The Best Animated Travel-Inspired Movies for Children

Watching movies is a great way to inspire people to pursue new hobbies and learn more about themselves. It can also be a perfect way to recuperate your mental health after a hard day’s work. Of the many kinds of movies, animated films can be the best choice for your next family movie night! Children and adults are sure to be hooked by the zany adventures and colorful art of the movie. A film may even spark the child’s interest in traveling to explore the different places the films portray! Here are a few travel-inspired movies that will be a delight to watch.

A film may spark a child’s interest in travel, to explore different places films portray! Here are a few travel-inspired movies for children.
Movies are a great way to bond with the family

The Best Animated Travel-Inspired Movies for Children

Lion King (1994)

The Lion King is about a young lion, Simba, who must grow up and lead his pride. His uncle, Scar, and other challenges force him to grow and take his place as the king of the Pridelands. This movie is an homage to the beauty of the African savannah, and it certainly shows! The colors, music, and attention to small details blend to give a mysticality to the savannah wilderness. The team that made the film took inspiration from Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya, which they visited and studied to gain inspiration. 

Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke is a beautiful, complex film about humans and nature, gods and monsters. Ashitaka aims to rid himself of a curse that has beset him. Once he arrives at his location, he finds himself in a war between the forest and a mining village. Yakushima Island had inspired Hayao Miyazaki to create the mysterious and beautiful landscape in the film. Stepping into these thick forests can feel like stepping into another world! The wilderness is heavy with ancient, thousand-year-old sugi trees, and moss covers the bark and ground.

Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille is a film about a young rat named Remy who has a penchant for making food. After ending up in Paris, he teams up with a young restaurant worker to fulfill his passion for cooking. For those who want to immerse themselves in the magic and romance of Paris, Ratatouille is a perfect movie for you. The soundtrack and art direction of the film works in harmony to bring out the beauty of Paris. Combined with the central cuisine theme, it makes anyone who watches want to visit the beautiful city!

Up (2009)

Up is a film about 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen, who dreamt of exploring the mystical Paradise Falls. After many long years, he fulfills his wish, joined by a talking dog and a young boy scout. 

Seeing the otherworldly and gorgeous Paradise Falls in this film would inspire your kids to visit the impressively beautiful Angel Falls someday! The world’s highest waterfall pours down from a tepui, a unique kind of mesa in South America. Many of these tepuis still haven’t been fully explored! The strange and one-of-a-kind ecosystems of the tepuis spark curiosity and adventure up to this day. 

Moana (2016)

Moana is about a young woman who takes up her ancestor’s lost sea-faring tradition. She then voyages across the ocean in search of a demi-god to cure the curse on her island. 

The history, land, and culture of Polynesia serve as the inspiration for the film. The endless ocean and stars can spark anyone’s desire to cruise the seas. Watching the beautifully animated South Pacific ocean is sure to be a treat for the eyes!

Animated movies are perfect at catching children’s imagination to plant seeds of inspiration in their minds. Perhaps you might be one movie away from your kids asking for a camping tent for their birthday gift! On another note, if you are still contemplating which is the best camera for professional photography to grab for your next travel adventure with kids, settle down, grab some snacks, and get cozy with your kids for a fun movie night.


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