The Brief Guide That Makes Raising Backyard Chickens Simple

Have you been contemplating raising backyard chickens? To learn more about raising backyard chickens, continue reading this helpful article.

The Brief Guide That Makes Raising Backyard Chickens Simple:

Have you been contemplating raising backyard chickens? When you raise your own chickens, you can provide your own eggs to then eat for yourself or sell. Chickens also come with a few other benefits as well.

When you keep chickens in your backyard, you can rely on them to be an active pest control service. Chickens love to eat anything they can find in your yard and will eat all those pests in your garden and around your home. Before you buy your first chickens, there are a few things you should know, though.

To learn more about raising chickens in your backyard, continue reading below!

Check With Local Laws

Before you do anything, stop and check your local laws. Are chickens permitted in your neighborhood? Some subdivisions or HOAs don’t allow homeowners to raise chickens.

There might also be a limit on how many chickens you can have in your yard. To prevent any mishaps, always check the local laws first.

Decide on the Breed

Next is time to decide on the types of chickens you want to raise. What kinds of chickens will be the best chickens for your yard? Consider what you want out of the chickens.

For example, egg-laying breeds, such as the Leghorns will produce large quantities of eggs throughout their short lifetime. Meat breeds grow quickly and are ideal for those who want to use the chickens for meat. Do your research and know what type of chicken breeds are out there before you make a final decision.

Know How Many Chickens You Want

How many chickens do you want to raise? Sure, more chickens means more meat or more eggs, but it also means more work. Chickens can be quite messy creatures and will need regular cleaning of their coop.

The more chickens you have, the large the coop needs to be as well. Each chicken will need a certain amount of space for laying eggs and moving around. Keep these factors in mind when deciding on a number.

Build a Coop

Now it’s time to build your coop. You can purchase a coop pre-built as well if desired, but building allows your creativity to flow. Come up with a plan for your coop and then bring it to life.

Remember, the coop needs to be big enough for all the chickens and be secure to keep them safe from predators at night.

Keep Clean Food and Water

Chickens won’t drink the water if it’s dirty. Dirty water bowls and dirty food can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. To help keep your chickens happy and healthy, do be sure to clean their water and food area on a daily basis.

You’ll also want to take great care when deciding on the type of food to feed them. Organic layer feed, for example, is premium feed ideal for laying hens.

Could You Benefit From Backyard Chickens?

Do you think you could benefit from raising backyard chickens? Make sure to keep this guide handy when first starting out. Follow the advice listed here and before you know it, you’ll be a professional chicken handler!

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