The Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Rehab

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a healthy way of coping with the stresses of everyday life. It’s centered around an old-age tension reduction and healing method called mindfulness. 

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a healthy way of coping with the stresses of everyday life. It’s centered around an old-age tension reduction and healing method called mindfulness. 

When mindful, you’re fully aware of life and live one minute at a time. You don’t feel pressure to take on many tasks at a go, but instead, give your energy to one task up to completion. It has the effect of significantly reducing the daily stresses of life.

How Do You Know That You Need Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Rehab?

MBSR is ideal for anyone struggling with extreme stress or negative emotions. People with no mental disorder can apply this technique with a high success rate.

In a rehab setting, it’s ideal for patients undergoing treatment and who portray the following symptoms;

  • Have short attention spans – They may have trouble paying attention to simple tasks and objectives due to the adverse effects of an addiction or mental disorder.
  • Constantly worrying about the future – Anxiety and worry are co-occurring symptoms of most mental disorders. The patients may have trouble living in the present and worry about future events they cannot control.

Mental health professionals will teach you to adopt MBSR strategies if you portray these symptoms in a stress-free environment like the rehab in Tucson.

Advantages of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy

Learning and acquiring the skills of MBSR helps an individual react to stressful situations more healthily. Here are more advantages of this type of therapy.

  • Improves attention span – The attention span of human beings is constantly reducing daily. With the onset of a mental disorder, this attention span drops even further. MBSR therapy helps restore attentiveness through exercises that calm the body, like breathing exercises.
  • Increases your work performance and output – One of the key elements of MBSR is focusing on one task at a time. The result is better concentration in every task you do, thereby having good results for work done.
  • Reduces cortisol levels in the body – Stressful situations induce the release of cortisol. While it’s effective in helping the body stay alert in stressful situations, its prolonged release can adversely affect our bodies. MBSR help regulate it to its optimal levels.
  • Treatment of comorbid disorders – MBSR therapy effectively treats comorbid conditions for mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Mental health professionals incorporate it in treatment plans with huge success.
  • Is an effective remedy for insomnia – One major cause of insomnia is stress. A psychologist can help you solve it by employing MBSR tactics. For example, they can interview you to pinpoint the cause of the problem and then help you meditate your worries away.
  • Helps to prevent lifestyle diseases – Stresses are part of our daily lives in a fast-paced world. Sometimes it may cause physical issues such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. By employing MBSR techniques, you can keep lifestyle diseases at bay.

Is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction an Effective Method in Rehab?

When used in rehab, MBSR is an effective tool to help patients become aware of their negative feelings and learn how to control them better.

It utilizes simple techniques a psychologist can teach the patients as part of their treatment plan. For example, they teach them breathing exercises, meditation, journaling, and group therapy.


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