The Busy Mom’s Guide To Creativity.

I sing in the shower. A LOT. I also belt out songs while folding laundry.

Sometimes I go on whims and I make food in the shape of ninja turtles, or moose. I dance, constantly and not well, and I make up jokes, song lyrics and TV shows about my life. I take pictures, both professionally and personally, and that shifts and then shifts again. I used to take my camera everywhere I went. Everywhere. Now I don’t as much. Sometimes I need to live just as much as I need to remember. I have a long memory, and besides, sometimes living IS photography. Sometimes it isn’t.

Did any of that make sense? It doesn’t have to make sense.

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I wake up in the morning and do the parenting thing as best as I can, under conditions such as: being cold, not being “allowed” to sleep until 9:00am, and not having a hot breakfast served to me in bed by a trio of bluebirds. Having to make kid breakfast and find kid socks and kid shoes. Having to drive. Doing school drop-offs. Then, often, it’s my own time. That’s when I carve my schedule into a series of creative endeavors – some personal and some professional, and often both at once. It’s a juggle and a balance and a challenge and a million other things, but it’s mine. And it’s urgent. It’s living. It’s NOT easy.

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People often ask me how I manage to do it all – parenting, photography and writing. And I often reply back that I don’t actually know how NOT to do it all. I remember when a therapist asked me if I’m a workaholic, after many years of not having a steady career. I blurted out, “Yes. Yes I am.” How do I manage to do all this? It’s the same way you might wake up and do deep breathing, then some stretches and Yoga poses, coffee, maybe even some medication or vitamins. A healthy breakfast. A job? It’s because these are the things that keep me healthy. If I have a steady flow and a way to be a parent and a creative – both professionally and personally – that IS my breathing, my Yoga, my medicine/vitamins. Although I really should be doing more exercise. Ultimately, it’s about the combination of things that make you..YOU. More importantly, a healthy YOU.

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It wasn’t always this way, and since I have an anxious mind, I worry it will all be taken from me. At any moment. I fought to be here, and I have to maintain it as well. It’s really the only way. So when I read my dear friend Bev’s book, “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity“, I was so taken in that she was saying what I needed to hear. It’s important to find time to be creative. It’s your lifeblood to be creative. It’s possible to be creative AND a parent. Or to be a parent AND creative. Also, you probably know this, but Bev is an in-person friend too! We tend to get together once or twice, or even three times, a year. I always knew she was someone I wanted to get to know, but I also look up to the way she balances still-new motherhood with her very creative jewelry business. Also, she’s a writer/blogger like me! She’s juggling more than one job.

I get that well.

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Are you a busy mom looking to reconnect with YOU? Do you want to find time for the creative interests that make you shine? In the The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity, you’ll learn how to bring your creative interests into those everyday mundane chores you dread, involve your children in the things that make you happy, and receive tips on letting go of mom guilt so that you can find time for you! For just $15 you will receive a fun and interactive 65-page digital workbook that features:

– Quotes from real-life moms about the importance of creativity in their lives and how they make time for their interests

– Interviews with life coaches and therapists who specialize in working with moms

– 21 pages of worksheets to reflect and apply what you have learned to your personal life

– 7 art prints with inspirational quotes about creativity

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Purchase your copy today and bring back that creative spark that makes you who you are!

Here’s a special link for my readers, link HERE, that will give you $3 off through Friday, October, 23rd.

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  1. I’m one of those people who just does it and doesn’t make excuses too. I do it all because I can. If it was too much, I wouldn’t.

    (PS – lucky hubby’s fixed after that pic…wow).

  2. I don’t consider myself a workaholic, I’m actually one of the biggest procrastinator on earth. However I totally get where you’re coming from because my brother is quite like you. He doesn’t know when to take a vacation. This book is something I would love to read, it might surely help me.

    1. Wow, you seem like me! Maybe it’s because we’ve both been known to post on our blogs more than once a day. Although you take the cake with that.

      I really am bad at relaxing and truly shutting things off for vacation.

      1. That’s what I need to learn to do. To relax and truly shut things off. Even when we were on vacation during the summer, sure we had fun and I actually took the time off from actually posting on the blog, but all I was thinking about was “wow this would make a great story for the blog, let me take my camera”, but I still don’t consider myself a workaholic. 🙂

  3. I’m such a workaholic also! I don’t know how *not* to be busy and doing something creative. And if I didn’t have my business while being home with Eve, I’d go stir crazy. Or perhaps end up doing a lot of crafts or making jewelry, even if I wasn’t selling them.
    Thank you so much for sharing here, my friend! You are such a talented and creative woman + mom. I’m glad we have become in-person friends 🙂

    1. I always think about where I’ll be when the kids are both in full-time school. If we somehow had a lot of money, I still could never just.. not work. I’d go so crazy!!
      You are such a talented and creative woman yourself!!

  4. I was just thinking this morning: I have people ask me how I do it all and then I talk to my mom and she asks me what I’ve accomplished. Not in a mean way, just in the way only your mother can talk to you. And I have to remind myself that taking a moment away from parenthood to focus on myself is a good way to be a better mom.

  5. Oh my gosh I think I am a workaholic too…. and I don’t even work outside the home, really. I had never thought of it that way. Mind blown. Maybe I should slow down a little and read Bev’s book!!

  6. Love this because it is easy to lose yourself in the day to day tasks…and then you think they do I like what are my hobbies?? Looks like you’ve got it under control though! 🙂

  7. Looks like a great kit and prize package! I love when I have a chance to be creative…not often enough but when I do, it is so enjoyable. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  8. Wow I can really use that book. Now a days my life completely revolves round my 8 month old son:) . I tried to come back to blogging but can’t find time to be consistent.

  9. I think this book would be helpful even for those of us with older kids. Figuring out a way to fit creativity into my busy life is a big priority for me.

    1. Oh, definitely! I think sometimes life gets even busier when your kids are older and have activities and sports. And college planning. Yikes.

  10. I need to work on being more creative. I still need to finish up my son’s Halloween costume. I recently got a sewing machine so I’m looking forward to using it to create things like curtains and dresses.

  11. I love how you describe how each person’s routine is what works for them. It may look like my life is too busy to fit it all in — but I have worked it out in a way that works for me. It may not work for another; they have to find their own. And I think it’s the “making it our own” that makes it not only work, but more fulfilling. Allowing the creative side of us to creep into all areas of our life.

  12. What a great book. As mom of a teenage my son is happy when I am not in his personal space so i get to be as creative as I want. that said when he was younger i put a lot on hold so I could be with him every moment.

  13. I’m a SAHM of 3 little girls and a full time blogger…oh, yep…cook, housekeeper, financial planner, dog walker, taxi driver, and a plethora of other job titles follow. 🙂 Sometimes it can be creatively stunting which is why I think I love blogging so much. It’s kind of become my creative outlet!

    1. I so get it. I really love the balance of being with the kids and being creative, and also being alone and creative, but sometimes I’m just tired.. for all of it.

  14. Looks like a great book. As a mom, I have always tried to keep my creativity alive with my kids. When they were little I would come up with things that they would be a part of but also allowing for time for myself to work creatively alone.

  15. You should always take time for yourself. As a mom, it’s hard but we need that time to recharge. Your friend’s book sounds like a great inspirational book

  16. I think I might need this…anything to find more creative ways to get mundane things done! Usually I just let the mundane tasks pile up because I’m having too much fun doing something creative!

  17. I’m a work a holic for sure! I relate to literally everything you said lol. I love photography too, I’m just not good at it, or shall I say professionally…

  18. Glad Rabia won! I’m afraid if there’s not a creative outlet – for mom, dad, or kids – you die a little inside. Or at least have the intellectual equivalent of a sour stomach.

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