The Messiest One In My Life.

Well, my little one turned three over the weekend.

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My little one. My messy one. The one who often sends us to Walmart to get Huggies Wipes!

There were celebrations starting early during the week (with doughnuts), and there were reflections on the baby/toddler he has been, and the little boy he has grown up to be in the last three years. He is so full of life, laughter & love.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I was always so careful with this boy, to always enjoy and savor every moment with him – because I’ve always thought or knew that he could be my last child. I used to stare into his eyes when he was a baby, and bond with him all day long. I can honestly say with no regrets that I have taken that time to enjoy him fully for the last three years, and now that he can talk and laugh and joke and love and delight, I do it even more these days. There seems to be a slight melancholy, and weight, when your littlest one has a birthday. Maybe it’s just me? It makes me think about years flying by and wondering what and where my place is in all of this. What I do know is how to celebrate. And what I do know, is that this little boy is mine and I am his. And I can provide him with endless love and guidance, and I can show him that the world is at his fingertips.

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Des is a cautious boy, and a methodical boy, but he still seems to love everything messy! He loves textures and sensations and dirt and food. He loves to throw sand in his hair, dirt everywhere, and he absolutely LOVES to wear his food on his face!

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

If there are 101 uses of Huggies Wipes with #TripleClean layers, Des has found at least 100 of them. Reasons are endless! And with a now three-year-old, and a near six-year-old, I can’t tell you how often I need baby wipes even though I no longer have babies! When I brought home Huggies Simply Clean wipes, he was very excited to start using his new wipes! Scarlet used them on her baby doll. I guess that’s a 102nd reason right there to use #tripleclean wipes, even though I salvaged it for “real use”.

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I keep Huggies Wipes in my purse and in the car. They have gotten me out of so many jams! And it’s not just the kids. There was the time I dropped my cellphone into a cupcake in the car. Wipes to the rescue.

Tell me, how have baby wipes gotten you out of a messy situation?

Many thanks to HUGGIES for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to purchase HUGGIES Wipes at Walmart!

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  1. I have Mickey Mouse Huggies Wipes in my purse right now, because both my girls, especially Lily still make some interesting messes when we go out to eat and such. But still so glad Des had a great birthday this past weekend 😉

  2. I used to use wipes often. But now my kids are out of diapers so I just buy those Clorox wipes. But I do remember Huggies wipes fondly!

  3. LOL Christopher went through that. You’d have to wipe him down before he moved from his spot and there was absolutely no cupcakes in the car. I just didn’t want to clean up the mess. Now if he eats barbecue chicken, it’s with a fork or putting a napkin on the end of the drumstick. LOL! Great sponsored post 😉

    Funny while I was reading your post, your comment popped up on mine 😉

    1. I was brave to allow the cupcake in the car last week! I swear the wipe saved us. I dropped my phone into it! I made a bigger mess than he had!

      I love cross-commenting kismet!

  4. Love the pictures!! I have to keep wipes in the car because they come in so handy when cleaning up messes….and although I have no baby…it was perfect for cleaning my son’s hands from the smell of gas.

  5. I keep a pack of wipes in my car. Spilled drinks, food crumbles and much more live in my back seat and wipes often are the only cleaning tool I use in the back seat. I really need to put some in my purse too!

  6. I still use Huggies wipes with even my older kiddos! I just don’t see a time when I won’t need them, happening like ever! Happy Birthday to your cute Des, he’s made it to the big time now!

    1. I don’t blame you! I find the adult wipes are too harsh. Baby wipes are the way of the future.
      Des is totally big. I fear he’s not a toddler anymore. Sob.

  7. Your kids are so beautiful! Happy Birthday to Des. My kids are almost grown, and I still keep wipes around. Baby wipes are the best because they aren’t as harsh!

  8. I can’t believe he is three!!!! I haven’t had wipes around in awhile, but i have to say that I loved having them in the car because I would pull one out and do a quick ‘wipe up’ of the dashboard in the pick up line!

    1. The dashboard – yes! You’re not the only one to say that!
      I also can’t believe he’s three. I want to laugh and cry at the same time.

  9. Boys love their messes, don’t they? Although it was my girl who shoved cake all over her face at her first birthday. I don’t use wipes anymore, but I still have a few containers around – holding markers and other assorted stuff.

    1. I was a really messy eater as a baby. There are so many photos! Not after that, though. Des is drawn to being a mess. It’s so weird. Scarlet is much cleaner!

  10. something about that second child that makes you slow down and enjoy every moment. It’s pure bliss. Motherhood is mostly blissful. And yes, we go through wipes like water in this household!

  11. We have wipes in the kitchen, in the car, in the bathrooms, and by the doors because NEEDED.

  12. I started buying baby wipes when I was a camp counselor because kids = messy and it’s always good to have something on hand to easily clean sticky fingers. I find I use wipes more to clean Eve’s hands and face than I do her bum!

  13. No more babies here, but wipes, YES! I like to keep a pack in my car and sometimes in my purse, the messes don’t go away.
    Happy Birthday, Des!!

  14. Well my twins are still in diapers, but I can vouch and say that they have saved us more than just during diaper changes! Stuff like when we’re out and about and their hands are sticky or dirty and there’s no faucet in sight. It’s like having your own wet wipes like the ones you get at ribs restaurants, but all the time lol. Happy birthday to Des, Bowman fam! I can’t believe it… 3!

    1. Des is still in diapers too, but I can definitely still see needing them after he’s potty trained. Or maybe especially after then, if I remember correctly from Scarlet!

  15. We don’t usually keep wipes around, but they can be handy when we’re out and about.

    As for that sweet shining little boy of yours….what a wonderful thing to be part of all his messes! I don’t yet know if this next is our last or not, but I do know learning to cherish all the little moments with two amazing and amazingly fast growing children, there will be some splendor! 😀

    1. I see more baby wipes in your future!
      It is strange not knowing for sure whether I’m done or not. I suppose I’ll ride that wave for awhile until an answer becomes clear!
      It will be awesome to continue the splendor of two!

  16. I always used Huggies when my boys were little. They worked like a charm against leaks!

  17. Oh those pics are just precious and they totally capture the beautiful MESSES moms face with our little people!! I STILL have wipes in my car, my purse, and will always have them… forever and ever amen. 🙂

    1. I love that you still have them. I will too. I had bought adult ones and wet ones but they’re not the same! It’s baby wipes or bust!

  18. We still use baby wipes too. They are great for cleaning up messes. Especially, when we are away from home.

  19. Happy Birthday to Des!!! I totally understand the need to keep wipes around, even if you aren’t using diapers anymore. I had a pack with me at the Kindergarten Ice Cream social, and it seemed like every parent was asking me for one…or two or three. I’ve even used them to wipe down my car at stoplights.

  20. He he! Happy birthday to Des! He is such a cutie! Yes, I still keep wipes in the car. They are great for spills and cleaning up on the spot. They also work great when you get a spot on your clothes too!

    1. Oh that’s true! They definitely spot clean when you need it. I remember being spit up on and I’d use a wipe to clean my shirt. And then just go on with my day as if nothing happened!

  21. Happy 3rd Birthday! to your little guy 🙂

    a lot of good uses for the wipes – I think we use them for camping sometime they are a good hand cleaners too ♥

  22. Look at his bright eyes and adorable face. I can’t believe he’s the messy one … I use wipes as an adult , they are a great way for freshening up on the go

  23. I remember going to my brothers place and freaking out about their mess. Now, I have kids of my own and the mess is just always there. Not five minutes after bath, my kids have messy faces. LOL…

    1. ha, that’s funny! My sister is a neat freak. I’ve seen her trail behind my kids with a little vacuum. She’s in for a nice surprise when the kids are her own and she can’t keep up with the messes!

    1. I’m pretty sure I’ve used them on my face as makeup remover, believe it or not. Not sure that’s recommended.. but it worked.
      And they’re awesome in the car.

  24. Oh my heart! I swear, that boy of yours. I could not be around him in front of my little guy, because I wouldn’t not be able to contain myself – and Cammy would never forgive me. He is so damn cute!

    1. Cammy is so cute too! Which is funny because I wrote that on your blog today, of all days.
      We’ll have to get them together and see if the cuteness implodes.

    1. Thank you! They aren’t “real” models but they are my photography guinea pigs so they’re quite used to the camera!
      I use the wipes for the dog too!

  25. Aww happiest birthday to your sweet boy! It sounds like you’ve savored every second of the last 3 years, and that’s what’s the most important! Haha I don’t even have a kiddo yet but could definitely benefit from some wipes stored in my purse!;-)

  26. In lieu of a Huggies wipe, we usually use whatever article of clothing I’ve had the misfortune of leaving in the car. So is the fate of so many of my shirts. Actual wipes would come in handy in our house for paint mishaps, dumped plates of pasta and whatever tracked in on Grace’s cleats.

  27. My kids excel at messes! I have to admit, now that they are older I keep Wet Ones in the car. Baby wipes have disappeared from my shopping list. 😉

    1. ha! I use Wet Ones too but it’s not the same! The smell bothers me and they’re too thin. I guess when you’re used to baby wipes…

  28. I definitely don’t buy wipes as often as I used to, but we certainly still use them! They clean up so much!!

  29. I really wished that I embraced the little years a little longer — I didn’t know that he’d be our only.
    He’s six but we still use wipes. I mean boy = disaster.
    Des is such a treasure. Happy birthday messy boy 🙂

    1. What’s weird is that I really thought Scarlet would be our only. So I hope I drank her in enough. When I was pregnant with Des, I was pretty much worthless with her and that was a long time and I still feel disappointed in myself.
      He is such a treasure.

  30. Oh there is always still a package of baby wipes in my car and house even though we’ve been out of diapers in the house for many years!! And what have they NOT saved me from? a rushed cleaning of hands that spent the bus line wait picking up worms in mud puddles? eeewww. why? why would they do that? To sneezes that blow out the entire contents of a child’s nasal passage. To needing to wash MY hands or body because some other dirty, snotty, germ laden child has touched me. LOL
    and I can easily use of 2 mega boxes in a week of camping, because they become handy bath wash mitts. no showers? no problem. wipe yourself down. ha! it works though.

  31. Baby wipes – my life saver! Yep, even when Reiko is already 4, I still rely on wet wipes to clean the mess. They come so handy!

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