The Best Educational Games To Play With Kids

The Best Educational Games To Play With Kids. 2020 has been a year full of free time! No doubt you've had to work overtime lately.

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The Best Educational Games To Play With Kids

2020 has been a year full of free time! No doubt you’ve had to work overtime trying to keep your kids entertained. The upside of this is that you’d spent a lot of time together, but the downside is that they’ve missed out on a lot of school. Some schools are reopening, but others remain closed. So, what if you found ways to combine entertainment with learning? Your children may also feel fatigued from learning their lessons through a screen. Hence, it may help them be more enthusiastic about school if you combine learning with playtime. Thankfully, it’s very easy to find some fun games that are also highly educational. To give you some inspiration, here are a few to start playing:


Scrabble is a classic board game that’s perfect for children of all ages. It’s excellent at teaching your kids how to form new words and broaden their vocabulary. It can also teach them how to strategize by finding words they can connect to get a high score. There’s also a fair bit of adding up involved in this game as well! You have to count your score based on the tiles used and the places on the board. All in all, it’s a brilliant game to play, and there are digital versions if you don’t have the board game. Some kids can get frustrated when playing, particularly if they can’t think of any words. But, this is easily solved with a scrabble word finder that unscrambles the letters for them. It’s technically cheating, so only let them use it when they’re really stuck. Still, it helps them find new words even if they’re handed to them.

If you’re introducing the game to kids for the first time, you can also let them play in pairs until they get the hang of it. This way, it’ll be easier for them to compose words since they can help each other if one gets stuck.

Count All to Add Numbers up to 5 Game

Introducing the “Count All to Add Numbers up to 5 Game” by SplashLearn, a fun addition game designed to make learning math fun and interactive for young learners.
In this game, children are challenged to develop their early math skills by adding numbers up to 5. It’s a hands-on and visually appealing experience that encourages kids to count objects, identify numbers, and understand the basics of addition. With colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay, this educational game helps children build a strong foundation in math while having a blast.

Not only does the “Count All to Add Numbers up to 5 Game” enhance numeracy skills, but it also fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. So, why not make learning math an enjoyable adventure for your little ones? Add this game to your list of education games, and watch your child’s math skills flourish while having a great time!

Wit’s End

You might not have heard of this game, but it’s become very popular amongst parents during the pandemic. Wit’s End is a board game that teaches your kids about all sorts of things. There’s some history involved, some riddles, geography, and much more. It gets your kids to think about sequencing and training their brain to recognize patterns and remember information. It also happens to be very enjoyable, which is always a massive plus!

If your kids enjoy learning about different topics through Wit’s End, they may also enjoy Brainable. With these brain games, you can let them play puzzles or number games that test their memory and skills. This way, they learn new concepts while having fun.

Trivial Pursuit

Like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit is a timeless classic! It’s adorned many dining room tables for decades, providing endless fun for the whole family. Of course, the idea behind the game is simple – each player has to answer a series of questions. There’s a kid’s edition for young children, which is the perfect way to grow and test their knowledge. They’ll learn lots of vital information that can be very handy when going back to school. Also, there are usually easy and hard questions for each topic, so you can gradually scale your child up to harder questions. If you have older kids, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are both still worth playing. The way they’re designed means that older kids can still learn a lot from them.  

You can also use this game to let your kids and older relatives bond whenever they’re at home during visits or get-togethers. For instance, you can pair a child and an adult and ask easy and difficult questions alternately. This way, each player has a chance to answer during a turn.

Final Thoughts 

The thing I like most about these games is that they’re all traditional. You don’t need to play video games to keep your kids educated. It may be an excellent idea to introduce them to educational but fun games they’re unfamiliar with. This way, they’ll feel challenged and learn how to follow game instructions. They’ll also learn to work with others whenever they play pair or team games. Additionally, these games are family games to play with everyone. It’s an excellent way of getting all your kids and the whole family together. Plus, your children are kept entertained while simultaneously learning a lot. When they go back to school, they’ll be full of knowledge.

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