The Five Best HappyMakings of Today

These are not numbered in any particular order.

1. The cuteness that is my family:

2. When I got into the car this afternoon, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey came on the radio the second I buckled my seatbelt. I looked in the rear view mirror and even Scarlet had the sense to grin and bop her head. I’ve been a lifelong believer in the radio Gods but I can go through years where I forget what it’s like to believe in them. I used to hear “Don’t Stop Believing” at just the right time when I needed to feel better. The song may be a little corny but you can’t deny that you too would probably leave the radio dial alone and sing along in the car if it came on.

3. I totally overheard Grandpa Larry say to Scarlet, “YOU…are a very nice young woman.”

4. I often say that as much as I’d like it to be true, I don’t believe that a near 8-month-old baby knows words yet. I may have to throw that out the window. She was on Grandpa’s lap and she looked at Cassidy and he said, “Scarlet – say Dada.” Without missing a beat, she said “Dada” in the clearest voice I’ve ever heard her use. The timing and execution were just too right – I might be a believer now.

5. My friends. Wow. From seeing so many amazing people today, to getting girl scout cookies and a heartfelt card in the mail from an old friend, to connecting deeply with a new friend on email (you know who you are, I hope)…I just felt so grateful today. I have to finish this up with a shout out to my “cosmic” friend Rachel. Not only did we both go from the east coast to the Bay area back to the east coast again. Not only do we both have a major appreciation for the chocolates, cookies and cakes of the world. Today we discovered that we both have Tim Curry albums somewhere on cassette tape or vinyl. Yup. I thought no one else out there even knew he recorded albums. We were in a restaurant that Susan Sarandon frequents so the conversation naturally turned to “Rocky Horror” and to the sexiness that is (was) Tim Curry. That little snippet of a conversation has put a smile on my face all day. Thank you, Rachel. You rock.

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