The Ultimate Gift Guide..

..If you’re shopping for a Moose-Loving, Cookie/Chocolate-Holic, Nerdy, Photographer, Animal-Obsessed, Mama of Two.

Know anyone like that?

There are people who are hard to shop for, and then there are people like the ones described above – they love everything. Nearly everything. Don’t give them cilantro, onions or feta cheese. Give them trips to Vancouver, songs, poems and stories you wrote for them, moose and whale expeditions, and ice hotels under northern lights. If all of that seems too expensive, or maybe the season isn’t quite right, or if you’re shy about songs and poems, consider one of these awesome & easy ten gifts:

1. Camera gear. Isn’t that always the number one? This is my first Christmas in ages where I’m not actively saving up for a camera, but if Santa bought me a 10-22mm lens, a 24-70mm 2.8 II lens, or really anything from Photojojo, we’d be friends.

2. I want a TARDIS dress, that is quite like the DALEK dress above, but it’s a TARDIS. Cassidy made me one when I was pregnant with Des, but it hasn’t stood the test of time in the long run. And I love the cut of this dress.

(If you’re looking at little baby Des as the 11th doctor and you’re dying slowly of cuteness, that means it’s working.)

3. Fun wafflers! I’m just learning how to cook. I need all the help I can get. We currently have a farm animal waffler, and an Olaf one that cooks out snowman body parts and you can put them all together and dip them in maple syrup. Yes.

4. These amazing hand towels, HERE. I can’t imagine a world without having Han Solo and Leia hand towels. To match our hand towels (and TARDIS shower curtain), I would need awesome bath mat sets at Harris Scarfe. There are tons of good colors. Think we could match our crazy color scheme? Our bath mat situation is a bit of a disaster so these are on my list!

5. Then to match our awesome new hand towels, shower curtain and bath mats, I’d need pampering bath products from LUSH.

6. Then for post-bath late night snacks, I think a gift card or a box of cookies from Greggory’s Pastry Shop is in order. If you’re not local, a gift card or box of chocolates from See’s would be a dream.

7. I think moose pajamas are secretly or not so secretly on every girl’s wish list. I’m a huge fan of Hatley and Lazy One. I’ll also take the entire winter line of Old Navy printed flannel PJ pants.

8. My winter wish list always includes socks and gloves that are actually warm! I have a tendency to mountain climb.

9. Here’s two in one. Superhero stuff (just anything) and a Starbucks gift card, because it’s hard to spend less than $30 there.

10. A new kitten makes a wonderful gift, but we got ours for Thanksgiving instead.

What’s on your wish list?

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  1. Omg, what a perfect wish-list and you gave me some gift ideas for you now as I am always ever so grateful to you for shedding some light on what makes me twinsie tick!! 🙂

    1. ha! I really love everything, twin! I’d really love a bull moose if you really want to get me something special. I’m not sure where to find one, though. Alaska?

  2. Oh you sneaky…. I thought I was all caught up on your posts and you sailed a new one almost right past me. Almost. LOL
    I so want those Han and Leia towels! I bought my vintage Star Wars tee today to wear to the movie tomorrow. Also, a new Captain America one because I spread my geek love around.
    One year my hubby bought me a giant basket of stuff from Lush. I promised things that bring a blush to my cheeks now. ha ha
    What I’d really like is an actual Photography course before I get any more new equipment. Not that I would turn away a new lens or anything. 🙂

    1. haha, the blush to my cheeks comment made me laugh!
      There was a Lush in San Francisco that I visited and you could smell it a block or two away. It was really fun to go in there and talk to them and try things out. We do have one near Boston and I dream about going in there. Mail order is fun too, but it’s all about those fresh masks! You can’t get them by mail.

  3. I bought the softest pair of socks to give in a gift exchange, but I want to keep them. Is it wrong to buy something else and keep the socks? I’m going to do it. It’s a funny sock exchange, so maybe I’ll get those superhero socks that have little capes attached.

  4. I love this! You saw my Christmas Wishlist! That Tardis dress is so cute! You should totally get that. What are you, like a medium? Cookies are always good and those look so yummy!

    1. I would swim in medium! And I don’t mean that in a braggy way. It’s more like.. my shoulders are narrow and there isn’t a whole lot on top. Hence, lifelong size small! Unless Cassidy makes me a dress, I’m going to pull the trigger on it one day. Maybe for spring.

  5. Warm weather gear is on my list…and on the polar opposite end, I want new gear for hot yoga like a new mat and maybe a towel also! I love how specific your list is!

    1. Yoga gear would be awesome. I really want some sort of cool pants. I own no yoga pants and no zumba pants. I love those. (not that I do yoga or zumba, but the pants are cool!)

  6. I love your choices! The dress was cute, too (although I confess, I’m not sure I completely understand:)). My wish list???? I don’t know. I’ve been so holiday overwhelmed that I completely forgot what I asked for. Rich was hounding me for a list and I finally gave him one…and I have no idea what I put on it! So, I guess it’ll be a nice surprise for me. Ha!

  7. Hayley would go crazy for that Tardis dress! So cute… The kitten is adorable, the kids must love him.

  8. Yes dying from the cuteness of Des. I actually bought myself new towels this year for Christmas. Big, old, thick, “spencey” ones! Other than that i just want a nap oh and those pastries would be nice!

  9. I feel like I need to scour Etsy and find you all the things! How’s this for a Tardis dress?

    Or you can have someone make some custom moose pajamas!

    I think I need to start a personal Etsy shopping business (I did consider it briefly at the beginning of the year!)

  10. This is the greatest list I’ve read all season. My husband keeps asking me what’s on my wish list, and I can’t come up with a single thing. Which is unusual for me. I guess I’ll just be surprised!

  11. I seriously love that group photo!! Id take just about anything on your list. My favorite gifts though are spa gift cards because I never spend the money myself but I LOVE a massage.

    1. I’m actually renting one for a shoot tomorrow and I’ve been thinking about how much better it would be to own it. Although the rental place is right by Five Guys Burger & Fries.. so… I suppose I will enjoy this.

  12. someone introduced me to lush hair products and i’ve been a fan ever since! so luxe!! and totally funny, but after thanksgiving i bought flannet pants from old navy.

  13. I love the cookies you featured and luckily we have See’s candies not too far from us. I prefer gift cards to bookstores and gifts with vintage charm.

    1. Ah, you are lucky! We have no See’s near us. It was my favorite in San Francisco. Whenever you go in, you get a sample. Do they do that near you?

  14. I wished mainly for a weekend getaway somewhere with Christmas lights, a good air bnb and an excellent restaurant, but it didn’t work out. I also wished for a gift card, so I could just spend like a Rockafeller (or at least a middle-class citizen), but that was deemed too mysterious and unaccountable.

    So then I wished for a lava lamp for my work desk and a car-care kit, and my wishes were granted. Sometimes you have to get your gifts from a lower layer.

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