The Shocking Facts About Infidelity – What Happens When Cheating Occurs

Get educated on shocking facts about infidelity and what really happens when a partner cheats – discover the truth behind infidelity here.

Infidelity can be a devastating experience, but understanding the reality of why it happens is an important first step in coming to terms with the betrayal. From exploring potential causes to learning about strategies for healing, this article covers the facts you need to know about infidelity.

The Shocking Facts About Infidelity:

What Is Cheating or Infidelity?

Cheating, or infidelity, is when someone in a committed relationship is being emotionally or physically unfaithful to their partner. This can involve having a secret physical relationship with someone else, sending suggestive texts or emails to another person, or engaging in virtual or cybersex with someone outside of the relationship. In many cases, it can also include emotional infidelity such as a close connection with another person that excludes the betrayed partner.

Common Causes for Cheating or Infidelity:

Infidelity can arise for a variety of reasons, with some of the most common causes being boredom, feeling neglected by the partner, and seeking excitement or affirmation from other partners. Often times people feel emotionally disconnected from their current partner, leading them to look for emotional intimacy with someone else. In some cases, addiction can also play a role in causing someone to be unfaithful – from substance abuse to video games and gambling.

Warning Signs of a Cheater:

It can be hard to tell when your partner is cheating, as many cheaters are skilled at covering their tracks. However, there are some warning signs you should be aware of that might indicate your partner is unfaithful. These include decreases in communication, a lack of interest in daily activities, increased time spent away from home, secretive or suspicious behaviour, changes in mood and personality, a decline in intimacy with you and other general behavioural changes. If any of these apply to your relationship, it’s important to address them before things get worse. And according to Coach Colt from Dating Armory, these issues are just as prevalent in same sex relationships as well, and should be addressed right away.

The Impact of Cheating and Infidelity on Relationships:

Cheating and infidelity have a devastating impact on relationships, causing huge amounts of emotional pain on both partners. It can cause trust to be broken, communication to breakdown and intimacy levels to plummet – all of which are essential for successful romantic partnerships. People who cheat may also struggle to forgive themselves for their actions, making the process of rebuilding the relationship more difficult.

Steps to Recover from Infidelity and Move On:

Recovering from the pain of infidelity is no easy task, but there are some steps that couples can take to help rebuild their trust and relationship. Couples should begin by openly discussing what happened, with both parties being honest about their feelings and thoughts on the situation. Therapy may also be necessary to help open up communication and build bridges between partners. Establishing boundaries and setting clear expectations can provide certainty, which is incredibly important when rebuilding after infidelity occurs.

So, did you know any of these shocking facts about infidelity?

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