That Time My Mom Knew I Had The Flu.

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Folgers. I received product samples (free coffee flavors!!!!!) to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

So the story goes that in 1991 on the day before school was letting out for holiday vacation, I fell asleep watching the Babes in Toyland 2 movie at school. I blamed the movie itself for my foggy, achy, all-around horrendous feelings, and then meekly got on the bus and went home. It was holiday vacation, after all. My mom was so excited to meet me at the front door after I got off the bus and shrugged off my backpack, with enough time to snuggle with our then two-year-old Samoyed, Chelsea.


All bets were off and all rules were changed. It was holiday vacation, after all, and we were about to celebrate Chanukah or Christmas or “Big Chanukah” or whatever we were calling it back in those days. My mom offered me a Twix bar. A golden Twix bar! I wasn’t allowed Twix bars.. ever. I declined her amazing offer. She looked confused and then brought out the big ones. The biggest guns in fact. “Coffee! Do you want a little Folgers with heavy cream??” I declined that too and slumped into a chair. And THAT is when she took my temperature. I declined Folgers coffee so she knew something must be wrong.

Sure enough, it was 102 or 103! Off to bed.. for a week or so. And no coffee for me.

One of my favorite memories was to have Folgers with my mom, and yes, with heavy cream. It was so rich and delicious and something I miss a lot from living in New Jersey and close to my parents. I was so excited to learn about Folgers Flavors, and how they’re letting us brew exactly what we want. When I worked as an Innkeeper, I would always try to make coffee as good as my boss did. A co-worker and I would try anything to flavor coffee for the guests – we’d sprinkle cinnamon on the beans and then grind, or sprinkle it on the finished coffee and see what was better. We even tried caramel sauce meant for ice cream! I really love flavored coffee. I’m not it in for black coffee. I’m a decaf girl, with cream, sugar and whipped cream.

On a day like today, during a week like this, it feels like spring and I can take my coffee outside on the deck. For me, caramel is my flavor of choice today. For many of my loved ones too, waking up in the morning doesn’t happen easily. As adults, sometimes we need that first sip of morning coffee – knowing that the rich and bold flavor will help us get inspired to tackle our days. We all like our coffee differently – some with a touch or splash of cream, some with hazelnut, some with caramel, and some with both! Folgers knows that we like our coffee differently, so they’re helping us to customize it as we want it.

#RemixYourCoffee experience with the following Folgers Flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel. Concentrated flavor enhancers are available in a portable squeeze container and can be used at home or on-the-go. They don’t require refrigeration. Use a little or a lot, use them in hot coffee or iced, and know that the choice is yours to create your own unique flavored coffee! YouTube sensation Mike Tompkins has put his own unique spin on the iconic Folgers jingle in the video above, with his original a capella Folgers remix mashup. For more information, check out his YouTube page HERE.

Enter to win your own two Folgers Flavors!

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    1. Ooh, caramel and vanilla is an awesome mixture.
      103 is terrible! I don’t even remember what that feels like. I know I got up to 104 a few times as a kid but as an adult it’s different. I had 101 once and it was.. drastic.

  1. You have a good Momma! I think the Twix bar refusal would have been a HUGE tip off here as well. What a great video! very catchy 🙂

    1. Right. The Twix bar shocked her, and the Folgers one had her reaching for the thermometer! The old kind! That you hold under your tongue for like.. 17,000 minutes.
      The video is very creative!

  2. These look sooo good. Awww, I love that your mom knew to take your temperature after you rejected her coffee offering 🙂 If I don’t have any, it means I’m not feeling well either.

    Going to look for these little Folgers flavor packets, I love caramel too… Mmmmm…

  3. Yummmm. I can’t live without coffee, Tamara. I tend to love the natural taste so rarely add a flavor. Still, I think I’d like to try Hazelnut 🙂 I remember my kids getting sick the moment they were off the bus for Christmas break. Why must it always happen over the holidays?

  4. Reading your post makes me wish I was a coffee drinker! I tried to be one my freshman year of college, but it took a lot of sugar to help me finish a cup 🙂

  5. I remember when I was little my mom allowing me to have the tiniest bit of coffee in my milk. Yum! Now I take it in opposite proportions — coffee with a bit of cream. Best way to start the day!
    Your story reminds me of the year I had chicken pox during Thanksgiving. That pretty much sucked! The only other time I have missed out on Thanksgiving was the year I had Eve since she had just been born. Better to miss out on a holiday due to a new baby than because of being sick!

    1. Oh I’m still like the little you! I like some coffee with my cream. Ha!
      I used to get sick on holidays as a kid. Not so often but this happening to me last week on Halloween was the first time I was sick on a holiday in.. decades. I swear.

  6. Whip cream huh? I may have to try that…and I’m sorry about that vacation! it’s funny how we remember illnesses like that. My fever once came on at the theater watching Gremlins. (yes I’m old!) Will have to try those Folgers Flavors!

    1. Wow! I would be afraid that Gremlins gave me a fever!
      I was sick last week on Halloween and it was my first time being sick on a holiday in decades.

  7. ‘Funny’ how moms know what to look for when their kiddies are sick, huh? I am sure you’ve got the same ‘6th sense’ 🙂 I really like my good, strong coffee. But every now and then I don’t mind a bit of hazelnut flavor.

  8. I’ve still never tried coffee. When I was little I hated the smell of coffee and that it was hot. My mom would always ask me to carry her coffee to the car on the way to school and I would always spill a lot and burn my hand. I vowed when I was a kid that I would never drink coffee and I haven’t.

  9. I always knew my kids were sick if they didn’t want to eat. I’m not a coffee fan, but my older son would love these. Have to check them out.

  10. My parents always use heavy cream in their coffee. I used to love it, but now it’s too much for me.

    1. I honestly thought the movie must have done it! I’ve never been able to watch it since. My mom saw Grease in the movies when she was pregnant with my sister and still gets a bit queasy to think too much about it. ha!

    1. haha! Rabid. I love that.
      That’s so awesome about your daughter. I can’t wait to buy my daughter a cup of coffee. As it stands, it’s usually just a cup of hot chocolate and she only eats the whipped cream and marshmallows!

  11. Isn’t it crazy we all have one of “those” memories?!? As I was reading yours mine was echoing in my ears!! Lol! We love folgers coffee but I haven’t tried the creamer yet. Can’t wait to try the vanilla one!

  12. I want to give some of these in stockings for Christmas – I think they would make memorable little stuffers, don’t you? I just got over bronchitis and I hope it stays away now and you feel better, too.

    1. I do! What a great idea! I should do that for my mom.

      I hope your bronchitis stays far away! I had that when I was a kid and it was rough. This cold has been so hard on us all.

  13. I keep on thinking how I survived my job without coffee. I love the smell of all kinds of coffee. Unfortunately, I get stomach-sick all the time when I attempt drinking. Boo. 😀

  14. The caramel one is my best friend on camping trips!! We don’t often bring sugar for our coffee – our even cream. just the whitener stuff… and this little bit of heaven!! It’s not so bad crawling out of a tent when you have a hot delicious mug waiting for you by a fire.

      1. not the powdered stuff up here – it’s more just a non dairy “creamer” — but just really a whitener. you can get flavoured varieties though that will also sweeten. This stuff, rather like putting come chalk in your coffee, but it can cut the bitterness of strong camp coffee. ha.

  15. I just recently started enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. It became necessary after the baby was born! The husband likes to take his black, but I’m definitely in for flavor and creamer. Vanilla’s always a favorite, but I’m thinking of trying some mocha flavoring over the holidays. Ready for some celebrating!

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