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The Great Bedroom Unveiling, and Other Magic

I’m honestly here just to bring you some magic today. I feel like I need it, and maybe you do too?

bedroom unveiling

There is so much going on in the above photo, right? That’s when my mom, sister, and sister’s kids visited. As you can see by the inspection stickers in the window, our bedroom was/is not done yet. I seriously can’t wait to do a final unveiling for that one. I just realized you might have read my title and thought this post was about the master bedroom. It’s actually about Des’ bedroom! That said, our room has about one or two final touches and then I will share the whole final thing. It’s been a labor of love – not much from me since I’m no builder – but I did have the patience and resilience required for a big project.

bedroom unveiling

bedroom unveiling

bedroom unveiling

Now the kids have been sharing a room since Des was a baby. My mom got Scarlet a wonderful crib at IKEA that also turned into a day bed. When Des outgrew his bassinet – which didn’t take long – we had to turn the day bed back into a crib and get Scarlet a bed. Money was tight then and at first she was on a mattress on the floor. I still cry about it because she was totally happy and gracious. That said, one day she went to her friend Eliza’s house to play and we made her a whole new room while she was gone. I’ll never forget her coming back home! While we were doing our renovations this past fall/winter, we knew we wanted to give Des his own room. I wasn’t totally ambitious about it because I was fried and I hate clutter even though I’m not able to clean it that well. Then Cassidy just decided it was time. We were in NJ and Cassidy stayed home:

It took a whole weekend to transform the old guest room, but it was worth every second, I hope!

Here’s some of the before, during, and after pictures he took:

On his first night there, he was up until almost 11pm! We had put him to bed at somewhat regular time but there were a few forces against him. For one, it was Daylight Savings time so his body thought it was earlier. For another, he had slept through at least half of our four hour car ride back from New Jersey. He rarely naps! We kept checking on him and he’d be wide awake. We just wanted to turn off the Hulk lights to save batteries! At one point he said, “I’m awake because it’s so strange being all alone.” Aww! Finally, he fell asleep but I think it was after I had. The next morning he said the room was awesome and that he also missed his old room. I totally get that conflicted feeling – the joy of the new, and the slight loss at the only sleeping life you’ve known. I think it has died down every day since, until maybe I’m the only one that still sees it.

That slight feeling of what has been – really just a tiny, dying light.

Have you ever done a big surprise bedroom renovation for one of your kids?

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  1. I saw that you redid the room for Des on Facebook this past week. But loved the unveiling here totally. Cassidy did an awesome job and yay to Des’ awesome new bedroom 🙂

  2. Wow, this is fantastic, Tamara. I love what you guys have done for his room. SWEET. I also love that first photo. It reminds me of the famous photographer’s work—sorry can’t think of her name—but her images are all domestic chaos. Children under tables etc. Haha. I’m looking forward to seeing your master bdrm.

  3. This is so cool, and I love that first picture. Your first picture was magic. I think in our master bedroom we should just put bunk beds since everybody wants to sleep in their these days anyways 🙂

  4. How wonderful! We transformed Thomas’ baby room into a big boy room, with a frog theme. I stenciled frogs & grass along the bottom of all the walls, and he got a new bunk bed. He was so happy! I also understand that conflicted feeling of being excited about the new but missing the old. Des is going to have so many great memories in his new room!

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