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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Clean, Detailed Car

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Chemical Guys; all opinions are my own.

#sponsored How to give the perfect Father's Day gift - the gift of a clean, detailed car, and time together. #chemicalguys #chemicalguysfamily

I can’t believe it’s almost time for another Father’s Day!

Now around here, it’s often been strawberry picking and cards, and occasionally some gifts or maybe brunch out. The theme of the last year for me, concerning my husband, is making him feel seen. I think the kids are excellent at this – they are so generous, warm, and loving. And I love to think about all of the aspects of my unique husband when I’m giving him a gift. The great thing about Chemical Guys is that they have a WHOLE amazing gift guide full of their amazing products. That way, you can pick and choose, and they have kits as well.

Cassidy is a fun dad, and one of his favorite things to do is to go on little road trip adventures with the kids and our dog, Lucy. So I figure it’s not ONLY giving him the essential tools to wash his car, clean and protect the leather, gloss and protect wheels, and leave the paint’s exterior with a phenomenal shine. It’s also giving him the gift of time together with the kids. It’s car wash time! Cue the music.

all season arsenal builder kit

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: A Clean, Detailed Car:

A Total Car Wash, From Start to Finish:

Here’s what we have, in steps and products! Do you have a car enthusiast in your life or just someone who really loves their car? You can give them the gift of providing EVERYTHING they need for a glorious detail. And I’m talking about all the essential tools here today, but also, what they do and why he’ll love them. These gifts are great for dads of all kinds and can be used for detailing enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to pros. Chemical Guys has a passion for shine, and their products can be used on cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and more, for that shine!

#sponsored How to give the perfect Father's Day gift - the gift of a clean, detailed car, and time together. #chemicalguys #chemicalguysfamily

Gift Guide, With Help From the Kids:

Chemical Guys has many awesome gifts, but here are the products we have and what we love. We have the All Season Arsenal Builder Kit. And there are other kits on the site as well!

1 – Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket. Well, it looks cool, and you do need somewhere to store your goodies AND a bucket to hold your car washing suds, fit your attached Cyclone Dirt Trap, and easily transport your goodies! It’s a must.

2 – Cyclone Dirt Trap. First of all, it comes in four fetching colors! And second of all, this car wash filter uses nearly 300 cyclonic funnels to trap dirty wash water under the filter and keep abrasive particles off your mitt for the perfect scratch-free wash. Use it to keep your washing water clean, and to keep the removed dirt from getting back on your car.

3 – Torq Foam Blaster 6. Other than the fact that this is a literal foam blaster, which is so cool and SO much fun, it breaks down stuck-on dirt, grease, and grime from your car, and also removes dirt without grinding it into the paintwork.

4 – Watermelon Snow Foam Shampoo. Welp. It smells exactly like a juicy seedless watermelon ready to be carved up! It creates the thick foaming suds that only Chemical Guys snow foams can produce! And it penetrates deep into stuck-on mud to achieve a streak-free shine. Plus it’s fun to use! Fruity bubble baths for your car!

5 – Chenille Wash Mitt. It comes in three colors! It is premium scratch-free microfiber! And it holds tons of clean water and soap, to drench any car in thick foaming suds. It’s the ultimate scratch and swirl-free washing experience.

6 – Streak Free Window Clean Glass Cleaner. It’s a gentle tint-safe glass cleaner that removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, oil, and grime with no leftover residue, no streaking, and no fuss. Plus it has an ammonia-free formula!

#sponsored How to give the perfect Father's Day gift - the gift of a clean, detailed car, and time together. #chemicalguys #chemicalguysfamily

#sponsored How to give the perfect Father's Day gift - the gift of a clean, detailed car, and time together. #chemicalguys #chemicalguysfamily

7 – Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner Gel. This is a thick viscosity wheel cleaner that clings to wheels and rims, keeping the all-natural formula exactly where you need it, fighting dirt and debris without rolling off! Use it to clean with minimal agitation. This safely lifts brake dust too, which definitely makes it a perfect Father’s Day gift!

#sponsored How to give the perfect Father's Day gift - the gift of a clean, detailed car, and time together. #chemicalguys #chemicalguysfamily

8 – G6 Hypercoat High Gloss Dressing. This awesome product restores and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic car parts with a brand new look, a bold and brilliant wet shine, and durable protection against damaging UVA and UVB rays. Plus, it helps get rid of that sun-faded chalky look!

9 – Butter Wet Wax Warm & Deep Carnauba Shine. This is a smooth, liquid creme wax. It melts into the paint like butter for the deepest, wettest look imaginable, in only minutes! Plus it adds a durable shield against harmful UV rays.

10 – Wheelie All Exterior Surface And Wheel Brush. This ergonomic, easy to hold brush is so fun! It has a sensitive touch to gently, efficiently remove dirt and grime from wheels, rims, wheel wells, and other dirty exterior surfaces!

11 – Premium Grade Microfiber Applicator – 2 Pack. These are a necessity! They’re the ideal choice to apply the perfect amount of your favorite Chemical Guys waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, and more without scratching the surface. This means reducing waste, drastically reducing the risk of scratching surfaces, and you can apply the perfect amount in a flash!

12 – Workhouse Professional Grade Microfiber Towel 3 PACK. First of all, they’re color-coded! They are the detailer’s go-to towel, made with a super soft 70/30 microfiber blend for ultra-absorbent and scratch-free wiping on all surfaces. You can quickly remove detail sprays, waxes, sealants, and glazes. Plus, you can trap dirt without scratching, and buff paint to a brilliant shine!

One Last Cool Product!

This is brand new! It launched June 10th: The Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush hooded microfiber. This is the PERFECT Father’s Day gift. Why? They thought, why not turn one of their top-selling microfiber towels for drying the car into a robe that can dry dad?! Hilarious! Check it out on their website.

#sponsored How to give the perfect Father's Day gift - the gift of a clean, detailed car, and time together. #chemicalguys #chemicalguysfamily

Links to Love!

Here’s a link to a detailing flow chart for beginner dads, here.

Here’s a link to find specific products and where to start, here.

And here’s a link for the Father’s Day gift guide, here.

Here’s a link to their awesome YouTube channel, here.

Here’s a link to the All Season Arsenal Builder Kit, here.

So, which of these items make a perfect Father’s Day gift to you?

#sponsored How to give the perfect Father's Day gift - the gift of a clean, detailed car, and time together. #chemicalguys #chemicalguysfamily

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