The Travel Apps and Tools for Your Ultimate Trip

Today I’m in California (hopefully on a dog beach) so I thought it would be a perfect time to share travel apps and tips. This trip is right up there with Alaska for me in terms of dreams..

..but there’s much more sunshine.

Before you head off to your ultimate destination, download a few of these travel apps and tools for a smoother and more enjoyable trip. Have a great trip!

The Travel Apps and Tools for Your Ultimate Trip

When you are embarking on a vacation, you shouldn’t have to worry about every little detail. Holidays are meant to have you relax, recharge, and enjoy the journey.  Staying organized, especially if it is not one of your strengths, doesn’t have to be complicated.

One thing that most of us have in common is our phone.  If you’re like most, you never leave home without it. This is why utilizing travel apps is an awesome way to have peace of mind when you travel.  These apps can do extraordinary things.

From keeping all your reservations in one place and easily accessible, all the way up to making suggestions for dinner and activities based on your location and other’s reviews.  No more fumbling around looking for paper receipts or searching your email for confirmations with spotty WIFI. Have a seamless check-in process with the touch of an app.

So, before you head off to your ultimate destination, download a few of these and have a smooth trip.

Travel apps and tips

Google Trips

First on our list of must-have travel apps, is Google Trips.  Google is really taking over the travel app business.  Google Trips will utilize your Gmail account, and save any itineraries and reservations and house them on the app, which will not require a WIFI connection to use.  

Housing the reservation information is pretty standard when it comes to travel tools, but Google takes it a step further.  This app can also make recommendations for restaurants, sight-seeing opportunities, and even shows while you are traveling.   There are also plenty of maps and tour guides that you can utilize to help you explore your destination.

Packing Pro

Are you one of those people that hates to pack?  Don’t wait until the last minute and pack everything you own in a panic.  Let the Packing Pro app do the heavy lifting for you.   Packing Pro will help you to create a checklist to make packing for your dream trip a breeze.  

When starting, you will need to answer a few simple questions like how long your trip is, what the weather is like, if you are swimming and more.  It will then provide a list of suggested items to pack that you can make changes to or check off as you pack them. It goes one step further by also suggesting things you need to accomplish before you travel such as pulling your passport out or renewing it, vaccinations need and more.

Beaches Resort

Trail Wallet

Budgeting for your vacation is a big deal.  It can be complicated to set and maintain a budget while you are traveling, especially when you are traveling with your kids.  When vacationing with family, consider an all-inclusive option as there are no surprises when it comes to meals.  

And with the kids, there are many activities included that are sure to make unforgettable memories for you and your family.  If this isn’t an option, the Trail Wallet app will come to your rescue. You can set a daily budget with an alert when you are approaching or over budget.  It will even break down for you where you spent your money, such as entertainment, meals, etc.

If you are a frequent traveler, you can set up your statement to track by the trip, by the month or even year.



Now that you are on your ultimate vacation, you are sure to take tons of photos.  But what happens when you return? Many people struggle to create albums and organize pictures, and this is where the Trover app really shines.  

When you take a photo, the photograph is automatically geo-tagged.  This makes it easy for you to search your images by the actual location, thus making organization a snap.  Trover also goes a step further and allows you to see a news feed that features other pictures taken nearby, so you can pick the top things to do while on your trip.


Booking and taking your ultimate vacation can be easy.  There are also many apps that can help you find the best deals on airfare based on the time you want to travel. By utilizing some of these apps, you will significantly decrease your stress when making plans.  If you are like most and procrastinate packing, Packing Pro will be a lifesaver. The more you use these apps, the more comfortable you will be with traveling. Then you can sit back, relax, and let the apps do the work for you.  Happy travels.

So, do you use any of these travel apps?

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