The Magic of Surprise Boxes.

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Acorn Fall Box

There’s a magic to surprise boxes that I learned from my mom’s side of the family, and I’m passing along to my kids.

I remember when I was a kid and my mom would look forward to her birthday present from her brother – my uncle – maybe more than any other. He sends boxes full of individually wrapped surprises, and the beauty is that you just NEVER know what will be contained inside a surprise box. It can be anything! It will always be wonderful. The element of surprise is perhaps the most magical part of it all to me, then as a young child, and now as an adult and parent. I love surprise boxes to this day.


When I told my children that the Acorn Fall Box would be coming in the mail, full of autumnal surprises for us all, they were excited to check the mail every day. And ok – so was I. So AM I, since I seem to get a lot of cool mail, because I have a lifelong obsession with opening a box, mailbox or cardboard, and discovering the treasures inside. I thought about what might be contained in an Acorn Fall Box. My hopes were for something pumpkin (was not disappointed), something edible (was not disappointed), something for the kids (was not disappointed), something I need (was not disappointed), and something I didn’t even know I needed.. but I do need. (was not disappointed) I even made a Flipagram video of my joy for the surprise box!

It brought back so many feelings of joy and surprise at not knowing just what you’re going to find, but knowing it will be completely awesome in every way. True to form, I love all five of my Acorn Fall Box items equally and for different reasons.

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First we have The Switch Witch!

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This is perhaps the favorite item of both of my kids. Scarlet even named her Switch Witch – Switchy. Naturally. There’s a cool story behind The Switch Witch. After years of struggling with Celiac Disease herself, and having a son with a milk protein allergy, the author Audrey Kinsman created The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft gift set for families everywhere.

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(Photo provided by The Switch Witch)

The Switch Witch is a beautifully illustrated 20 page storybook and plush Switch Witch Toy to inspire kids to “switch” in their candy to help fuel the energy of the Witchy World. The gift set is educational AND healthy! You can find out more here:

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Des was so excited for Scarlet to come home from school so he could show her The Switch Witch. Cassidy and I can’t wait for fun ways to have The Switch Witch surprise the kids, and ultimately, trade in all their uneaten candy for a surprise.

Thank you, The Switch Witch, for making this family’s favorite holiday even more exciting.

The Switch Witch is available in Target stores everywhere!


Next we have Onyx Coffee!

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This is a big WOW from me. It smelled SO good. I am a huge coffee fan. We have a grinder built into our coffee machine, so getting fresh beans is my favorite way to get coffee. I can only drink a little, due to a caffeine sensitivity, but it just makes me appreciate coffee more. With my supertasting abilities, I only like quality coffee beans, and I use them as an afternoon pickup during that dreaded 3:00pm – 6:00pm time of the day. As they say about their brand, they want you to taste the bean, and not the roast. The beans have specific, innate taste notes that can only be exhibited when roasted correctly, which is what they do. It was such a rich flavor, and I love mine with cream, a bit of maple syrup and a dollop of whipped cream.

Or two.

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Next up is May Designs

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Another huge WOW. This is style and grace and passion right here. I loved having it personalized with my name. Since I was in fifth grade and had to fill dozens of marble composition books with stories, that is an element of writing that has never left my life. There’s nothing I like more than the fresh, crisp, yet-unwritten pages of a new notebook. May Designs makes notebooks, cards, photo books, stationary, and more in TONS of styles. They even do custom orders. Designer Mica May was sick of using ugly notebooks, so she made them pretty. She found that many people had a need for her products, and the company was built nearly overnight! Thank you, May Designs, for sending me a personalized notebook. I feel very special.

Use the code ACORN-20 at their website for 20% off through the end of October!


Now the ever-awesome Glade Candle!

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What can I say here? The candle I was sent is Pumpkin Pit Stop, and it was wrapped so carefully in bubble wrap to keep it safe. I couldn’t wait even a day to start burning it, and I kept thinking that Cassidy was making pumpkin pie or something, and I had somehow missed that. Scented candles have long been a love of mine, and I burn them safely at my desk or in the open kitchen/living room area to share the love with my family and with guests. Plus I was really happy to have some pumpkin representation in my #AcornFallBox. Thank you so much, Glade Candle, for making the smell of fall enter my home.

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And lastly, we have Goody Hair Elastics!

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Do you know me, Goody? Do you know that I haven’t cut my hair more than a trim in over ten years, and even that time was an accident? Do you know that I never leave the house without three Goody Hair Elastics? One for my hair, and two for spare? Do you know that my daughter inherited my crazy hair and loves your products too? And these are my favorite colors! To be fair, burgundy is my favorite fall (or otherwise) color to wear, so I feel happy I can be more matchy with my fall clothes.

Thank you. It’s exactly what I would have picked for myself and I needed new ones since my daughter steals my hair elastics.


Thank you all so much for my Acorn Fall Box! It was so much fun to discover all of these unique and exciting fall-themed products. I haven’t had this much fun with the mail since I was a kid at Christmas-time. I love all of my items very much.

Connect With These Amazing Companies from #AcornFallBox:

Switch Witches: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Onyx Coffee:, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

May Designs:, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Glade Candle: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Goody Hair Elastics: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Which Acorn Fall Box item would you enjoy the most?

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  1. I am a huge fan of May Designs…I have been buying their notebooks for years, ever since I discovered them at a Spark & Hustle conference in NYC! I stock up when there is a sale…I still have a small stash in my office. They have the prettiest notebooks and I love that you can design them yourself. That is SO awesome that they were included in your box!

    1. Oh, that makes me happy!! The Spark & Hustle conference sounds like an incredible experience. Well they’re on sale in October for 20% off! So use that code!!

  2. I had seen the Switch Witch in an ad and wondered what it was about. It sounds fun ๐Ÿ™‚ A box of surprises is always nice.

    1. It’s very cool! Scarlet is so excited with hers. I think it’s slightly like Elf on a Shelf, just with having a buddy during the holiday season, but the trade-in of candy for a toy is the coolest part. We don’t want the candy!

  3. What a great box and not sure which item I would have loved best, but can tell you that I just bought the pumpkin pit stop air fresher and absolutely love it. Seriously I sometimes just spray it as you are right it smells like I have fresh pumpkin pie baking!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. What a delightful box. I just love getting surprise boxes in the mail which was why I subscribed to them for a while for Madison but after a while the thrill went away. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do however love yours and that candle is perfect for the season. I’m also going to have to check out the Switch Witch. Thank you for sharing your amazing box.

    1. Actually, I think your blog was the first to clue me into subscription boxes! There are some that really intrigue me. I think this one was the best ever!
      The Switch Witch is so awesome! Scarlet slept with her and is really into the story.

  5. Love that box! it’s so much fun! Did you like the switch witch? I meant to interview the author but may have run out of time! I didn’t want to add another “thing” if you know what I mean?!

    1. I hear you, but she seems really responsive!
      Yes, Scarlet LOVES the Witch. We don’t have the Elf on the Shelf, but for some reason, The Switch Witch seems more our speed. We’ve been having fun with her. Scarlet sleeps with her.

  6. That is a seriously fun box. I remember getting care packages from my parents when I was in college, and the anticipation between the mail room and my dorm was so exciting! Surprises are really the best.

    1. Oh yeah! We had these amazing PO boxes and getting mail from somewhere off campus, or even from someone within campus, was the best feeling on earth.

  7. What a great surprise!I have never heard about the Switch Witch! I need to find one of those. I have several dear friends with Celiac disease.

  8. Much like you, I ADORE getting snail mail and packages…right up there in my top 5 favorite things! May Designs are the best, as are Glade candles! I have the apple burning in my living room currently, but will go on the hunt for this one, too!

  9. Such a cute idea. I too love opening boxes. I love it! I used to treasure my Stich Fix boxes…but they got to be too $$$$.

  10. SO many fun things in that box!! I LOVE goody hair bands… I swear I hold stock in that product!! Coffee? PLEASE!! Candles? YES! What a glorious box of surprises to open and enjoy!

  11. Woooww!! I love surprise boxes! You know I have a thing for pretty notebooks.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that coffee mug is sooo cool. So happy you got all those cool products!

  12. I love the idea of sending a box full of individually wrapped little gifts in one bigger box. It would make the unwrapping much more exciting and take a little bit longer to get into your gift!

    1. It was so much fun! My daughter was counting down the days to it, and we didn’t even know about the Switch Witch, which hasn’t left her side since.

  13. That’s a great idea. I love to send boxes full of goodness to my family and friends. I like including different items that I think might make them happy, or encouraged, or excited in their journey. It makes me feel good to know they will feel good when they open it.

  14. It’s so true that kids (and adults) love getting boxes in the mail that aren’t bills! LOL! The anticipation of what goodies lay inside is so thrilling. Your box was full of fantastic items!

  15. Switch Witch sounds like a great idea…I know our dentist would love it. And I love the idea of not having candy sitting around for months and months. (Seriously, I send a mini chocolate bar with an Easter bunny in T’s lunch the other day and we still have plenty of miniatures with Valentine’s themes as well.

  16. Wait a minute.. mail that isn’t a bill or a junk trying you to buy crap you don’t need?!? I have got to sign up for this! It looks like it’s a ton of fun… totally Love the pumpkin mug ๐Ÿ™‚

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