The Miracle of Hearing.

Last week, my son had his four-year-old well checkup and was given a hearing test. Although I knew in my heart that his hearing was fine, he kept fidgeting and throwing off the exam, and I didn’t let out a breath I was holding in until I got the news that both of his ears had passed. Next week, my daughter will have her seven-year-old well checkup and while the testing is different for older kids, I know I’ll still be holding in a breath until the nurse tells me that she “passes” in both ears.

Why was I nervous? Well, lots of reasons! For one, my mom experiences hearing loss and my grandmother did too. I believe it’s on my husband’s side of the family too. A musician friend once asked me the sense I’d least want to lose, if I had to choose. Of course, that was the scariest question ever! A life without seeing or hearing, tasting or smelling, and feeling. I said that sight was the last sense I’d lose, because I’m a professional photographer and that would be crushing to lose. My friend, a musician and a father, said his last choice would be hearing – because of hearing music, and hearing his daughter laugh.

There’s no two ways about it – hearing is a gift. And it’s a gift we can protect.

My grandmother had hearing loss for as long as I had known her, and probably before too. She loved to read more than anything in the world. At the end of her life, when books were too hard to read, she’d listen to audio books. She had hearing aids, but I’m not sure how long she had them. Hearing loss happens gradually, and I don’t think I noticed it getting more severe, because she wouldn’t say just how much hearing loss she was experiencing. I think it must have been really tough for her, and it became tough for all of us to think of her in isolation, or missing relationships with new great-grandchildren.

What’s wonderful is that there’s a new technology from Miracle-Ear® – GENIUS™ 2.0 with Speech Isolation. Miracle-Ear believes that hearing should be as easy as possible in a variety of environments. By combining three key technologies – digital noise reduction, directionality, and amplification, their Speech Isolation defines easy listening. Miracle-Ear’s GENIUS 2.0 builds on the superior audibility and key features there were introduced with GENIUS, but takes this brand new cutting-edge technology to the next level! I love how powerfully this can impact the lives of people and their relationships.

Miracle-Ear GENIUS 2.0 features:

“Music Master is designed to enrich the quality of music and provide maximum enjoyment for listening to music. With three music settings – Concert, Playback and Performer – wearers will enjoy a variety of music. GENIUS 2.0 is designed to deliver excellent music fidelity whether listening to music or performing.
Echo Guard stops sound from reflecting off of surfaces such as ceilings and walls in reverberant environments. GENIUS 2.0 Echo Guard provides a comfortable setting for wearers by softening the reflected sound for better sound quality. Wearers no longer need to avoid difficult-to-hear places where sounds bounce off of the walls.
Phone Surround transmits the phone signal from one ear to both ears when using a handheld phone. The signal is automatically detected by a magnet and wirelessly sends the signal, surrounding the wearer, and provides better understanding without the need for an additional accessory. GENIUS 2.0 provides an improved listening experience for telephone calls.

The wireless CROS/BiCROS solution is designed for those with unilateral hearing loss. Available in our most popular style, the CROS RIC transmitter is worn on the unaidable ear and wirelessly sends the signal to any GENIUS 2.0 wireless hearing aid on the other ear, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides.”

Think about the impact this could have on someone’s life, and their relationships. Click here to learn more about Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid options, and schedule an appointment to speak with a Miracle-Ear hearing instrument specialist.

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