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The More Kisses & Illegal Fireworks, The Better.

So, what are you doing for the Fourth of July?

I’ve been remembering lately that my parents used to throw a gigantic BBQ pool party on July 4th every year. In my exaggerated kid memories, I think close to 2,000 people came. They would spread out their towels side by side, and not a square inch of grass could be seen. There were hot dogs and sparklers. There may or may not have been illegal fireworks, but it’s not like I’m going to confirm that here. I witnessed my first makeout session in the pool, by some of my parent’s friends’ amorous kids. I learned a lot in summer, and most of it was about what to do when you’re throwing a July 4th party. The more French kisses and illegal fireworks, the better. That sounds like a good quote, right? Right. In fact, hold on. I’m going to click to tweet that goodness.

This year should be fairly calm. I’m doing a wonderful Ask Away Friday sequel with my lovely friend, Lanaya, of Raising Reagan.

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What can I say about Lanaya? She’s beautiful and smart. She’s inspiring. She writes about parenting, work, life, fun, OCD, cupcakes, family and so much more. She’s a true friend and inspiration to me, and one day we’ll hang out by her pool. I know it.

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County as a place for us to connect with other bloggers by asking them ten questions to really get to know them. The sky is the limit with the questions you ask!

Meeting other bloggers and making new friends is one of the best parts of this online world!

To read Lanaya’s answers to my questions, go HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. I’ve known you for a while and while you have so many gorgeous photos of your family .. and a few cute clips of Des walking, I don’t see you in front of the camera much. I’m talking video camera. Would you consider doing a vlog? And no you can’t use the excuse that you are shy and timid in front of a camera!

Please pardon the shakiness!

2. If you had the ability to be famously wealthy like Bill Gates and had a very charitable heart {which, let’s face it, we all know you do!} … what famous attraction would you open up for anyone who wanted to go but couldn’t afford to?

I feel like we already think that way, on a small scale, and you’ll see that more when I finally write my post about Scarlet’s crazy birthday party. Well we have space in our yard, we have dreams and visions, and we have a great event planner here. (Cassidy) I feel I’d love to make a kidscape based on children’s wildest dreams. Maybe we’d have to know more about an individual family first, and then with no worries about money, but probably worries about time, we’d set into action and make it happen. I’d want a changing dreamscape/playscape, basically, depending on the dreams/desires of the families. We could do it.

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3. It’s the 4th of July!! What are you and the family doing to celebrate the birth of our nation?

Cassidy will be getting home from an overnight after a Phish show. If the weather permits, we will go to a local Fourth of July parade. I hear it’s very spirited! And then maybe some popsicles or ice cream. My favorite ice cream place is open tomorrow!

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4. In the spirit of the birth of our nation … Do you think our forefathers would be proud of what we have accomplished as a society?

Well.. umm.. I may be vague. I think it depends on the forefather. Some had dreams that may or may not have included the progression of our society. Others.. not so much. I think they’d be impressed with science and technology, no?

5. Your husband seems quite talented when it comes to planning parties – Alice in Wonderland last year, Rapunzel and her tower this year. Where does his overwhelming talent come from?

He is wickedly talented. I’m going to have to thank his parents and genetics in general for this one. He makes dreams possible. He believes AND he acts. I am one or the other most of the time. I think he was brought up seeing both of his parents create gardens and healthy, delicious foods, and homes and marriages and dreams. That stuff sticks, you know?

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

6. How are all the animals getting along in your household? What is it? Two kittens and a dog now?

Yes, two kittens and a dog. Well the kittens get along great with each other. The dog sometimes just wants to lick them over and over and over. One of them, the black and white Dinah, doesn’t care at all. The gray kitten, Bella, will hide more often.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

7. Have you ever cheated on a test in school before?

Yes, I have. I mentioned in my last post that I had trouble with dissections and most of biology class topics. My teacher loved me and once he caught me cheating, he never looked at me the same again. That was just it. Very sad. Don’t cheat on tests!

8. What was the last song you danced to?

I don’t even remember but I think it was recent! I think it was P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson.

9. Is there one thing in your life that you just wish you could get a grip on but for whatever reason just never seems to come together for you?

I struggle very much with maintenance. I can get a burst of energy and go garden, eat healthily, cook a meal, clean a bathroom, but it’s just bursts. I seem to forget that bathrooms need to be cleaned weekly, if not more. And meals need to be cooked daily.

10. Have you taken Scarlet and Des to the movie theater yet? If not .. what’s the last movie you watched as a family?

Des just turned two so he’s not quite there yet, but Scarlet has seen both Frozen and The Lego Movie in the theater. Frozen was her first. I took her in November opening weekend and she sat on my lap the whole time. I kept thinking about what would happen if I had an anxiety attack or had to pee badly, but luckily, we not only survived it. We liked it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Be sure to check out our Facebook page “AskAwayFriday” for a great place to meet up and send out a #BuddyRequest if you need a partner to swap with or to just talk about anything #AskAwayFriday!

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  1. The vlog is adorable!! I love seeing the kids in action. Stella saw Scarlett’s photo today when I was reading your AAF from last week and she wanted to know when we could come visit. LOL. Is Cassidy going to Phish at SPAC? My brother is going, I think.

    1. Thanks! Tell Stella she can come visit anytime she wants.
      Cassidy did one night at SPAC last night, yup! It was torrential rain but he loved the show.

  2. Yeah! I finally get to hear your voice. So awesome. My husband tries to get those illegal fireworks every year. I’m such a prude I get overly cautious. But we have ten houses within spitting distance so it gets tricky. We’re planning a movie day tomorrow since the weather is looking unfriendly. Have a great weekend!

    1. I realize I never really have my voice, or I’ve never had it with my face at the same time!
      We used to live in Jersey but you could buy the fireworks in other states down south. Er… not that my dad would do that or anything.
      This day is not nice! We’re doing Shrek here!

  3. Ok, I am not going to be around much tomorrow having family over for the fourth and Saturday, we have my great aunt’s 90th birthday, but I am seriously so happy I got to stop by tonight, because your Vlog was the best and just getting to see and hear you was amazing and made me so very happy. Love you and now cannot wait to meet you in person! Have a wonderful 4th of July and I am not posting (gasp) until Monday again myself 😉

    1. So glad you made it! And whoa – a break!? Good for you!!
      I’m so glad you got to see my face and voice match together. Of course, you will soon enough anyway!!
      Love you!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog, but I completely understand not being comfortable in front of the camera- I hate the sound of my voice, too! Plus, you’ve got kids and animals (the great equalizers). I’m wondering what I would say/do, with just me here, and maybe Andy. Ha! Probably not worth finding out.
    Oh, Athena and Dinah in the sunny windows <3
    Have a super fantastic day tomorrow! 🙂

    1. True about the equalizers! I did one first in which Scarlet waved me away, the cats were both hiding, Athena was sleeping and Des was in bed. Not the same!

  5. I loved your first vlog, meeting everyone on camera, and getting a tour. I don’t like my face on camera either so I don’t think vlogging is in my future. I love MJ’s PYT too! We recently saw Frozen at the dollar movie after buying the Blu-ray. My son saw it was playing at the dollar movie and asked to see it on the big screen. All the kids were singing the songs out loud it was a lot of fun.

  6. My family is watching the Lego movie downstairs as I type this. I bailed after 30 minutes and snuck up here to read. Your vlog was great, and I loved that your voice was so familiar because I’ve heard it in person!

    1. I still haven’t seen the Lego Movie! I imagine it’s more entertaining than my shaky vlog, though!
      I also love that my voice is familiar to you.

  7. I loved your video!! Your are so gorgeous and your voice is perfect!!! I love that Scarlet talked on the video and Des was super cute!! Plus, I’m super glad to know how to say Lanaya’s name correctly!!!
    Have a super 4th!!

    1. Thank you! I’m always curious if I come across as people picture me. I think it’s really hard to totally visualize people’s expressions and voices in photos. And I say that as a photographer!
      I heard her say her own name on her own vlog once and I always remembered it!

  8. We are planning on going to the club and swimming and playing tennis most of the day tomorrow. I can’t wait to try and RELAX after that….but only if I beat my husband in Tennis…. 🙂

  9. Aww .. your video was great! I am so excited that you did it and holy batman the response from everyone!!! Love it.
    I love your pure heart and your answer about how you would open up this amazing imagination station just like you do with your kids’ birthdays!
    I hope you have such an amazing 4th!! And eat some ice cream for me. I’m being good 🙁

    Hugs mama!!

    1. Thank you! A heartfelt thank you for opening up that can of worms. Now to use a real HD camera and not my terrible phone. And to have someone else film it. No one was around though! So I had it on self mode and had to sort of guess that it was aimed in the right direction.
      I might eat ice cream tonight, but only if I have room after our S’mores Bites! That’s right.
      xoxo to you!!

  10. Your vlog was great!!!You have a lovely kids!! We just got a kittten, named her Zoey and looks like Dinah, black and white 🙂 Have a wonderful 4th of July!

    1. I did! Thank you! She was catching bubbles. It looks she she’s praying but really, she had just squashed a big bubble. I love the effect.

    1. Thank you! I will be showing better views of it soon. I was using the video camera on self mode because no one else was around to take the video and I couldn’t get it off self mode for walking around so I was kind of guessing that I was actually showing anything at all!

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad I swapped with her. I hadn’t lined up partners for July so this was very last minute and it wound up being so fantastic. I love when I have to stretch a bit and be stumped. That’s the true spirit of Ask Away!

  11. Hope you guys have a great Independence Day! 🙂

    cool answers

    didn’t get to watch the vlog yet

    have to go out in a min

    will check it later

    1. Have a great fourth! Thanks for reading. The vlog is really just me, my kids and pets and some terribly shaky camera work! Oh, and a TARDIS shed.

  12. Oh my goodness… you’re so cute! Your family (children and pets are so cute)! I loved seeing your home… what an oasis!

    I love that Alice in Wonderland party! How very, very, cool!

    I’m not sure if I could do a vlog. I don’t like the way I look or sound on video but that being said… I should just do it to get over my hangups!

    Thanks for sharing your answers!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you! I have met a lot of blogger friends, but I realized there are many who have no idea what I sound like! I’d like to believe iPhone cameras aren’t totally true to self, though. They’re not very flattering!
      The Alice party was wonderful. I’ll be sharing about this year’s princess party on Wednesday – Scarlet’s real fifth birthday.
      Have a great weekend!

    1. It was hard! And I got really nervous about publishing this post and that hasn’t happened to me in ages.
      Still glad I did it! Mostly because it’s over and done…

    1. Totally not my thing, Kim! I had no one else around to film it so it was on self mode and then I had to walk around with it on self mode so that’s why it’s all shaky and with terrible angles. Next time I may do it with Cassidy and then it will be easier.
      The Tardis shed needs a closeup, next time.

  13. Yay!!!! First Vlog…awesomesauce! Love your office..definitely a special view!
    Ahem, may I please be your child…I want an Alice In Wonderland party….how cool is your yard!?!? Way Cool that’s how..

    Great way to start the weekend…

    1. Thank you! The video quality was so awful but I had a blast trying.
      If you ever do want an Alice party.. we still have dozens of those painted cardboard cutouts!
      Happy 4th of July, Mrs. Tee!

    1. Thank you, Betty! I figured it was time to show people my face and voice at the same time, instead of just scattered here and there.
      Happy 4th to you and yours as well!

  14. Your vlog was awesome! It was fun to get to hear you and see everything in motion! Your Alice in Wonderland garden is like one of my FAVORITE things ever! I just want to play in it!

    1. Thank you! I figured it was the next step/next level of ME! Scattered photos and videos of just my voice in the background don’t really tell the whole story.
      iPhone videos aren’t very flattering, though.. Ugh. I can’t even watch it.
      Come play in the Alice garden anytime!

  15. I played your vlog a little but I am sitting under the hairdryer and can’t hear so I will be back. So far so cute. I cheated on a spanish test in high school more than once. The last time I was pretty close to getting caught. My heart was beating so hard and it was one of those times I prayed to God that if I didn’t get caught I would NEVER cheat on a test again. Did get caught and was better prepared for my tests after that. Who cheats on a spanish test anyway, I can’t imagine what the cheat sheet looked like. I too would not have wanted to see my teacher’s disappointment, she was a really an excellent teacher.

    1. ha! I like watching it without sound, or listening to it without having to see my face.
      Cheating on tests is scary. I felt strange admitting it but it was a long time ago and sometimes we make poor choices and get caught too!
      (sometimes I make poor choices and I don’t get caught as well!)

  16. Oh, I do the same thing! I clean in bursts. One week, I’ll do nothing and the next, Ill clean from top to bottom. I wish I had the ability to be more consistent with all of it. Cheating on a test sucks and it’s worse if you get caught. I’m sorry that you did, even though cheating is bad. Scarlet’s birthday party sounds AMAZING! I wish I had that much creativity. I think about it, but I never get that involved in it. Maybe I will this time.

    1. I don’t have as much creativity as my husband, I think, with party planning. Or rather, I have unbridled creativity where he can easily rein it in and creative wonderful things.
      We make a good team in that way.

  17. Aw, even though we’ve met in person, still so much fun watching you and the kids (and animals!) on camera. You have an incredible backyard. If I lived there I would just want to be outside all the time! Well, minus the bitterly cold winter days.

    I clean in bursts also. Definitely not my favorite thing to be doing, though my house starts to stress me out sometimes.

    1. I was wondering what it was like to someone who has met me – do I look like that, or please tell me iPhone cameras are as unflattering as I fear they are? Sometimes I think it must be true when I compare my iPhone photos of the kids with my real camera ones.
      There seems to be a lot of us burst cleaners!

  18. I love hearing your voice! Man, your birthday parties are amazing and I can’t wait to see more pictures from this year’s bash. I think that Ive said before that I love how you and Cassidy make your kids magical dreams a reality. And maintenance? Yeah, I don’t do that so well either. Happy Happy 4th!

    1. Just imagine my voice saying, “Hi! Let’s eat pizza together.”
      The birthday parties are nuts. I have to give a lot of credit to Cassidy and the six grandparents.
      The post will be up on Scarlet’s birthday – Wednesday!

  19. Oh you ALMOST got a bad Vlog rating from me but luckily you snuck a quick one second pan of Hans Solo! I was white knuckling it when you went upstairs because I remember that is one of the places you can see it from downstairs! So, I can joyfully shout our at the top of my lungs that I LOVED this Vlog, Tamara! I love them in general specifically from my blogger community because I get to hear the voice behind the writer and pictures! And what a special treat that we got to “meet” your kids and the gang…next time your honey too hopefully! Btw…you are just as beautiful on film as you are in the photos, our friend. Oh, and I can only type on a desktop too…you made me feel so normal…thank you! GREAT post 🙂

    1. Whew, Mike. I know! In all of my outtakes that I eventually had to delete, I always introduced Han Solo! Sometimes..often.. before my own children! This vlog was the winner because both kids were awake and neither one was yelling, “I have to poop” like in the outtakes.
      So glad you can see Han Solo for that second. I saved it!
      Thank you for your wonderful words. I needed to hear that this wasn’t.. a mistake!

  20. Oh I’m so glad Lanaya actually convinced you to do a vlog!! I loved the mini house tour you had.
    I’ve cheated on tests before too, ugghh. Not proud of it of course. LOL.
    Excited to read about Scarlet’s birthday party! 🙂

  21. I’m fixated on this idea that the bathrooms have to be cleaned weekly. Mine gets cleaned about every other week…but I have my own bathroom and no one is allowed in.

    Our parade is on Sunday for some reason.

    1. You know what? It’s probably every other week. I just was afraid to admit to our schedule if most people did it more! Although one of my blogging friends says that you’re supposed to wash your sheets. Weekly. That may be true.. but.. uh.. I’m not on that schedule.

  22. Loved hearing your voice on the vlog, and a bit envious that you have both a believer AND a doer in your house! I tend to be one or the other, too. Being both at one time is exhausting to me. 🙂

    1. I think I’m more believer and he’s more doer and when it meets in the middle, we have some fun times! Alone, I’m not sure I’d get anything done. Or I would but it would be on an erratic schedule.

  23. I enjoyed your vlog. You did what I enjoy – showed your life and moved around. Vlogs of talking heads do absolutely NOTHING for me which is one of the reasons I resist them so much. How can you not like your face and your voice? They are lovely! And please tell your daughter her vanity made my day. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I think it’s just jarring to see your own face and hear your own voice because I guess we experience them differently in the mirror and in our own head! Even though it was shaky, I couldn’t see sitting still.
      Scarlet is happy she made your day, and I’m happy you made my day with this!

  24. darn.. my comment didnt go through.. ok let’s try this again! 🙂 i always love your birthday party decorations and cant imagine the work that goes into them. and it’s so cute that athena likes to lick the pups. does she like to lick the kids too?

    1. Thank you for trying again! I can’t stand when comments don’t go through but it happens.
      Athena isn’t that much of a licker but if she’s allowed, she’ll go crazy. Cassidy loves when she licks his face. Me, not so much!

  25. Happy 4th, Tamara. I am not a video person (I do not care for the sound of my voice) so I admire you publishing a vlog. Enjoy your weekend!

  26. Cassidy is SO talented. I am in awe! And I love that Athena and the kittens are getting along so well! It’s the best when they are pals. Murphy likes to lick the cats too. Luna is the only one that appreciates it though. But he does it anyway. He loves all animals.

    1. The cats don’t seem to mind much. I guess I feel this constant need to protect them from Des and Athena, when in reality, they have to learn on their own. So far, so good.

  27. Love the vlog. So fun to see you and the crew moving and talking! Might I request a guest blog from Cassidy talking specifically about your garden? I’m dying to see more of it! Just a thought. 🙂

    1. A good thought! That is actually coming up – a lot more from Cassidy. He’s been so strong and silent all along. And the problem with this vlog was that there were no other adults around so I had the camera set to “self” mode but when I wanted to point it elsewhere, I had to guess it was filming. I didn’t know how to switch it back. So it was really messy and sloppy, but fun.

  28. I remembered to come back for the video. Love that your office is “away” and can see what’s happening at the same time. High five to the iMac. I work on a macbook. My husband has the iMac which I call the daddymack. LOL that everybody was hungry. You really did that on the fly! So brave 😉

    1. The iMac is the best! Not sure I could do photography without it, or at least with my old PC which had seven viruses. Seven million.
      Thanks for coming back! I feel brave!

  29. OK I don’t know what you’re talking about but you have a great voice for vlogging and the face to go along with it. Thanks for sharing another part of your life with us. Scarlet and Des were absolutely adorable although Scarlet was “hungry too”. 🙂 Your dog and cats will be best of friends soon and Bella would stop hiding. 🙂 As for the movies, maybe you need to read my tip about taking toddlers to the movies. Madison has been going since she was about 6 months old and she still sleeps through every single movie. She has a fever today so we’re taking it easy. Hope you had a great 4th July.

    1. Oh no – hope Madison feels better!
      And thank you about my vlog. I really don’t like watching it! It makes me cringe. Makes me wonder how people go into TV and film for a living. Maybe they like their own faces and voices, or else they just do cringe too!

  30. Happy 4th Tamara! Hope the parade went well. Sadly the nearest parade to us was right smack the twins’ nap. But my eldest did get to see some awesome fireworks at night. The first time he actually stayed up late to see them!

    1. We actually missed the parade! Pouring rain! I saw videos for it and all the loyal people were still out there with umbrellas! Maybe next year.
      And I can’t wait for Des to be old enough for fireworks!

    1. Wouldn’t you know that Han Solo was in my first vlog attempt? And I’m talking close up introductions with me getting all close to him. That video ended because Scarlet yelled, “I have to poop.”
      Not that the second attempt was any better. It ends with her yelling that she has to go to the bathroom.

  31. I loved your vlog! You did great. I’m in love with your writing/editing spot. Your husband’s creativity, is AWESOME! I would absolutely love to see more vlogs 🙂


    You are a natural at this vlog business too…. go figure. What is it that you CAN’T DO??!!!

    I am so glad I grabbed one MINUTE to check out your post… IT MADE MY DAY to see you “in person”!

    I’m off again… hope to get back into ‘our world’ soon… been sucked out of it for a bit.

    LOVE YOU!!!

    1. You just won the best comment award…for eternity.
      Thank you, thank you. I take for granted that some of you are such close friends but that you really have no idea what I look like when I talk. I’d like to believe not like this, though. iPhones are unflattering, right? Is that a thing. I hope so.
      Doesn’t matter because you made my day!
      Love you!

  33. Looooved that video! I strained very hard trying to hear an accent, which I DID pick up on some words. I have a thing for northern accents and I’ve always wanted to hear yours, creep-o alert! It’s always so cool to hear a blogger’s voice after you’ve been reading their blog for so long. And THANK GOD I’m not the only one who forgets that bathrooms are supposed to be cleaned weekly. I get bursts like that too and thank “I should do this more often” and then go weeks without doing it again (cleaning bathrooms, painting toenails, etc).

    1. I’m often told I have no accent at all! I wonder what words it was, and if I really say them like that or if it was just the being on video and talking slightly different than I usually do. Maybe more nervously.
      I think I paint my toenails more than I clean!

  34. What can I say. I so loved that Lanaya asked the vlog question because I got to see you and hear your voice. I love your voice so much. I loved seeing your garden and I had no idea you all had that little playground area. Looks like a child’s paradise. 🙂 LOL at Athena licking the kittens. I hope they all will be the best of friends and family since they are basically growing up together.

    1. Thank you! I remember seeing you vlog for the first time and being like, “Cool voice!” I realized that as close as I am to many of you, this is that next step. How I look when I talk! Sort of anyway. I need to do a lot more with the yard, though. It was weak n that area.
      Athena loves the kittens and I imagine that they see her coming and think, “Oh brother!”

  35. What you said about with no worries about money, you’d be worrying about time, I wanted to get that on a freaking bumper sticker! It is too good..a gem of word assembly! I get short bursts of responsible living too, and they quickly fade and become sheer messes. lol. oops. I remember reading about your teacher that caught you cheating before and how sad it was when he found out…that story haunts me! I hate disappointing people or letting them down out of poor judgment. We all have one of those moments. I tend to bury mine with the rest of the bones.

    1. Thank you so much! It was just a rush of rambling! I’m so glad you saw something out of it. Bumper stickers – shall we?!
      I love that other people get bursts of responsible living that fade into sheer messes. I grew up with a cleaning lady and four siblings. It’s quite different that way! We all had to work, but we shared it. And my brother loves to mention that I was an ace at getting myself out of things. He’s right.
      I still do that.
      The cheating story = so horrible. Sigh.

  36. I love what you said about hubby, he dreams it and he acts! SO awesome, I need a party planning hubby too!! man! That cheating story is such a bummer dude, I knew some people in my classes that were EXCELLENT cheaters but I knew if i tried once i’d be SO caught!

    1. I was actually cheating with a group of cheaters and they didn’t get caught! I think I’m completely obvious, honestly. Oh well. I never did it again. At least not like that.
      Dreaming and acting is so key. I’m not going to say he doesn’t freeze up and get in ruts, but if I had half of his abilities, I swear I’d be rich.

  37. “Vlogging” with you was fun! BUT..you are so much prettier in “unselfies”! I love the natural way you present yourself, just the REAL you! Fun and maybe a possibility for more fun vlogs in Casa Bowman!

    1. I’m so glad I don’t really look like that video! iPhones are as bad as car mirrors. Yeesh.
      It was fun to show people a real look at this insanity, though!

  38. Girl, I have already sat through the Lego movie 3X and I fear it will be “our frozen epidemic” In fact Hayden quotes it regularly. Where My pants? Spaceship I wanna build a Spaceship! Dipity Dipity Bolongna. Yeah some quotes I have no idea about! Love the animal are all getting along! I totally hear you on the maintenance thing!
    PS- my best memories are of the Eastampton fireworks! And I lived in BOSTON, which had phenomenal glorious fireworks- but I loved the all-day community festival atmosphere- though I am sure I was mostly up to no good.

    1. We have that movie but I haven’t seen it yet. Should I????
      I’ve never seen the Boston fireworks! I’ve also never seen the Look Park ones – did you? The Easthampton ones always win out for me. They’re special. I went there a week or so before Scarlet was born and I thought she was going to come out that night.

  39. It looks like Scarlet had an amazing birthday party. I love all the decorations.

    Congrats on your very first v-log. I am trying to start doing more videos too. Time to come out of my shell and just do it. So far I haven’t done videos with me in front of the camera yet. I just recently recorded a video demonstrating a black light for finding puppy accidents in the house.

  40. Girl, your little vlog was amazing, it was awesome to finally see and hear you! Loved the Tardis shed of course! 🙂 Des and Scarlet are just so sweet, and the fur babies, too. I absolutely love your little wonderland garden…I have a huge backyard that Cassidy could come and put his magic touch on! LOL! I dream of having the backyard crasher’s come and do something with the barrenness of it. I am so with you, but my bursts are coming less and less as I am getting older! I am forcing all of my energy into our veggie garden and it is seriously kicking my behind! LOL! Have a great week!

    1. Hello my friend! Thank you so much. The vlog made me so nervous! I loved being able to talk to all of my friends, though. It was long coming.
      Cassidy would probably love to come garden for you! He’s also an excellent lawn mower. My neighbor told me so.

  41. My son said to me the other day “Will you laugh if I watch Frozen?” … I banned that movie from our house. when he found out that a few of his “manly” buddies on his hockey team watched it, he wanted to too. So I taped it. EEEEKS.
    I had no idea that your husband planned kick ass parties!!
    I also do things in bursts when the mood strikes 🙂

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