The Most Scared I’ve Ever Been!

Spooky title, huh?

When I was in middle school, I used to hang out with neighborhood kids and we’d gather in one of my friend’s garages and use the OUIJA board. We “met” a man named Ben Higginson who died when he was 27 and lived down the shore in New Jersey. One day we asked him for a sign to tell us he was there with us and the fire in our candle loudly crackled. We asked him what he did and he spelled out, “Krackel.” Ok, that should have been my indication that 27-year-old ghost men spell suspiciously like 13-year-old girls who hang out in garages, but hey, I was young. We asked him for another, louder sign, and suddenly we heard the loudest possible pounding on the garage door. It was a dark and stormy afternoon, believe it or not. We all screamed as loudly as we could and ran out of the garage, only to find our pissed off friend standing there. The garage door had been locked and she was trying to get our attention. Well she certainly did! Why am I telling spooky stories today?

Ask Away Friday

It’s because my Ask Away Friday partner, Jenerally Informed, asked me about the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in the below questions. And believe it or not, I was more scared by the scariest movie I’ve ever seen than I was by my friends pretending to be ghosts in the OUIJA board. Jen is hilarious! She’s been known to pole dance and she runs the #MommyReality posts, as well as having her husband write some great Man-day perspectives. She lives in southern Arizona and certainly battles scorpions and javelinas daily. She has four kids and she’s the published author of Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess.

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Don’t forget to read Jen’s answers to my questions HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. Last night I was perusing the internet and was alarmed to see that the corset is coming back into fashion, as some of the Kardashian girls are posting pictures of themselves in them! What do you think would be another terrible fashion item that could be brought back into popularity?

You just reminded me of another funny story from my youth. My good friend came after school after drama club. She was wearing a corset for her costume and wanted to change in my bedroom because it was hot in that thing. She must have buried it somewhere in my room and forgotten about it and then my cleaning lady found it and gave it to my mom. It was a Double D cup corset, so clearly not mine. I was only 14 and they just wanted to know if I wanted to.. talk about anything. I didn’t.

I hope those hideous striped sports socks that we used to wear with shorts never come back in style!

Ask Away Friday

2. What’s one thing (not a person or animal) you absolutely could not live without?

My camera, of course! Or a camera.

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3. Now that we are heading into the summer BBQ season, inquiring minds want to know, are you a hot dog or hamburger kind of girl?

Good question! They both have their places. I’d say I’m a hot dog girl. I used to say I had a hot dog once a year. It’s more than that, but not too many. I eat burgers more. Sometimes you just really need to go with your craving and take a big bite!

4. What’s on your summer bucket reading list?

I want to read “All The Light We Cannot See”, “The Girl on the Train” and “Cutting For Stone” because all three were recommended to me. And I want to read a lot with the kids, especially Scarlet, to prepare her for first grade next year!

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5. What is the scariest movie you have ever watched and have you ever met your neighbor Stephen King?

Here we go! I’ve never met Stephen King but the only time I ever called 9-1-1 was on my way to Bangor, Maine (his place) because I was with two friends on a deserted highway and a scary car was clearly following us. Then we got to our creepy hotel and my friend and I slept in the bed together because our third friend was trying to make out with one of us, but we weren’t sure which one. By the way, we saw a ton of moose the next day. We named them after Star Wars characters. (photo of one below) Anyway. Moving right along. The scariest movie I’ve ever watched is The Sixth Sense. Some people found it neat, and others found it disturbing, but I was so scared. I saw it in the theater on vacation in Florida and it upset me so much that I felt physically ill in the theater. Then I couldn’t sleep later that night because I was sure there were ghosts padding up and down the hallway in bloody nightgowns. I wasn’t home so that didn’t help. I got over it, but I’ve never watched the movie again. It almost made me barf and it made me afraid to sleep on my grandparent’s porch. Not cool, M. Night Shyamalan!

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6. How many times have you watched the new trailer for Star Wars and will you be camping out to be there for the first showing?

You won’t believe this, but only twice. Cassidy was in Brazil when it came out and I watched it on my phone with Scarlet. Then I waited to see it on the big screen because it played before the movie when we went out to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. I don’t know about camping out for the first showing, but I’m thinking we’ll take Scarlet. She’s ready. She’s seen 4, 5 and 6. She doesn’t know about the existence of Episodes 1, 2 and 3. We’ll keep that going for as long as we can..

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7. Since you are the Queen of blogging and have been dong it for 5 plus years now, what is your least favorite “chore” associated with blogging? What is your favorite thing?

Hmm.. least favorite. I certainly love composing posts and reading other people’s posts. I think least favorite would be having to sell myself. I’m no saleswoman. I think I ride the balance well, but can I maintain it? I hope so. I feel like no matter what happens in blogging, my main goals and passions don’t change. I like that. So my favorite “chore” would probably be the actual writing and photography and editing of my blog posts. I get a real high from it! It gives me pink cheeks.

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8.There has been a lot of talk lately about putting a woman on the $20 bill. Who would you like to see that woman be?

Oh, sheesh. So many worthy ones. I remember thinking Harriet Tubman was a great idea.

9. What is your idea of a perfect food day?

Ahh.. where to begin. We begin. With breakfast. I’d like it up the street at Outlook Farm on a warm and breezy day so we can eat outside. I’m not a sweet breakfast person so I’d be happy with bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast. Plus some nice decaf coffee drink sweetened with pure maple syrup and maybe a bit of whipped cream. This is the perfect day, right? Lunch would be a chef salad. I am someone who craves fruits and vegetables and I feel best with them so even in a fantasy world, I’d want them. So some great greens and chopped eggs and some cheese and chicken and olives and carrots and lightly steamed broccoli, oh my. A homemade dressing and an apple and honey on the side! This brings us to late afternoon – ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Need I say more? Then dinner would be clam chowder or broccoli and cheese soup. Dessert would be cookies from my favorite bakery. Or even better – late afternoon snack would be cookies, and dessert would be ice cream.

10. What is the most important message or lesson you would like your kids to learn from you? How do you teach this lesson to them?

Kindness. Above all else! My kids are innately happy, and for that I am thrilled. Kindness is more important than anything else they can learn. How can I teach it? I can teach it by being kind in front of them, and being lucky that they’re innately kind..

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  1. I am so with you on going with your cravings as I have to admit I can go either way with hot dogs or hamburgers and pretty much like either, but have what I am craving in the moment. And still just so happy it is that time of the year when we can have barbecues with summer time looming large right now!! 🙂

    1. When I was pregnant with Scarlet, I wanted burgers all the time! And my iron wasn’t dangerously low but the levels were a bit low, so I just used that as an excuse to eat more burgers. Yum.

  2. “Cutting for Stone” is great, and I really want to read “The Girls on the Train,” although the other day someone I know posted it was the worst book she ever read! (I still want to read it.) I actually didn’t mind “The Sixth Sense” but “The Shining” REALLY freaked me out. As did “The Ring”.
    I still have yet to see the Star Wars trailer, but I’ve never been huge into the movies (although I’m sure I’ve seen them all). By the way, you make an awesome Princess Leia!

    1. The worst book she’s ever read?! What a bold statement! I suppose it happens, but I’ve mostly heard great things!
      Thanks about Princess Leia. I felt SO dorky, though.

  3. I never saw The Sixth Sense. I think my husband told me he thought it was a bad idea.

    Hot dogs scare me ever since I learned about their link to leukemia – freaky! But I still eat 3-4 a year, possibly.

    We have grilled lots already this year. Last night it was burgers, the night before that it was sausage fresh from our butcher. He doesn’t put any nitrates or preservatives in them, which means they don’t trigger migraines, which means I can eat them! They are delicious.

    My grandparents gave us six dozen eggs Monday. They will last us about two weeks. Yesterday we cracked one open and it was a double yolk. I love them because they are so full of color when you cook them.

    I have a few books on my ‘want to read’ list right now. The top of the list is:
    Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed by Glennon Doyle Melton. Do you know of her? If not, you must meet her right away. I feel like she’s just your cup of tea, too!

    1. Your husband is so right!
      And the hot dogs freak me out too, which is why I do it once a year (which is really 3-4 times a year too) but I do eat good quality ones. I think? Applegate Farms, I think.
      Double yolks are good luck! Once I cracked two eggs and both were double yolks so I got quadruple luck for that day! I’m trying to remember if that day was really great..

      I know about Glennon! I read a review somewhere and I became intrigued.

  4. Great swap, I love it! My friends and I used to mess with Ouija boards too, LOL! So funny. So young in naive! Ohhh, creepy car in Bangor, Maine! How Misery like! I would have been creeped out too!

    1. Mine were from adulthood! I still will never see that movie again, and I’ll never travel to Bangor, Maine in the middle of the night.. ever again.

  5. Can you imagine that I had to watch Sixth Sense and I DO NOT LIKE SCARY MOVIES. This was in the first three years our our marriage because we were living overseas at the time. The movie was out on DVD and one of our couple friends had us over for dinner and a movie. I whined that I didn’t like scary movies and then I was dead center on the sofa to look at it. I have never seen it again and don’t remember any details except the famous, “I see dead people” line. I can name scary movies I’ve seen on one hand and the Thriller video counts as one.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the #6 picture. Don’t forget about me *hint – the green screen picture.

    1. I’ll never forget about that green screen photo! I have to remind him when we clean the basement next weekend. Fun times!
      I can’t believe you watched The Sixth Sense but it sounds like it didn’t disturb you horribly!

  6. You and Cassidy are perfect matches for your Star Wars characters, Tamara. I love all the kiddie pics you post, and you have the biggest and brightest smile! Jen is delightful. I love that Mother Teresa quote. I keep trying to live up to her precious and most meaningful words. Jen’s day trip plans for your visit to Arizona would be fun. I would enjoy my visit to the Mission. I hope her son’s interest in photography will grow with him. I’m sure that summer readings with Scarlet will help to prepare her for first grade. My grammar school gave us reading and book report assignments every summer to keep our reading and writing skills sharp. I wish you and Jen good luck in being able to accomplish everything on your summer bucket lists.

    1. We used to have summer reading and I believe we had book reports too! I guess I still do book reports on the blog and I have one coming up tomorrow night!

  7. I am a Hispanic girl and we do not mess around with the paranormal! Ouija boards were a NOT in your life activity. If your experience had happened to any Latina, we would have more than likely expired from heart failure! When I was a kid my family would teach life lessons through gruesome stories about ghosts that would get you if you chose poorly. Welcome to the world of Latinos! The Sixth Sense is terrifying! It is on Netflix now! I have a cousin who sees and feels some strange stuff like that, and she told me after the Sixth Sense, that it is very real to what it is like! Double EEEK and double taste of being Hispanic there!!

    This was such a fun swap, seriously. It was great to just write freely. I yam what I yam and stuff 🙂 I think you should have that perfect food day very soon. If not I think I will! Let me know when you have a hankering for tamales!

    1. It was a GREAT swap and I thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.
      I pretty much always have a hankering for tamales so I’m letting you know that right off the bat.
      As for the double taste of being Hispanic, I seriously think it’s the right choice to not mess around with Ouija boards!

  8. Ok so I had a ouija board experience that I’m still convinced may have really been for-real real. I’ll have to tell you about it sometime (it’s a super long story). YAY for Moose but not yay for having to call 911 and your third friend trying to make out with one of you. Gah!

    1. I definitely want to hear that story. I can’t wait for you to tell me! Preferably on a sunny beach, ok? I get scared easily.
      As for the third friend trying to make out with us, we never really saw him again.. strange.

  9. Ok that Oujia story is scary! And I have to admit, some days it is hamburgers and some days it’s hotdogs with chili. Now I am hungry. The Girl on the Train was really good! I am reading Dark Places not and The Things We Cannot See is on my night stand to be read next. I love that all of these were recommended by Instagram and Twitter friends! Also, yay for kindness!

  10. Ouija boards used to freak me out! They still do! And playing light as a feather, stiff as a board yet we always seemed to play both during sleepovers. Poltergeist will forever be the scariest movie. I can’t even think about it now without getting the shivers. I love the Scarlet has watched 4, 5 and 6 and that she doesn’t know about episodes 1, 2 and 3! Jasper and Everett know every freaking secret from the early reader books and that makes me so mad. Oh well. They also know all about the clone wars and everything else that I have no clue about.

    1. Yes, light as a feather, stiff as a board was so freaky! I still don’t really know what it was. I never did it..
      Poltergeist is SO scary. I feel like they don’t make horror movies like they used to.. or maybe it’s because I’m older and it’s not those totally formative years. Not sure!

  11. Oh my gosh what a great interview! Love the questions!! I would have been terrified about the oouiga board garage episode! I do remember when those were so popular… and I was curious about what you were going to say about your least favorite thing about blogging… That would be mine too.

    LOVE that pic of the moose. Sixth sense was scary!!

    1. I never did Ouija boards again! I never will!!
      As for blogging, I thought we might be kindred spirits that way. It’s really hard for me.

  12. Your perfect breakfast and meals are indeed perfect! I’m thinking of it now. Haha! I hope you’ll have a summer bbq at your place. I can imagine your yard being a great place to do bbq!
    I haven’t watched The 6th sense.. hmm. maybe I should watch in celebration of my 6th blog anniversary.. or maybe not. Hahaha. Not a fan of horror movies…

  13. the scariest movie I ever saw is called The Serpent and the Rainbow. And I …. just can’t. I think I’ve blocked most of it. I gotta go rock in a corner now… make Chewbaca noises. 🙂

      1. Googling it is probably much safer than actually watching it. and the thing is, my hubby and friends laugh at me because I hate this frickin movie for terrifying me. and they don’t get it. but just…. shut up okay. let me rock in the corner and give me something squishy to hold.

          1. Ha, I got one of those and he is currently sitting on the front lawn staring down two other cats. LOL
            it’s hilarious. there’s a bird on a branch watching them. I saw a bunny hop by not 10 minutes before. it’s like a Disney movie being filmed in my front yard. happy thoughts 🙂

            1. I know that feeling well. It’s like when I go outside to pick strawberries and the birds are chirping and one even lands on my shoulder and I realize I’m a freakin’ Disney princess.

  14. I love this! Your perfect meals sound amazing! I think that I am more afraid of a Ouija board than I have ever been of a movie. My ex was a huge horror buff, and D-man has a “Freddy” glove and a “Jason” mask tattoo! I think kindness is the best thing for all to learn, there is sadly so much non kindness in our world. Haha…corsets! I love them, but am too short for them! LOL! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

    1. I remember I had this big crush on a senior when I was a freshman in high school and we watched ALL the Friday the 13th movies together. I guess I’d do anything for love..
      It didn’t ever work out with us but I must have been brave back then. Or else those movies weren’t scary.

  15. I dislike the social media aspect of blogging Lol – it’s too much. Sometimes I log into my Feedly and get overwhelmed. Then realize 50% are junk articles and food recipes that I just clear away. I love the researching and the process of solidifying a topic. I’m watching The Facts of Life. Taking my time since I’m going to see Kevin Hart tonight – he’s hilarious hope his new material is just as hilarious. 🙂 Amir is the same way, innately happy and it’s a good feeling indeed. To know that in that regard, they’ll be OK and always happy. Have a great weekend Tam Tam! -Iva

    1. The Facts of Life – really? Amazing.
      Hope you had a great time seeing Kevin Hart! I’m sad the weekend is over. It’s not summer break for 2.5 more weeks and I’m kinda over it. I want to take Scarlet out of school to have fun with her but there’s an end of year school play with rehearsals. It’s all so confusing!
      Now it was my turn to ramble!

      1. Lol yes, really. 🙂 You’re sad? I feel like I blinked and it was gone!! I’m still exhausted although, I haven’t taken my happy-joy pill for energy bah. LOL let the girl finish school! Is she doing any summer school or anything of the sort? Kevin Hart was HILARIOUS – omg he had us all crying of laughter.. I was afraid he would lost his touch since he’s super famous now but NOPE. Delivery and story-telling got better, he’s just a funny a$$ guy. Man I can’t wait until I can watch it again Lol!! hahaha that first part is how I feel right now. I can’t sit here. I CAN’T! Thank God for Field Day today, I’ma volunteer. 🙂 WOOP!

          1. My videos are amusing – I love watching hilarious, stupid videos. They make my day more tolerable. 🙂 Oh no!!! Was it? Jeez you have better memory than I. My days, weeks, months, years all blend – I have memories with no dates tagged to them. So I remember it vividly – the nerves, the excitement, the joy, the shock – just no date. It’s like my life is one big cluster of memories. Lol.

            1. June 6th-8th was BlogU last year. I was following along with BlogU15 and I just couldn’t believe it had been a year. And none of my friends went this year for some reason! Well one did but she lives near Boston and I see her often so I felt like Baltimore was best reserved for people who give me moose necklaces.

  16. “All The Light We Cannot See” is such a beautiful book, but so sad! “The Girl on the Train” is on my to-read list, but I’m still waiting to get it from the library.

  17. Girl on a Train is Awesome. I could not get through All the Light We Cannot See. It was just way too depressing. And I feel like a loser, but I couldn’t do it. I have never read or seen a Stephen King Book (except for On Writing), because I do NOT like to be scared.

    1. Don’t feel like a loser! You’re a mother and a wife and a friend and a million things and free time to read should be enjoyed. I give up books too if it’s just not working.
      I’ve only read a few Stephen King books! I didn’t think they were very good, but the storytelling is.

  18. Hi Tamara, the scariest film I ever saw has to be Stephen Kings IT. It scared me silly! I do plan to read Girl On a Train and will check out the other books in your reading list.

    Kindness is a good trait, it doesn’t cost a thing and the affects of a little kindness are priceless. And I’m sure that with a kind Mum showing them the ropes, your children will turn out kind too.


    1. I am so weird because I loved IT!! Only because my favorite actor in the world played Pennywise. So it was definitely weird for me to see him like that, though.
      Usually I’m such a baby about ANYTHING Stephen King.
      Thanks about my kids!

  19. Oh Tamara! I just picked a random movie from Netflix last week and it turned out that Amy Pond was in it – and it was so scary I couldn’t sleep. She was awesome. It was very well done, and a week later I’m still a little terrified by it. I remember the sixth sense scaring me too…

    1. Cool about Amy Pond! Not cool that it was so scary. I can’t watch anything but Food Network or fluff before bedtime. I don’t know how Cassidy can watch horror movies and then go to sleep like it’s nothing!

  20. Great questions and great answers. I love the kindness wish, I hope that my kids are kind too, I bend over backward to be kind, even when pushed, but when someone keeps pushing and pushing sometimes the kindness gets tinged with a bit of not so kind. But it takes a lot! I liked Sixth Sense, I think, I love Bruce Willis, I saw the ending not too long ago, but I think I best watch it again. Slasher movies get me, and gore. Don’t like it. I like suspenseful scary, but not terrifying scary. I am so looking forward to the new Jurassic Park, I have been rewatching the other 3 movies, so excited. Do you like Jurassic movies? And BTW, burgers on the charcoal grill, with bacon, grilled onions (I know you can leave the onions off) a basil mayo, fresh garden tomato and swiss cheese all on a gluten free bun /bread. Used to love a soft burger bun, but alas, I stick to gluten free! I saw someone had a quesadilla burger…burger with cheese, peppers, onions, in a tortilla. I may have to try that!

    1. I do like the Jurassic movies! A lot. Although the first one scared the heck out of me in the movie theater. I was only 13 or so and I was clutching my friend the whole time.
      Now Scarlet can watch them like it’s nothing!

  21. So nice to see two great bloggers on the same page! You picked one of my fave books, All the Light We Cannot See. In fact, my husband is reading it now after I told him he has to lol. I tried reading Cutting for Stone after all the recommendations but I’m one of the few who couldn’t get into it.

    1. I can’t wait to read it! My father-in-law told me I must read it. It’s been on hold at the library for ages. I should probably just buy it.
      He also recommended Cutting For Stone! I’ll have to see!

  22. Am I the only one that doesn’t like Star Wars? And of course a camera! So glad to see you and Jen swapping…she’s one of my favs of all time! Have a great week!

    1. ha! My sister has never even seen Star Wars so at least to dislike it, you must have seen it.
      Jen is wonderful. You have a great week too!

  23. Those books are all on my summer reading list too! Just picked up Girl On A Train, excited to get started:-) Also loved reading about your favorite and least favorite blogging chores–they align with mine!;-)

    1. There are a gazillion holds for it at my library! I’ve been waiting ages but I think I might need to buy it.
      And it’s so tough to sell ourselves!!

  24. I’ve read 2 out of 3 of the books on your list and The Girl On the Train is on my too read list! The title of your blog post reminds me of Marcel the Shell. He has a book out called “The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been.” Emmy loves Marcel the Shell! Look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen it yet. I think Scarlet would like him, too. 🙂

  25. Ah….kindness. Truly the most important quality we can teach our children. Love your food day – although it definitely needs more chocolate!

  26. You and my stepmother would get along beautifully with a perfect day menu like that. And T has been asking to see Star Wars lately. I’ve been hesitant; she scares easily. How old was Scarlet when she first saw them?

    1. Scarlet was so young! We showed her bits and pieces of them when she was about four. She has only recently seen them all in their entirety. And she asks really appropriate and intelligent questions about them, and no nightmares. So I think it’s been a success? I hope.

  27. I definitely wouldn’t put The Sixth Sense into the scary category, but it was definitely a thriller. The scariest movie I ever saw was probably the original poltergeist, but only because I was like 12 at the time and WAY too young for a movie like that.

    1. A lot of people said that to me! Including my mom who recommended it. So I really got to see that what I found scary, other people just thought was cool. Interesting!
      And Poltergeist. Holy cow. Holy cow!

  28. I wish I could put books on my to read list. Mine is already so lengthy and I haven’t been able to read much at all. I played with a Ouija board once and never again. It was accompanied by wind in a windowless/airless room, papers flying and sounds. No one was playing a joke. If they were, they never said anything.

  29. You know I love reading your posts and I have been slacking lately. Been so busy with decorating the home etc that I haven’t had a chance to really read my favorites. I’m more of a hamburger person myself and I can’t wait for Labor Day. We’ll be missing our 4th July bbq but won’t miss Labor Day’s.

    1. You have a LOT going on! I get it. And we do need to swap soon, but it has to be when you’re fully ready. I’m ready when you are.
      I really crave burgers more than hot dogs. I think I’m a both kind of girl!

  30. Your day of eating sounds yummy!!! I love eating a good salad too.I love making homemade salad dressing with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and basil (or parsley, or
    I use to love watching The Sixth Sense, it was one of the few movies that I owned on VHS.

    1. What a delicious sounding salad dressing! Homemade is totally best.
      And I can’t believe you were able to watch The Sixth Sense more than once! I suppose twice is good, though. Now I could watch it again knowing the twist ending. I never did that.

  31. Those star wars costumes are fabulous! I need to introduce my kids to star wars and I’m sure we’ll be having some costumes in our future!

    1. My daughter just recently saw the original three and loved them. We can’t wait to take her to see the new one at the end of the year!

    1. Yeah, her questions were intriguing! I had to answer a lot of random things.
      I think it’s great that you work on photos for blogs, though!

  32. I can strongly recommend “All the Light We Cannot See. It was outstanding. “The Girl on the Train” is a great beach book,

    1. Thank you! Both are on hold at my library and have been for AGES, and I got “Girl on the Train” today. So I can’t wait to dig in.

  33. I am a burger type of girl. My father grills up some of the best BBQ burgers I have ever had. Displaying acts of kindness can have a great impact on individuals.

  34. Girl on a Train is also on my reading list for this summer. We’re headed out for a huge two week road trip and I hope I have time to crack into it!

  35. I remember seeing The Sixth Sense for the first time too! Super scary but a great movie. I love the message of kindness you want to pass along!

  36. Lots of great questions! For me #10 would be to find joy and peace in every aspect of your life. I just want my kids to be happy! Don’t we all?

  37. The scariest Movie I’ve ever seen was “Chainsaw Massacre” , gives me chills up to today. Those people were siick! I was told never to play with Ouija Boards so i never had any interest in communicating with spirits

  38. that ouija board story is awesome! i highly recommend ‘cutting for stone.’ you will love it. i always want to read ‘al the light we cannot see.’ read ‘the girl on the train.’ that was good too.

  39. I really enjoyed these questions and answers. You and Jen make a good team. 5 years–we could all learn so much from you then! I blogged privately (just for family) from 2008-13, and making the change to public blogging has been the slowest learning curve ever.

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