! Usually we start around the 4th or 5th – it’s a little early this year, to be honest.

  25. I can’t believe it’s almost back to school time! Still holding on to this gorgeous summer weather for as long as possible…enjoy those bike rides before the Northeastern fall and winter hits!;-)

  26. Oh, man… this post had me thinking about my own blisters–both physical and the ones I’ve had healed over my own heart, too. I love the comparisons, the metaphors, the double entendres, the beautiful way you weave your words together, Tamara.

    You are always inspired to me.

    It sounds as though it’s been a busy summer for you all, and one with so many wonderful memories to hold close to your heart.

    Also the photograph of your kids hugging. OMG, adorable 🙂

    1. They were fighting soon after the hugging photos were taken! I’ll take what I can get, though.

      The way this post weaved together was purely accidental but for all my wonderful writing friends to like it? It’s like a cookie with frosting!

  27. The end of summer has come and gone. Sibling beauty is wonderful. My children spent a lot of time together. Now they are separated. I already miss their closeness. I’m glad you had a break

  28. Awww, poor Des! I would probably be squeamish around a blister like that too. Summer definitely came to an end for us far too quickly. It’s just one giant blur, really. I hope you got/get to enjoy a bit more of summer before it’s completely over!

    1. Your summer is definitely ending in an explosive fashion, so I’m wishing you a smoother fall! It’s totally a giant blur.
      And the blister is mostly healed but not fully because it takes two weeks. Ugh!

  29. OMG the blister…owee and ewwy and everything in between. I’m normally a sad girl around the end of summer but being a fat pregnant heifer, I can’t wait for the seasons to change. I’m basically counting down the days until xmas when I can pop this baby out and feel like myself again. Pregnancy just doesn’t suit me at all. WHO AM I?! lol I love Des & Scarlet and their super hugs.

    1. Pregnancy doesn’t suit me AT ALL either, because otherwise I’d finally give into family pressure for #3. I’m afraid.
      I bet there’s nothing fat or heifer about you. You’re gorgeous.

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