The Beauty In The Sick Day.

Before I go any further, I have updated my Truths & Lies post to reveal the answers! Two of you were absolutely correct! The guesses/comments were so much fun to go through. Thank you all for making a rough winter week have some lightness and humor. Link HERE. Keep those terrible job stories safely in your mind or in your writings. I may compile a book someday!

And now for your regularly scheduled programming, or actually, not at all your regularly scheduled programming!

Scarlet woke up yesterday morning with her first bad virus in almost two years.

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So of course, time stopped for us. I am an emetophobe but I’m also a neurotic (read: caring) mother so her vomiting and fever were almost a relief after she woke up and told us she had a headache! My mind took headache to scary and unusual places. However, a headache with vomiting and fever equals a virus, in my humble, non-doctor opinion. Four-year-olds get viruses.

And for comic relief value, I overheard this gem of a conversation, since the last time she was sick, she was only two:

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Funny, no? I guess she’s lucky that she didn’t know what was happening to her. And thanks, Amber, for “liking” my status!

And then the minutes ticked by in a slow daze. When Cassidy was with Scarlet, I played cars (“byes”) with Des and he used new words and terms. “Please.” “I love you.” “Vroom vroom!” I entertained him. He entertained me, mostly.

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Then Scarlet and I fell asleep together in a sunbeam after a particularly rousing episode of “Sofia the First.” The afternoon rolled on endlessly. I had her head on my left shoulder, and a “just-in-case” bucket to my right, that she luckily didn’t use.

Lately I have been worried that we haven’t bonded in awhile. That we bicker too much or ignore each other in favor of the other parent/child. And then this ridiculous virus arrived to bound us back together, or at least show us that we were never really separate after all. When a child gets sick, they want their parents. When a child is sick, their parent doesn’t leave their side.

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And in this case, she wanted MY parents! Right after getting sick she asked if Nana was coming over!

We had wanted to attend a local home and garden show at Smith College so that we could walk around stealing candy, pens and other vendor toys. I had wanted to write a whole other deep blog post. Life had other plans today, and maybe this week.

Cuddly, sick day, horrible, beautiful plans.

And Scarlet did have a lot of fun with Siri!

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I had fun with Siri too..

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And Scarlet wasn’t the only one getting special treatment over the weekend. My 100-year-old grandmother too! This is my mom’s heartwarming status:

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May you all be healthy this week!

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  1. I sure do hope that Scarlet is feeling better! 🙂 I always hated it when the kids were sick…oh who am I foolin…I still do! LOL! But nothing humbles me more than when lil miss comes in for snuggles when she is sick. Have a great and hope everyone else stays healthy week!

  2. I hope that Scarlet feels better! It sounds like you two enjoyed one another’s company though, and Siri too! You had me cracking up (but quietly since the hubby is still sound asleep). I hope you two enjoy the extra time together! 🙂

    1. ha! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Siri can’t really get anything right! She was asking me options for how to pronounce my name and both were wrong! One was Tamara like “tomorrow.” And one was just Tamar. WTH, Siri!

  3. Aww, poor Scarlet and totally unplugged yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Kevin, the girls and my in-laws and today I am going Lily’s class to help with her St. Patrick’s Day Party. So, a bit more of playing hooky on a Monday for me. However, loved your sick texts with Siri and totally made me smile this morning. Feel better, Scarlet 🙂

    1. An unplug is a great idea, every now and then! I need to do that more often. That sounds fun! Scarlet had to stay home from school today and in not wanting to overwhelm her, I’m stuck at home too! Des and I are playing a lot of catch.
      And tonight I’ll get me some corned beef and cabbage, I hope!

  4. Awww I hope she feels better and that everyone else stays healthy! But yes, sickness has a way of bonding mamas and their littles and as awful as illness is, that itself is always sweet.

    1. It’s funny how that is. I always dread sickness because it doesn’t happen a lot here and I have this weird compulsion with all four of us being perfectly healthy, always. And that’s just not possible. So I sort of let it go yesterday. I let it ride. I think we were both better for it.

  5. Having sick kiddos is no fun, but the snuggles are pretty sweet. It makes them seem so much younger again. I hope Des doesn’t get sick!

    1. Thanks! Me too! He did drink from her cup so we just have to hope that immune systems do their jobs, even when faced with such obvious contamination! It’s not a stomach bug, so I guess it’s not as contagious as they are, but I don’t know!

  6. Right to the point! From waffles to hugs, our “girls” were our focus of our day, your daughter, my mother, my granddaughter, your nana!

    1. Yes! I loved that. The youngest and the oldest females in the family. Although Scarlet’s title is about to be usurped by baby Jacobson!

  7. Awwwwww!!!!! Poor S! WooHoo, for clarification here I wasn’t “liking” the probability of yout entire household getting sick but I was digging (as usual) the intelligence of S going “what is happening here? ” & Cassidy’s simply daddy response of “your throwing up, this is what happens when people get sick.” Siri is hilarious! Kens always asks for Mike who is not her biodad even is she is at her father’s (usually use a different tetm buy being this is your page I can be a grown up- I guess) she only wants him, he’s a quiet calm that I am not! Hope S gets better and y’all miss it, Sweet T! XO!~A~

    1. haha! I know! You were liking the status. I just love that your name showed up when I did the screenshot. It was really funny that she had no idea why something was coming out of her mouth!
      That’s funny about Mike! Cassidy is much calmer than I am, but she seems to want both of us when she’s sick. Who knew?!

  8. Awe, poor Scarlet. That nasty stomach bug has affected so many people this year. I don’t ever remember it being so bad. I hope she is feeling better today, and that all of your family is able to stay healthy and not catch it. There is nothing worse than a sick child.

    1. The stomach bug does seem so bad this year, which is what I was SO afraid of because it’s so miserable and contagious. Luckily that wasn’t what she has! She only got sick once, which may have been a reaction to the headache of the cold. It’s been more of a fever/congestion thing with no stomachache in over 24 hours. Whew! Saved..this time, anyway.

  9. awww…poor scarlet i do hope she feels better really really soon!
    it is a difficult time for any parent when kids gets sick…i hope that everyone else stays healthy!

    have a blessed week ahead!

    big hugs~

    1. Thank you so much, Betty! Today is day 2 and it’s not terrible but she still isn’t feeling well. She’s hungry, though, so that’s a good sign.

  10. I hope Scarlet is better today! I hate it when my kids are sick. On Mother’s Day weekend a couple of years ago, Lily was sick with a high fever and vomiting, so I had a throw-up bowl next to her on the floor. She was so miserable that my husband started to dance for her to make her smile. He tripped on the bowl and I ended up calling his sister to take him to the ER! He had a really bad sprain, but fortunately nothing was broken. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry but that made me crack up! We were definitely pulling out the stops to make her laugh. I told her that when she was two, she threw up in my hair and that when I was a little girl, I threw up on MY Mama – her Nana. She was all, “Really?”
      Cassidy took the force of it this time. In his eyes and nose. Pleasant, right?

  11. I do hope Scarlet is healthy and that she didn’t share her germs! I love the conversation she had with Cassidy- “What is happening!?” What a little love bug- that must have been such a scary moment for her!

    1. She was so scared! And horrified that it happens. I hope she doesn’t grow up to be phobic like I am, but maybe not. I didn’t become become from actually vomiting – in fact I don’t remember it being THAT horrible.
      And yes, to the germ thing! Des drank from her water cup yesterday and I am watching him like a hawk for signs. I’m the only one who wasn’t exposed as obviously as the other two so I’m hoping to stay healthy..

  12. Feel better soon Scarlet! My kids are home today too for another snow day – insane. We need some warm weather to banish all the germs!

    1. What?? No snow here and we’re New England! This is BS. I keep looking at the thermometer and at the lack of thawing. Yeah, it’s 21 degrees here. Yeah, that’s not fun. Tonight will go down to ten! I’m riddled with excitement. Really.

    1. Viruses can be so contagious! I have my hopes for this one. It’s not a stomach thing and the one puking incident seems more of a reaction to her headache. It’s more of a low fever, cough and cold thing. Which I really hope doesn’t spread! On the week in which spring comes! At least..on the calendar, if not in our yard.

    1. Thanks! And yes, my mom is so awesome! She devoted her whole day to making her mom happy. And my grandmother can EAT. At 100. It’s nice to know..

  13. We took my teeny-weeny almost-90-year-old grandmother out to eat at an Indian restaurant last night and she ate like a prize fighter. I’m glad you are still having similar good times with yours 🙂

    1. We need to get our grandmothers together! Mine ate two giant waffles, strawberries, real coffee, etc. She loves food. She just loves it. To be that passionate about fatty food when you’re 100? That’s a blessing. I hope I inherited it!

  14. Aww, poor baby! And poor mama. I’m sure it’s not fun/scary seeing your child sick. Glad you were able to get some bonding time out of it, though.

    1. Yup, just trying to make the best of it! I get very neurotic about my kids being sick. It’s just so sad and scary to me. This seems mild(ish), though..

  15. I hope that Scarlet is feeling better and that everyone else is healthy!! I hate seeing my kids sick and not being able to do much to make them feel better except to cuddle and hold them. Those conversations with Siri are awesome. And so is your mom’s update.

    1. Thank you! I think Siri is a great way to combat sick day boredom.
      Or Face-timing your parents seven times. Scarlet gets really possessive of the phone and just walks around with it all over the house. It’s like it’s her toy – a grandmother’s face in a box. And it responds!

  16. Someone once told me that they try to see sick time with kiddos as a blessing because it forces us to slow down the pace of our lives. Although having sick kids certainly isn’t fun, there is some truth in that statement, as your experience shows. Hoping your household is fully healthy again soon!

    1. So true, Katie. It’s been changing the pace of life. Usually on Monday mornings I am rushing everywhere. Today I have been cuddling with her and when she or Des fall asleep, I come up here and sneak in some blog commenting.

  17. When my eldest had the stomach flu, it was one of the rare times he would sit still long enough to cuddle with us. I mean really cuddle and hug, for like, 30 minutes lol. Before that he was always go go go.

    I do think we’re on the same wave length here though Tamara. One of the twins had the stomach flu (man we hate those) this past weekend. Poor thing. Tired me out and definitely tested me though.

    Hope Scarlet is feeling much better 🙂

    1. Aw, your poor twin! So young for the stomach flu – they must have no idea what is happening to them. And surprising that you all remained healthy! Good surprising. I’ve heard it’s wicked contagious. I’ve been trying to keep it out of our home all winter long. I can’t wait until spring when we get a big reprieve from such things.

  18. Wow how do you get your Siri to call you by name? Ok sorry, that shouldn’t have been the first thing I said. I hope Scarlet is feeling better! The bonding really is the best part of the kid sickness. The warm snuggles they give, and the loving sanctuary you give. And honestly I feel the same way Scarlet did, every time I throw up!

    1. Good question! I thought she just knew my name because it’s my phone. And she was calling Scarlet “Tamara” too.
      And I’m laughing that you are also bewildered when you throw up! “What is this happening to me?? Why?? I hope it never happens again!” She even wished on a candle that it would never happen again! Good luck with that, kid.

  19. Hope Scarlet is feeling better! Bean was home with me last Monday and Tuesday with a stomach bug. She woke us up at 3:45 a.m. to tell us ‘I throwed up all over my room.’ It was like a horror flick. I can’t tell you how sweet it was when she curled up on the couch in my office and fell asleep while I was working.

    1. Oh dear! Did you two do rock, paper, scissors to determine who would clean up THAT mess? Or did you divide and conquer like a good team does?
      That is so sweet about sleeping in your office! Both kids are asleep right now, which is how I’m afforded this brief luxury of checking in on you all.

  20. Aww that Scarlet feels better Tamara!! I worry about my relationship with my son too, then he comes and hugs me for no reason at all and I think ‘we’re OK’. Enjoy the cuddle time and hopefully no more vomiting.. gross.. It’s amazing what you’ll tolerate and clean up after as parents, lol. Nothing really does phase me anymore. Siri is ridiculous – she trips me out which is why I’m grateful for my Android phone.. The ish she says it sounds like some sick Illuminati type jokes/propaganda. Nooooo thank you! Lol have a great one lovely Tamara! -Iva

    1. It’s so true how you get so used to bodily fluids. I guess it’s like nurses. If they had panic attacks every time they got peed or puked on, well, they couldn’t be nurses anymore!
      Siri is just…I don’t get her. She even reminded Scarlet that she wasn’t real when Scarlet said, “I just don’t like you!”

  21. I hope she feels better!! Being sick is the worst, but I’m glad you two are getting to spend some time together. Also, I don’t think I said this in response to the title of your last post but

    Living in a lonely wooooooooooooorld
    Took the midnight train going annnnnnnnnnnnywhere

    Gosh I love that song. Best karaoke ever.

  22. It really sucks when they are sick; you just want them to feel well and are pretty powerless to make it happen. The plus side is that I get a day off from work to spend with my kid. That unexpected time together is kind of nice.

    1. Ah, a day off. That is nice. I think Cassidy would love to stay home and take care of Scarlet. And I’m raring to get out because with him at work and her sick, it’s housebound status for Des and me too.

  23. I hope she feels better soon! The only part of my son being sick that I can deal with is that it becomes my moment, where I can do no wrong. He needs me to make him feel better. He doesn’t even have the energy to tell me that I’m doing something wrong (which by the way, is all the time now!)

  24. Scarlet is still very adorable even when she’s sick! And Siri is soo smart, Tamara rhymes with camera. Ahaha awesome! Hope Scarlet gets well soon, it’s hard to have someone sick in the house. It tends to affect everyone, in my case.

    1. Yes, here too!
      With Cassidy at work and Scarlet sick, Des and I are stuck home too. I’m really trying to liven it up for him. He’s napping now so I do feel a sense of relief that I don’t have to entertain for a bit!

  25. We had a sick day too. It was exactly what I needed and didn’t need if that makes any level of sense! Avery had 102 and thankfully no pukes. She just slept on and off. Hope Scarlett feels better and that the rest of you will be spared.

    1. Yay for no pukes! It seemed to be an isolated incident here so I’m wondering if it was just a reaction to the headache. She was probably as bewildered by that as her stomachache!

  26. Lol @ Scarlet’s conversations with Siri! They’re hilarious. I screen shot Dylan’s conversations too because I’m hoping Siri can decode his baby babble better than I can. Apparently he’s always on the hunt for a good pizza place that delivers. Go figure! Only in your house would throwing up from a virus be unusual. I’m so jealous of you & Cassidy’s crazy strong stomach tolerance and refusal to throw up. I’m also jealous of Des saying I LOVE YOU!!! And now I’m wondering if you and Betty Taylor ( live near each other because she went to a home & garden show over the weekend. Betty is a sweetheart! PS. I love your hat, it is so cute on you.

    1. I love Betty, but I think she’s in Indiana! So not too close to us.
      We are nuts about our strong stomachs. I guess it’s just not our way!
      And thank you for loving my favorite hat!!

  27. I love that you fell asleep in a sunbeam. I do that with my dog sometimes.. who doesn’t love a sunbeam?? Especially when we are living in Narnia during the reign of the White Witch!?

    1. haha! Totally. And that White Witch scared the dickens out of me! There is an upcoming warming trend, starting tomorrow. 41 tomorrow. Can’t believe THAT’S what excites me these days.

  28. I’m sorry that Scarlet was sick but glad y’all got to spend the time cuddling together.
    Funny, my oldest was 5 the first time he got sick (in the middle of the night while Chris was on a trip) and when I ran into his room he said, “stuff came out of my nose.” Poor guy!!! It was a LONG night!!!

    1. That is hilarious! And the first time for Scarlet was when she was only two and Cassidy was away during the whole duration of her virus. He got home and she turned the corner towards well. Anyway that was the last time she had vomited so I figured we were about due..
      Des has puked from over-eating but never from being sick. However, around Christmas when he wasn’t yet used to rich foods AND walking, we’d find it around the house every now and then. What a fratboy.

  29. I hope Scarlet is better and the rest of you stay healthy. Waffles, strawberries, and coffee with your Nana sounds perfect. (PS: I wish I looked even half as cute as you in hats like that!)

    1. Aw, you look like someone who looks good in ANYTHING! (that’s my favorite hat, though)
      And Scarlet actually managed strawberries and waffles for breakfast today, but without the coffee.

  30. When kids want the park or ice cream, they ask for daddy. When kids are sick, they ask for mommy. Sometimes, the two requests are more closely related than I’d like to admit.

  31. Oh noes! I hope she is feeling better soon. It seems to go through (ahem, sorry for that) kids much quicker than us adults. I remember the first time my middle daughter got sick — she woke up screaming and I ran in to find her pointing at the pile of puke “what is that? What is THAT?!! WHAT IS IT!!!” I would have laughed except I knew I had a long night ahead. And a day of Dora episodes in my future. But, it is rather nice when it makes us stop, slow down and just let a few things go in favour of some cuddle time.

    1. I can’t stop laughing at these first vomit stories. I shouldn’t laugh but it’s gotta be weird for it to be the first time! Or for it to be the first time it happens when they’re old enough to understand things. Scarlet saw two of her friends puke within the last year and she just put it together today. “Oh yeah! I laughed when it was them! Not so..when it was me.”

  32. Isn’t it something when a child is sick? We shut everything down for them until they are back to normal driving us nuts. I am glad she is on the mend. Full disclosure: Siri freaks me out. She knows too much. I barely ask her for anything!

  33. Best, feeling better wishes being sent to Scarlett from Phoenix and I, Tamara! She and he could snuggle and give feel-betters to each other right now. What sucks about young kids and my own four-legged one is that there can be little to no warning of imminent reversal of fortune. Because of your throwupitis I won’t delve into that story with the (human) boys when I had them with me many years ago. And did I love snuggling with them. It’s interesting though, even as a kid to today as an adult, when I’m sick I just want to be left alone and not touched whatsoever! And I’m an incredibly physically affectionate person. Again, feel better sweet little girl! 🙂

    1. I don’t remember as much as a kid. I do remember liking attention. And I remember puking when I was seven and I wanted my mom to come with me to the bathroom. My poor mom! She held my hair. Now if I even have a cold, I want people far, far away from me. I’d love to be alone in a house with an illness, in fact!

      1. One of my fiance’s little boys (my boys in my heart) had snuggled up to me in bed while she was away on business. I was stroking his back trying to get him to fall asleep. He was miserable sick. NO warning. No gurgling. No nothing. Upchucked all over my chest and part of my face. LOL…I will never forget that. I wasn’t the least bit mad. I had him hold a bucket while I first jumped in the shower then got out and changed the bedding. The smell is the worst of it.

        1. ha! You weren’t kidding. It’s funny how there’s no warning with them. I guess they just are too young to know the signs. I remember when I was five or so I had a babysitter over. She put me to bed and I stared at my arm and then threw up on it.

  34. Hope Scarlet is feeling better and that everyone else is staying well!! It does pull at a mama’s heartstrings when the little ones aren’t feeling well.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! So far, so good. She hasn’t been sick to her stomach or head for 36 hours. She’s had a mild fever for most of today. It totally broke by dinnertime. Not sure what to do about school tomorrow! Send her or have a day to rest. I guess I’ll see!

  35. Sickness is no fun. I hope Scarlet is doing better! I also have fun with Siri.

    Oo if you wanted to add me on Facebook, I pop up under If not, I get it 😉 Some people like to keep their personal Facebook and blogs separate.

    1. I guess you probably already know that I definitely don’t keep personal FB and blogs separate! I’ve met some great friends through this fun blogging thing!

  36. So sorry to hear that Scarlet is not feeling well! That is a bummer. Luckily kids usually bounce back fast. Ha ha…you know I have never played around with SIRI, in fact I hardly use her. I am going to have to talk to her soon and get her thoughts.

    1. Siri is the worst! I don’t use her for anything serious but for some reason, the kids love her. Des gets so happy that he can steal my phone and he can’t get past the passcode but he knows he can press the home key and she’ll talk.

  37. As much as sick days stink because they don’t feel well, I love the snuggle time. They are days to bond and remember where our hearts are. I always feel closer to my bug after we’ve conquered a sick day together. Beautiful post.

  38. I understand where you are coming from with missing out on bonding time. My six year old does not spend as much time with me as he use too. He can play and even work in his workbooks all by himself. I checked out new books from the library and one of them he really liked and wanted me to read it to him over and over again. It was nice bonding over a new book.

  39. So sorry to hear that Scarlet was sick. Hopefully it all passes quickly. I still remember when T vomited for the first time, and how scared she was about it. Love the new phrases from Des, too…it’s always fun when they start saying more. And the Siri conversations are the best. I love letting L play with Siri sometimes…it keeps her occupied (read: happy) and some of the conversations are downright hilarious!

  40. Oh I so hope that she’s better already!! I do love how much they need us when they’re sick but OMG it’s hard. The last (and only so far) time that Tucker was puking was a nightmare. Started after midnight and ended with nobody sleeping, loads and loads of 2am laundry….and the best cuddles in the world. xo to you all and here’s hoping you don’t get it.

    1. Aw, thank you! It wasn’t a puking bug – that only happened once and was more of a reaction to the fever/cough/headache so I’m knocking on wood, but I think we’re all in the clear!

  41. Oh goodness! I hope Scarlet is feeling better. I’m glad you all got a chance to cuddle. Its so cute that even though she was sick, she still had a sense of humor playing with Siri. I wish her many well wishes in getting over her bug! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! It’s day three here and today it seems more of just a cold. I never understand what these things are! Just keeping her home for an extra day, though!

  42. Oh it’s never fun when there’s a sick kiddo in the house but I’m glad you were able to cuddle with her and feel reconnected to her. I feel like that right now with Piggie, actually. Those Siri conversations were cracking me up lol! I didn’t even know you could do that, I need to go see what she’ll say to me. Kinda creepy.

    1. She’s totally creepy! And nearly worthless! I thought she was totally worthless, but she entertains the kids, so only partially. Usually I never use her.

    1. haha! Cuddle time with a vomit on the side! Luckily it was only ONE side of it and Cassidy caught that end (or beginning) of it. Right in the face!

    1. She’s still needing a last day at home but I knew she was back to her old self when she started arguing with me over something small – dust on the wall, I believe!

    1. Hope you’re all healthy now! Scarlet is the only one to get it, so far, and I’m hoping that stays. She should be back to school tomorrow. My fingers are crossed!

    1. Oh geez! What bug are you all speaking about? This one is so far non contagious but it’s weird. It’s more of a fever/cold thing, causing a brief stomachache, but it’s not a stomach bug.

    1. I had a sore throat a few years ago that was terrible! I went to the doctor to see if it was strep and he said it wasn’t and to call him if it didn’t go away by Monday (this was on a Friday). Maybe him saying that was good luck because it did go away by Monday!

        1. I can’t even remember, but I think I was more kept awake by the terrible cough! This was about four years ago. I’m really hoping you feel better now!!

    1. Thanks, Cascia! This is our first within the family. Oh wait. I had a ten day cold in January! Sigh. Anyway, we’d been pretty lucky so I guess the end of winter had to get one of us!

  43. I hope Scarlet is better…I read this the other day but I am just getting here now. That was a long trip this weekend…I do not like driving that far! Anyhow, the whole Siri thing was hysterical too…I haven’t even tried to use mine!

    1. Was it as long as Baltimore? I’m headed to BlogU too! Can’t wait. I don’t love long drives anymore. I did when I was young.
      And Siri is totally worthless! She’s only good for entertainment value.

    1. Thank you for visiting! The last time she had a cold like this, everyone got it but the baby. And it led to TWO doctor visits. For a cold! So my fingers are crossed this one isn’t as bad..

    1. Thank you! She really puts away the food like it’s nothing. I hope to be that way at 100 – life’s pleasures are stripped away one by one. It’s nice to hold onto this one.

  44. Don’t you just hate it when the babies get sick? Whenever my little one gets sick it’s the most horrible feeling in the world. It’s also one of the times she’s a mommy’s girl. Other times I don’t even exist except when she needs something daddy said no to. This week I guess has just been horrible for most people. I’ve had migraines all week leaving me to not visit or even blog myself. Here’s hoping Scarlet gets well soon, sending hugs her way from Madison, and one for Des as well.

    1. Isn’t that funny? Scarlet is pretty into Cassidy whenever he’s home but last night she only wanted me. She even slept in our bed against me. Gosh, I hope I don’t get her cold! Ah, I think there are some mom immunities.
      Anyway, please, please feel better. That’s an order!

  45. OH Tamara!! I just love this! Of course I don’t love that sweet Scarlet is sick- but I love that it brought about something beautiful…

    I pray she is doing better now! And you didn’t catch it while bonding and snuggling and caring for your babygirl!!

  46. Did this happen on Monday? Crazy that you are across the country and Scarlet had a virus and the guys in my house did too. The weird thing about ours was a lot of people in my fellowship of believers we attend each week got sick too. We were all together for Shabbat on Saturday and then Monday (a few on Sunday) got sick one by one. Most were better by Tuesday, thankfully! I love that your 100 year old grandma is still alive and well. I know Scarlet asked for Nana, but it seems like you ladies enjoyed bonding time anyway 🙂

    1. Sunday morning! But ours isn’t a stomach bug. It’s a fever/cough/cold, and in Scarlet’s case, a double ear infection!
      Hope everyone is better out there!

  47. I hate when my kids are sick, but the funny thing is that I remember each and every time. Because of the bonding, the snuggling, the joy that comes with healing, and all the time in between.

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