The Triple Threat.

Please know that this title is not a reflection on how I see myself as a writer, photographer and mama of three (2 kids, 1 dog).

That’s more called “The Triple Trying.” I’m trying, sigh. The puppy is great. The kids are mostly recovered from their terrible viruses. The worst of the weather seems to be over. The anxiety post has been written. The weekend is coming. And now we look forward to longer, lighter days of taking deep breaths of fresh, warm air. Stranger things have happened in New England.

My triple threat is that I’m doing three posts in one. First, to refer you to a piece I wrote about grief – link HERE.

Second, it’s Ask Away Friday with Lisa of The Golden Spoons! She’s my co-author on “The Mother Of All Meltdowns,” a regular blogging friend, and we’re going to meet at BlogU Conference in June! I love when Lisa writes about her three daughters, how serious she is about writing/blogging, and her #TuesdayTen posts. Be sure to check out her answers to my questions.

The Golden Spoons

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1. I usually do Finish the Sentence Friday and the sentence for this week is “I went to a concert. . . . . ” Do you remember the first concert you went to? If not, tell me about your favorite you’ve ever been to.

I do remember, and in a lot of ways it was my favorite because of how special it was. It was seeing Tori Amos at the RAINN Benefit Concert at Madison Square Garden in 1997. I was 16. It was a small theater of MSG, and not the giant arena. I remember saying aloud, “If she plays “Winter” right now, I’m going to drop on the floor and die.” And then she started right into “Winter”. I didn’t die. The whole experience was one giant physiological reaction in my body. It is truly what it is to get high on life.

This is an honest-to-goodness blurry old negative scan of Tori Amos in action:

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2. I have read all 20 of your posts about how you met your husband. It’s like a novel, you should really publish it someday! They say opposites attract. Are you and Cassidy more opposite or more similar?

Thank you for reading it! I’m going to have to say both. We’re alike in what I think are very important ways. We think the same way politically (thank heavens) and we both believe in grand gestures and surprises and fulfilling dreams for ourselves and our kids. Pretty important stuff right there! I think we’re opposite with anxiety. I’m not going to say he doesn’t deeply feel things and lose sleep over things, because he does, but he can take life more easily than I can – with much less tears and stomachaches.

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3. My hubby is six years older than me and I know your hubby is several years older than you, too. Has the age difference ever been a problem for either of you?

“It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” (Indiana Jones) It was more evident to me (and him) when we first met. I was 24 and he was 32. So even though, and you’ll know from our story, he was not always very nice to me during our breakup, I was just painfully young. I still had some dating to do at that point. Funny that I’m now older than he was then! Mostly I can’t tell our age difference, but I can still do things he can’t like fall asleep with my neck at a weird angle, and I can just wake up in the morning and be fine. I’ve never experienced any back pain either. Maybe it’s not in my future, or maybe age is still on my side.

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4. You have posted pictures of your siblings before on your blog and referred to yourselves as a “Brady Bunch Family.” Are you close to your siblings and step siblings? Do you like being part of a somewhat large family?

I think it varies throughout life. When we became..the Brady Bunch..we never used the word “step.” For one, we were all very young. And there were no divorces so our parents were our parents. There wasn’t an alive father AND a stepfather. It was just Dad. I have been very close to all of my siblings at different times throughout our lives. I am never close with all four at once, and I have lost touch with one of my brothers for over a year. No love lost, though. It’s just life sometimes. My other brother has a son and a daughter on the way and I really love to get together with his family. And I feel very close to my sisters, always.

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5. Switching gears, what is your most viewed post ever and why do you think it’s so popular?

I don’t know how to find that out (can anyone tell me how?) but my post from Monday about getting our puppy as a surprise is up there! It had the most comments I think I’ve ever had, and it had thousands of pageviews. The organization that Cassidy rescued her from, Peace and Paws Rescue, posted my link (with my permission) and last time I checked, it had 43 Facebook shares. And they have 90,000 fans so I think that’s why it was so viewed. Also, who doesn’t love a good rescue dog love story? I know I do!

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6. As I type these, I am sitting here with my hubby watching The Hangover III. What type of movies do you like and what is your all-time favorite movie?

My all-time favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind although I haven’t seen it in ages. I also love American Beauty, Edward Scissorhands, Groundhog Day, Big Fish, Shawshank Redemption, Lost in Translation, The Wedding Singer, Pump Up The Volume, Unbreakable and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I imagine there’s a common thread among all or most of those movies – something about deep soul, fulfilling dreams, or finding lasting love. I don’t like any horror movies, or really any violent movies.

7. Another question inspired by The Hangover and your truths & lies posts, what is the craziest thing you have ever REALLY done (that you can talk about here on the blog) and have you ever gotten caught doing something you shouldn’t have?

In 10th grade, my teacher caught me cheating on a biology test. We had a really strong connection, and he never looked at me the same ever again. Crushed my heart. I didn’t deserve his respect after that. As for the craziest thing I ever did, it’s probably making huge decisions without putting in the work/time/open heart to sustain them. I’m getting better..little by little.

8. What song (or songs) are stuck in your head right now?

Funny you should ask! For weeks, it was “Let It Go.” (Frozen) Now that we got the dog, it’s totally “Athena” by The Who!

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9. Your new puppy is so cute! How did you decide on her name, Athena?

Thanks! (not that I made her) The short story is that I could never really get the song by The Who out of my head after I met Cassidy, because they’re one of his favorite bands, so I thought it would be fun to name a dog Athena, and then when you call her, you belt out song lyrics. “Athena! I had no idea how much I’d need her!” So he was all for the name, and Scarlet loved it.

10. I am so excited that you pulled the trigger and bought your ticket for BlogU! What are you most excited about doing and learning at the conference?

I guess even though I’ve been doing this for four years, I’m still learning SO MUCH every day. I’d love to hear what the blogging experts have to say. I’m a very avid note-taker! I won’t even tune out during the photography panel! I’ll be loving it. I think I’m most excited for meeting all of you, though. It will be really, really special, and I’m nervous!


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  1. Well – I love everything you post, including all your pictures, but what really got me with this post is “mother of three”. I actually tried to go on doggy maternity leave when we got our puppy and my boss did not understand… so naturally I quit my job (just kidding, I would have quit anyway… but the part about my boss not being sympathetic is true 😉 ). Jacob is my third child – I know you understand 🙂

    1. It totally happened, Kerstin! One day I was a mother of two humans. The next, I was more. It was at the vet for her appointment where I found myself acting just like I do at the pediatrician’s office – with lots of questions and gratitude – and that’s when it hit me. I was her Mama!
      If only my husband got a Paternity Leave this week..I could have used the help!

  2. WOW! Thousands of hits i simply can’t imagine! And to think I even MISSED that post!! Damn Florida trip! What a precious pup and love the name!!! I should have known Cassidy loved the Who! Will have to go find it- and I swear I am GOING to read your 20 posts about your relationship with Cassidy!! ARG! 😉

    I wondered how things went with your brother and that reunion…if that did happen? I thought you wrote about seeing him…maybe I am wrong- Lord knows I am still not thinking clearly.

    LOVED your triple threat! Do you know I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE TORI AMOS!!!! If she played winter in front of me I simply WOULD DIE!!!! Now I have that song in my head…and I also need to go find my my cd. Love seeing you and Lisa together this week and always adore reading and taking in your beauty through film. XOXOXOXO

    1. It’s ok that you missed my post! Florida called! It went great with my brother in the fall/winter. I haven’t seen him since Christmas but I haven’t been back to New Jersey since then. I’ll be going again soon for all of the spring stuff – lots of birthdays.
      I’ve seen Tori Amos live a few times now! There was nothing like that first time, though.

  3. Wow, there’s a lot going on here! Huge fan of American Beauty…actually just bought it finally a week ago. And yes to Shawshank Redemption 10 times over, Lisa! Love, love the pics of your doggie kid, Tamara! 🙂

  4. Your dog Athena is so cute ! I wish I could get a pet as well 🙂 Shawshank Redemption is one of favorite movies as well. It never seizes to amaze me

    1. It’s so good that I can’t watch it a lot because I’m afraid of getting sick of it! Every so often it’s on late night TV and I get sucked in.

  5. Another great one Tamara! I also read your piece on grief and oh yes, you nailed it with “Your Princess Is In Another Castle.” I’m still giddy from our meeting yesterday. I was looking through my pics and I have proof that Scarlet shared her Cheetos with the boys 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for reading that piece! I am totally giddy about meeting you. Last night I was working on my post late at night and I had been pulled into the craze of getting the kids fed and in bed and then I was finally alone I just thought, “Wait, did that REALLY happen?” I honestly think it was less shocking (I shock easily) because you are exactly like I thought you’d be – and even better in person!
      Can’t wait to do it again without my kids. (don’t tell them I said that)

  6. Your Ask Away Friday posts are always the best. I love Shawshank Redemption too…I’ve seen that movie so many times and I never get bored of it. I like Tim Robbins but I love Morgan Freeman. I think he is an amazing actress and he has such a wonderful voice, he draws you in to everything he does. Your new puppy post was a wonderful post and I am not surprised it got thousands of hits! Hopefully it will inspire more people to rescue!

    1. I really hope so! When the organization asked me if they could share my blog post, I was all, “YES!!!” I had no idea they had 90,000 Facebook fans either. I just love the idea of spreading the rescue love. And she is CALM. (so far)
      Morgan Freeman can come over here and put my kids to bed anytime he wants! The soothing voice!

  7. Yay you can link with us for FTSF this week and I so remember Tori Amos and she totally was on my playlist back in the day. Love that your Monday post about Athena was your most popular post and seriously is truly one of my favorites from you for sure 🙂

    1. Ooh, I never knew I could link with FTSF for one question she asked me, but I want to! Thank you!
      I was really happy that my Athena post spread. I’m actually still getting comments from non-bloggers! So I can’t reciprocate but I can be grateful that they stopped by.

      1. Totally can link for the one question and other bloggers have been doing it for a few weeks. So, love that you could indeed join us with this one today. And I think it is awesome that you are getting comments even by non bloggers, too from it!! 🙂

  8. I feel old – you were only 16 in 1996? lol

    my husband and I have the same age diff. to & I was 24 & he was 32 when we met too – weird.

    hope you’re having fun w/ your pup 🙂

  9. I’m still loving the photos of your puppy Athena! 🙂 I don’t do any sort of scary/horror/super violent movies either – I’m too empathetic for that shit. My bf knows though so he’s pretty sensitive to that 😀 I loved Edward Sissorhands and fell in love with Johnny Depp ever since I saw that movie, I must have been 6! Woohoo for Blog U! So happy it’s in B-More! Happy Friday love! -Iva

    1. I think I was ten when I saw Edward – swoon.
      Heck yeah for BlogU! You better give me a huge hug! No warning first. Just rush me when I’m turned the other way.
      Have a great weekend!!

  10. Your parenthetical “I didn’t make her” cracked me up. She is a cutie – I wish I could get a full head shot of my dog – the camera scares her. And I’m an avid note taker too – just the act of writing things down makes me remember them better. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I blog…

    1. We should sit next to each other and take avid notes together. I also tend to make snarky comments in classroom settings so you may not want to sit next to me, actually.
      And the dog is great with photos! MUCH easier than my kids.

  11. Love your answers! The age difference between David and me was only a problem when we first met. I was only 19 and he was 25. His buddies always wanted to go out to bars, etc. and I couldn’t go since I wasn’t 21. Sometimes he had to choose between them or me. When he chose me, I’m sure he got some flack from them. Since you are in WordPress, I’m not sure how you see your page views. On blogger, it’s on my dashboard. Maybe through Google analytics??? Anyway, it’s taken several months for me to accrue thousands of page views on any of my posts (and that’s only a handful, mostly recipes), so it’s awesome that post was so popular for you!

    1. Aw! I’m glad he chose you a lot over his friends.
      And I haven’t figured Google Analytics out yet, but I do have an account with them. It’s a start.
      I loved your questions so much. And I loved your answers on your posts! And we are definitely crate-training her. Yesterday was a four hour one, which I felt horrible about, but I had plans to meet Allie in CT!
      Anyway, it went well and she just went out for a long time when we got home.

  12. I first met my husband when I was 12 and he was 16! At that time, it was a huge age difference! We didn’t actually get together until I was 31 and he was 35. Then it was much more doable. 🙂

    Do you use Jet Pack for comments? If you do, I can tell you how to find your top post.

      1. Here’s how to find your top post: Under JetPack in your WordPress dashboard, click “Site Stats.” At the top it says: Did you know…blah blah. Click “Show Me.” (you will have to log in to Then, in the box that says “Top Posts & Pages”, click “Summaries.” It should take you to a page that says “Top Posts.” Then click “All Time” and boom! You’ll see your top post and how many visits it’s had. 🙂 Did you really want to know all this? 😉

  13. She is just the cutest pup! I am actually a mom of 3 – so I am not sure what adding a puppy and making that “of 4” would do right now. Since the kids are in school all day. except today, which is a snow day – in Spring, because of course Canada just has to be stupid and prove that Great White North title as truth ……sorry….where was I? Oh yes focusing on a training a dog.
    I am not sure if I wouldn’t be ready for the dog; or, the dog would not be ready for me? 🙂
    I have 5 step siblings which come from 2 different marriages (of my step dads) and it gets very, very complicated. that’s all I will say about that.

    1. We are on an Ice Planet here, and the dog is a nice warm body! Just think – she’ll never yell at me (cough cough..Scarlet) or run away when I need a hug (cough cough..Des).
      Training ain’t easy, though!
      I get it about complicated.

  14. As always your photos always help tell the stories behind your answers and I love that about coming to visit you. I think it’s great that your family decided to take in a rescued puppy! My Kiddies and Hubby all want a dog but I am so hesitant…I feel it will just be one more bootie for me to clean up after LOL If we do though I think we may look into a rescued pet as welll…

    1. That’s what it is. My husband works about 50 hours a week so guess who is taking care of the puppy on weekdays? I really love it and it is rewarding (I say only a week in) but I do love those weekends. My husband genuinely misses the kids/dog so I can rest a lot more when he’s home.

  15. I’m still debating on the Blog U, but if I go, I want to find you 🙂 My husband is 6 years YOUNGER than I am. I so rocked a cradle, and I’m here to tell you, sometimes I can’t wait for him to grow up. Enjoy your youth lady luvs. Let your mans handle all the grown up old people stuff. Tell him, “you can do it put your back into it.” Had to. Reading what you said about the back brought up memories of Ice Cube. #FTSF

    1. Find me, please!
      Nice rocking the cradle of love there! And umm.. I LOVE that song. I watched the movie “Save The Last Dance” just for that scene.

  16. That concert sounds amazing! The performer, the atmosphere! Awesome! And I love those movies you picked. I feel like I need to re-watch a few of those. I’ve got them on VHS, but no way to play them…Sounds like a Redbox problem!

  17. I can’t wait to meet you at BlogU! We really need to talk about Sunday – where/when/how much your fee is for our photos! Also I love Tori Amos and another thing we have in common – Lost in Translation is one of my favorite movies of all time. There’s something about it that just FEELS. Like big feels. xo

    1. I can’t wait to meet YOU! I met Allie yesterday – of VitaTrain4Life – that awesome Allie. And then I get to meet all of you! As for photos, I was hoping Dana would be able to point us in the direction of a great park or whatnot. Maybe campus is beautiful, though. I live near Smith and there are tons of places that pros do photos.
      As for fee, that’s a tough one for me. You may have to pay in lucky charms.

  18. That last shot of Athena is just too much. And Tori Amos? I’m wicked jealous. Never got to see her in concert. My first was Tiffany when I was 12. Ha!

    1. Oh my god – Tiffany. That is great! Well Tori has a new album out, I think, so it’s never too late to see her live. I know it’s probably different now, but maybe she still plays old stuff too.

  19. I thought of your song, “Safe and Sound,” today, Tamara. There’s a dude who works here who looks like the guy in Capital Cities with the big beard. Cassidy should grow a beard like that.

  20. Edward Scissorhands was one of my faves too. My friends in jr. high and I were in love with Johnny Depp, so we had to go see it. I’ve been chatting with one of those friends this week and it’s been really nice!

  21. Kudos and props for Shawshank Redemption and Nightmare Before Christmas! A couple of our favorites too. Oh, I should probably mention that Frank is now pining after Cassidy’s jeans in that picture!

    1. ha! I wonder how long those jeans finally lasted. I remember that he wore them during one of our wedding facility tours and the woman was so rude to us. She didn’t even care about making the sale! I had to laugh.

      1. It’s not that I am pining over those jeans, it’s that I had a pair of jeans that were rather similar. I had earned in the course of 10+ years every rip, cut, hole, burn mark, oil stains, gas stains, food stains; anything and everything on those jeans. To me they represented a lot of who I was, who I am, and who I will be; they looked ratty but were comfortable, and the story it told is what some people’s dreams are made of, and other people’s nightmares. To lose them the way that I did….

        I am pining more so of that fact that he is wearing such a ‘saddened’ shape of pants, and looks happy; as well as you looking happy beside him in said pants. That speaks volumes, at least to me. I will now return to my neanderthal ways and head into the cave.

        1. He loved those jeans. They made him happy. They made me happy too. I just can’t remember what contributed to their eventual demise – I think it was dog-related!

        2. Ok, I was wrong about them being long gone. He hurt his knee tonight and is wearing them right now because they don’t hurt the knee that he banged/scraped. This is miraculous!

  22. I always enjoy reading your Friday posts each week and learning more about you. I had no idea that Cassidy was that much older than you. My husband is four years older than me and sometimes I think that is a big spread, but age doesn’t matter when you are in love.

    Have a terrific weekend!

    1. True! Age doesn’t matter when you’re in love. Although when it’s 10-20 years, I feel like that can get harder as you get older..

  23. What a combo post! I don’t know how you find the “most viewed” most on wordpress- but on Blogger there’s a tab for it. How unhelpful am I? lol Sorry! I’m so excited you’re going to the BlogU conference. I’m thinking about going- considering it. I’s a few months away so technically I could still plan for it. I really could learn a lot and it would be highly beneficial for me. I guess I have a little anxiety about it! Eek!

    1. Ooh, that would be so awesome if you went! And you read my anxiety post! So many people admitted to being nervous for the conference. So we’d all be together. Nervous power in nervous numbers.
      And you could sit at my lunch table!

        1. They are! I have middle school memories. Although in college, I guess I didn’t care one way or another because I could always study if alone. It never worked out that way, though.

  24. I hope you enjoy BlogU when you go. I would love to attend a blog conference hopefully I’ll get a chance next year. Athena is such a pretty name. It’s great that you got so many pageviews and shares. I enjoyed reading about your surprise.

    1. I really want to do BlogHer too but since it’s in CA, that double or triples the total cost. It was in NYC two years ago and I’m hoping for another east coast one next year.

  25. Total sucker for a good love story! Going to find yours now! Love what you write and love, love, love your pictures, they make me feel like I am there!
    I have really enjoyed the questions and the answers!!!
    Never done a “link-up” think I will have to “link-up” soon! How fun.

    1. Please do! And I’d be happy to swap with you for Ask Away Friday. Now wait – I follow your blog, don’t I? If not, I need to remedy this immediately.

    1. haha! I don’t age well, is what you’re saying? (just kidding)
      We look like a match.
      Next year for sure for BlogU or something! (BBC?)

  26. I get so into your poetic words even in a #AAF/Finish the sentence post that I forget what comments I had planned! Athena is beautiful, if her brother is still available would Cassidy go get him for me and drop him off in Iowa. Kinda kidding (don’t do it Cassidy- we already have a dog (Sydney) and cat (Jinx) We had a 2nd cat that passed away 🙁 but I think you’ll appreciate the name (she was Pixel)

    1. That happens to me so often when I’m reading posts. I sometimes just scroll down and start commenting and then go back and forth!
      I wish I could get you her brother! His name is Levi and he lives in Boston. Maybe one day we’ll get them together and I can take photos galore.
      Pixel is such a cool name!!

  27. I’m still giddy that you wrote for the Loss and Parenting series. And still inspired by your beautiful honesty.

    But now I’m extra giddy that you mentioned Big Fish! That movie was filmed on my college campus. It is called Auburn University in the movie, but it’s really Huntingdon College. I remember watching Ewan McGregor jump in the fountain over and over for a scene while I watched out of the window of my Music Theory classroom. And trying to stay out of Tim Burton’s way when I stayed on campus over Spring Break to practice for an upcoming piano competition. My husband is an extra in the riot scene. It was a fun time. 🙂

    1. I am totally giddy about the post. Thank you so much.
      And that is..amazing. I can’t imagine watching that magical movie become real. That is SO cool. I was so excited for it that I raced to NYC to see it opening week so I wouldn’t have to wait for it to finally come to theaters where I lived then in New Jersey.

  28. I love a lot of your favourite movies, too. Except I have never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought it was scary (i have a no scary movie policy as well) so I didn’t want to. Maybe I should check it out?

    1. Oh, not scary!! It’s amazing. I saw it in theater when I was only 13 or so and it really stuck with me. It’s beautiful. Yes, there are scary parts but more like kids’ movie scary, you know? Not violent or yucky or senseless.

  29. I didn’t realize that Cassidy was 8 years older than you – not really that much of a gap now but I can see how it would be big when your were younger.
    Did you figure out how to find out which post has the most views? I have no idea how to do any of that kind of thing.

    1. Yea, when I was in my crazy 20’s! He looks young, though.
      I didn’t figure out the page view thing on my own, but Ginny Marie outlined it in an above comment!
      Totally helped.

  30. Hello lovey!! Liking your taste in movies and so happy you rescued your beautiful Athena! Such a great name as well. Happy weekend to you xo

      1. Too bad it was raining! Me and the hubster actually went to The Triumph, to meet up with my niece and her hubs for an early dinner. Still pouring on this late Saturday night!

    1. I was so happy when Janine said I “qualified” for this week’s #FTSF. It’s all because of Lisa.
      I’m so glad you’re going to BlogU!

  31. My husband and I are much the same – alike on the big things, but he is as laid back as I am high strung. I see it as a balance while we both work toward the same things in the big picture. And he is six years older than me, but I don’t notice the difference as much. Maybe because I have that introvert “old soul” characteristic and he has that young at heart one!
    Have a great weekend, Tamara!

    1. Six years seems like a nice age difference too. Sometimes eight makes me gulp a little, but it probably won’t hit me again until we’re older.
      Have a great weekend!

  32. I’m excited to hear about your experience soon at BlogU. I’m sure that’s gonna be a great opportunity! 🙂 I love The Wedding Singer too. And concerts, aww, I just love them.. I haven’t gone to any concert after college though, so sad.

  33. I guess i’m at that age too! Sleeping sucks sometimes, my neck will be in so much pain if I don’t sleep right, and with two kids in my bed most nights, that’s often! We have a lot of the same movie preferences!

  34. Haha! maybe it’s because I am not moving too much because of the surgery, but my tailbone has been hurting every morning. LOL. Other than that, I can generally sleep like a rock. 🙂 As far as age, I am a year older tomorrow than I am today, so we will see…

    1. Oh dear – really hope you’re on the up and up! I can sleep like a rock mostly too, so it’s weird when I can’t. Although both kids were sick for a total of two weeks and then we got a puppy so it hasn’t been great sleeping lately..

  35. I actually didn’t realize there was an age gap between you and Cassidy. My husband and I are 5 years apart, which seems pretty good. Especially since I’m the younger one. You know. So I’m not a cougar or anything like that!

  36. Can I tell you that the last two conferences I went to I came away with 18 and 23 pages worth of notes. I type faster than I write now so I take them on my laptop but it helps me learn and remember the stuff better. Also – love your choices in movies. I’ve seen most, love most of your list and think I will seek out the others. One of the songs in my iTunes library is the original soundtrack by Jon Brion. I love it.

    1. I love the original soundtrack! It’s haunting too.
      Maybe you need to sit next to Dana and me and the three of us will be furiously writing/typing.
      I’ll probably have an old school notebook and pen, because I cannot handle typing on a laptop or tablet. I really can’t handle it.

  37. So exciting that you’re going to BlogU. I can’t wait to hear all about it and I bet you’ll have a marvelous photo or two to share with us! Lost in Translation is a favorite of mine too. After watching that movie I wanted to go out and buy a set of big headphones like the ones Scarlett Johansson used and zone out listening to music like she did. It know it’s weird but there was something so appealing about that element of the movie. It also gave me a renewed respect for Bill Murray as an actor.

    1. I’ve still only seen the movie once! In the theater in NYC when it came out. It really had a hold on me. I hope I see it again some time.
      There was that scene in which he puts his hand affectionately around her ankle, or something like that. That’s the scene that got us all!

  38. My first concert was in ’97 also! Though I went to see the Dave Matthews Band as Giant Stadium.
    After reading about people going to BlogU, now I really want to go! I’ll have to see how I do on sales of my jewelry this month, because that will determine whether or I go!

    1. Dave Matthews in a big stadium sounds FUN!
      And if you go to BlogU, that would make my day! You will meet so many of us, and it will rock.

  39. Aw, Athena is so sweet! I love those movies and Rom-Coms too. I do not enjoy action movies as much, but sometimes I have to let my hubby pick – ha ha. Have fun at BlogU and happy weekend!

    1. Action movies just confuse me. I can’t figure them out because I guess they can’t hold my attention. Oh well! I’m sure there are good ones.
      Hope you have a great start to the week!

  40. Okay, I LOVE when you post throwback photos from when you were younger. You and your siblings! 🙂 Andy is older than me, too, but our age difference is fifteen years. It’s never been an issue, but it is noticeable plenty of times- he’ll be looking at old photos of his and say ‘…1986. How old were you then? Oh God…’ stuff like that.Your description of the Tori concert is so perfect, too. I’ve felt that way several times at concerts. So great.

    1. That’s interesting! I’ve seen many photos of you two and I don’t think I ever noticed/thought about an age difference. I wonder if it’s like that with us. I’m thinking it mostly is.
      And yes, there are times where he discusses being in college in 1990 and I say that I was only ten!

  41. The pup is truly adorable! I love the face on her. Tori Amos was one of my faves back in the day so that old pic of her cracks me up because somewhere in the recesses of my pictures.
    I wish my siblings and I were closer. Both my sister and my sister in law are having babies about two days apart and I can’t wait to go visit so I can get a bunch of family pictures.
    My very first real concert {not associated with a rodeo! LOL} ever was Dave Matthews Band — I was in college if you can believe that!
    My hubs and I are eight years apart. I like me an older man 🙂


    1. Oh yes – older men! Sweet. Eight years for us too. 15 years above for one. I like it.
      And you’re also not the first to answer about Dave Matthews! Was it also at Giants Stadium??

  42. I love the variety in the questions this week! Age difference really matters so much less the older you get. And it seems like you and Cassidy really have worked a lot of it out. I came thisclose to registering for BlogU since it’s so close to where we live, but June is already pretty busy for our family. Can’t wait to hear about all you learned there, though!

  43. Oh my gosh, that little story of you cheating and losing the trust of your teacher was so sad! And we like so many of the same movies. I was just thinking the other day that I need to rewatch American Beauty for about the 50th time. Is this your first blog conference? I can’t wait to go to one, everyone who has gone to one seems to come back and make their blog even more awesome than before! I would love to go and talk/listen about blogging for an entire day or weekend.

    1. I know! I can’t believe I cheated. And admitted it. It was a hard test, I guess!
      And this will be my first conference and I can’t wait!

  44. It’s like I come to know you more every Friday! I loved the Brady Bunch. You look adorable in your tutu. The Wedding Singer is hilarious! I read your romance too and it was awesome.

  45. My husband is older than me too…by three but I remind him that he is one step closer to sagging balls than I am of boobs…well that back fired because well…babies. You two are adorable together.
    Edward Scissor hands was on tv for the longest time last month. I let my son watch it. He needs to see what real movies were made of. Not the crap we watch today 🙂
    Let it go drives me bonkers. BONKERS. So does the Happy song. I really liked it until it is played everywhere I go. It is literally a two second drive to my son’s school on rainy days and when I get in the car it’s on. When I get back in the car it’s on. EEEKS xoxo

    1. Funny because I didn’t catch on to the “Happy” song until recently so I still love it. I’m lucky! I can’t ruin that.
      Last night, Scarlet watched “Once Upon a Time” with me. She’s four so…probably bad parenting there? I just need her to have other perspectives on fairy tales! And she loved it.
      My husband always has the news on in the house and that is MUCH SCARIER than a well-written fiction show.

  46. my husband is 9 years older than me and i really don’t notice the age difference at all. he’s really young at heart (i.e., immature, ha!) and i’m an old hag. he does get huffy though when i ask him if it’s time yet for him to sign up for AARP.

  47. You know what, your photos look great, your kids are generally healthy (despite the recent viruses), and your blogging 3x a week! have some confidence! triple threat! and gosh, what a roller coaster post!

  48. How funny, my hubby and I are 8 years apart, too! Athena is just so adorable! I love the name, too. I still have to get back to your story with Cassidy! That is such a great pic of the two of you, on the bench. Lil miss is so hooked on “Let It Go” and dying to see Frozen…I haven’t really heard the song, just her singing from the other room! Though from some of what the kids are listening to nowadays…it could be worse! LOL! Hope you are having a wonderful week, lady!

    1. Oh, cool! I didn’t know you two were also eight years apart. It’s a nice even number.
      “Let It Go” will get in my head for days on end. I suppose it could be worse.
      Happy Monday!

  49. I won tickets to an Alanis Morrissette concert in the 90s, and Tori Amos opened for her. I wasn’t excited about seeing her, but she was amazing. My husband thought so, too, which was a total surprise, since she had such a prominent female following back then.

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