The True Meaning of Love: Why Is It So Difficult To Find?

There is a question that haunts all of us: What is the true meaning of love?

There is a question that haunts all of us: What is the true meaning of love? Is it the feeling that makes your heart beat faster every time you see someone? Is it the overwhelming anxiety that grips you the moment they appear in front of you? These feelings I shared lead a person to love. Aren’t these notorious, as they create a hole in your stomach? Aren’t feelings for someone cherished? 

The journey of developing feelings for someone isn’t the same for everyone. Neither is it an easy one. It is full of thorns and obstacles like jealousy, expectations, and selfishness. If you are feeling these different sets of emotions, then it is a sure-shot sign that you might not have found your true love yet. So then you might ask, “What is the true meaning of love?”

What Really is Love?

Ahh, love—the most fickle feeling in the world, yet so indistinguishable. So undeniably powerful yet how do you identify something like this? Is it the way your partner surprises you with one-of-a-kind gifts just so they can talk to you? Or the way they take care of every one of your pet peeves? Yes! “Love” is actually the feeling of nurturing a bond between two people in the hope that the two of them will spend the rest of their lives together, facing hardships, tackling problems, and supporting each other unconditionally through thick and thin. But how do you even find that someone? As your soul mate, who has a destiny knot tied? 

Unfortunately, there is no love radar on the market😉. Therefore, all you can do is simply go out and meet new people. Everyone eventually finds “the one.” The key is to not give up and keep looking since they are also looking for you! I am sure that this must have answered all of your “what is the true meaning of love?” questions.

Love vs Fantasy

Everyone, while growing up, must’ve once in their lifetime created their own version of a Disney movie, filled with laughter, glee, and fun, to seek their perfect love. Unfortunately, this is not Mickey Mouse; love is a serious commitment that needs to be taken and is not at all a joke. It involves huge amounts of effort, being considerate towards your partner, and understanding what the true meaning of love is. 

You need to know some of the healthy relationship’s secrets in order to give yourself a chance to feel things and identify whether they are the right ones or not. In your fantasies, you might already have the perfect person’s qualities outlined, but those qualities might not be specifically applicable to human beings. So it’s important to keep a realistic approach toward other people because the standards created by our fantasies are stupid and illogical.

What Does Attract Us to Certain People?

Does the way someone treats you play a role in why you fall in love with them, or does his aura and vibe capture your attention? This is where it gets interesting and really defines who you are and what you look for in a person. It is really important to identify these things, as it makes it easier for you to find the one that is destined for you.

Perhaps the time and effort he put into the decor of your home for Valentine’s Day, evidently shows his affection for you. Experiencing these things will make you learn more about yourself and what you like and don’t like. This will make your love-hunting endeavors even easier and smoother. But it is only possible after you make the first move, meet new people, and experience life. This way, you’ll understand: “What is the true meaning of love?”

“Love thyself.”

Another reason why people find it so hard to be in a constant state of attraction with the people they like is that they don’t love themselves first. They are unable to identify the signs that they are in a vulnerable relationship. This makes them overthink every decision from their own perspective, which is a big red flag! It is of the utmost importance that you give yourself enough space and time to fall in love with yourself first. 

If you give yourself the time to know more about yourself, it will also help you gain the confidence to reach out to your crush and find love in your own funky way. If you find yourself asking again, “What is the true meaning of love?” That would be a clear sign that you are yet to find what ticks the boxes for you to have a spark with someone and need to go on a soul-searching mission.

How To Make True Love Last?

We have heard from many bar table so-called love gurus that the spark in your relationship eventually dies with time. But here is a shocker, “ladies and gentlemen!”, it really is up to you. You have to find out how much your love is worth. Are you really going to give up your spark just because you are lazy? There are numerous examples even around us that show us people who actually made it work for decades. I am not saying there won’t be rough patches; that is completely normal. But if you both find a way to work around them, it is possible that your love will last for generations. It is all about equal effort. Eventually, you will find the answer to the question that we asked in the beginning, “What is the true meaning of love?” and colors will spring up in your life again.

Final Thoughts

“Love” is a very simple term for something that describes something so heavy and complicated. It is something that has the power to give meaning to your life while also destroying it if not executed properly. Once you are in love, you will know it! All you can think of is the person that you have fallen for; your world will start to revolve around them, and it’s the best feeling in the world.

Well, I hope that this brought some clarity to you on “what is the true meaning of love”, which helps you in the future to spend countless moments that will define the meaning of affection for you.

Good Luck!

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