That Cozy Winter Cabin Feel: Our Top Kid Picks

What does it mean to make a cozy winter cabin? Well, that’s really up to you!

I’ve been blogging for a long time and I’m always learning. One thing you’ll find here is products we are actually using! Some of the links in this post are known as affiliate links. This means if you do buy something, I may earn a couple dollars at no extra cost to you. That’s it; there’s no catch!

Make your home into a cozy winter cabin, and enjoy these kid delights that are cuddly and cozy and perfect for extended indoor time at home!

For us, it’s just that really cozy home feeling. The fire is raring, there’s stew on the stove, and the kids are playing with their cuddly and cozy toys, in their cuddly and cozy outfits. I got inspired by one of my favorite brands, HoneyBug, because they’re having a major winter sale right now! I mean, some really amazing things. So I’ve compiled a bunch of cozy and cuddly and winter cabiny delights that also happen to be on sale right now. Enjoy! And make sure to sit by the fire!

That Cozy Winter Cabin Feel: Our Top Kid Picks:

Squishable Cotton Candy Baby Unicorn

How adorable is this squishy unicorn stuffy? Could you use their horn as a stick? Absolutely! Should you?? Maybe! Just make sure she’s taken some medicine first and doesn’t have a full stomach! Your favorite fairground friend takes the form of the most magical creature known to man! Unicorns may not be real, (let’s be honest, we all KNOW they are) but this fluffy friend sure is! You can hug her and squeeze her and bite her and throw her and…alrighty maybe don’t do those last two.

Tic Tac Toe Plushies – Cat

Another adorable thing, and a new way to play Tic Tac Toe – hooray! Tic Tac Toe comes in a new, cutefied form! Challenge your best friend to a fun and lighthearted game! Just turn the pillow over for the game board and use the individual mini plushies as game pieces. Features a zipper closure and vibrant design and colors.

Pebble The Penguin and Baby

I canNOT with the cuteness of Pebble. I always love Mother and Baby stuffies, and this one is so next level, that I bought one for Sawyer. A heart warming plush penguin…meet Pebbles and her little baby. Removable, and super cuddly!

Pom Pom Baby Knit Aviator Hat – Holiday Red

Talk about CUTE! I think this makes a fine Valentine’s Day hat for baby as well as a Christmas hat. This knit baby hat is perfect for every little boy or girl and is the ultimate, luxury baby gift. It is made from 100% cotton with fleece lining, excellent for keeping baby warm on cold, windy days. Featuring a festive, red colored chunky knit and white pom details, it really is a one-of-a-kind pom pom baby hat. Sofia & Finn knit baby hats are made with the highest quality fabrics to provide maximum durability, making it a truly, luxury baby gift. Complete the outfit and make the perfect baby gift set with our Sofia & Finn cardigan baby sweater.

Zip Hoodie & Joggers Set – Velour Blush

LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! Who doesn’t love blush colored clothes for baby, anyway? This adorable hoodie and joggers set make the perfect layers to get cozy this fall! Made of super soft fabric and seasonal, it’s sure to be a little bug favorite.

Coverall – Navy Corduroy

Holy cute! I want one for everyone! This adorable coverall is the perfect piece for layers this Fall! Made of super soft fabric and colors, it’s sure to be a little bug favorite.

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